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Shout Out Day  

boodog50 59M
292 posts
2/27/2008 7:08 am
Shout Out Day

Here is a big shout out to the people that created the internet[ no it was not Al Gore, but sommebody give him a little love...he needs it]... for this technology has enhanced the nuances of romance. It has always been hard for people to articulate their romantic feelings and this hidden veil that the internet provides allows people to expound and explore some of the deepest reaches of their romantic soul. People tell true feeling and desires that have not and will not be told to another human being face to face. The release of these feeling and desires is very good for ones mental and physiological well being, plus makes damn good reading. I relate this to the early civilizations... when they had no clue to their sexuality and were trying everything from sacrificing virgins to blood letting of penises. So thank you internet geeks for starting a new sexual Inquisition and Renaissance.

foxyNE 64F

2/27/2008 8:20 am

Now that made me smile - is it an outlet for sexuality or a paradise for pervs .............. you decide

boodog50 replies on 2/27/2008 8:40 am:
Foxy....why can't it be both. It is like a great smorgasbord, you can pick and choose to your desire and there is nobody looking over your shoulder monitoring or judging your selection. Variety is the spice of life, don't be a glutton and enjoy the morsels you choose.

zandigal 55F

2/27/2008 10:34 am

Al Gore didn't create the internet?
....hhmmmm.... are you sure?

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ladyhibiscus59 61F

2/28/2008 9:19 am

Yes, the internet is so much fun! I discovered googleearth today and looked around. How cool is that to see where your friends/lovers etc. live? Love, ML xox

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