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spicing up the romance  

boodog50 59M
290 posts
7/26/2016 5:54 am
spicing up the romance

All of us add some type of spice or seasoning to our food to enhance the taste and enjoyment in our consumption of life sustaining morsels. You have to add just the right amount of spice to bring bland food into a enjoyable meal. Too much spice can ruin the meal and too little leaves a bland taste in your mouth. Romance follows the same rule of thumb.....just the right amount of spice can make a bland romance fantastic, but being fixated upon adding spice can ruin the moment and the romance. Just add the spice and adjust as the cooking proceeds, just don't add spice for the hell of adding spice. Enjoy spicing it up and savor every morsel....just add spice to your taste, not what they say in the magazine

author51 57F
104536 posts
7/26/2016 6:33 am


One can never have enough JOY in their life..


kaydee80 73M/71F  
27 posts
7/26/2016 9:58 am

A little spice is nice.

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