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boodog50 59M
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8/4/2020 5:31 am

Yes that is attitude we are talking about and one of the key ingredients of Romance. This fact jumped out at me on my walk through the park yesterday...yes, just another day in the park. Anyway, there were two musicians playing in separate areas of the park. The first one I came to was very good looking, had the best equipment and great talent. But he was just sleep walking through his performance and his audience was falling asleep. Just off to the right was another musician who was of average looks, had just a guitar and sang off key on half the songs. But he was enjoying himself, putting everything into his performance and the large crowd was enjoying the music and having a very good time. Now you are wondering what these guys have to do with romance....well, as long as you have a great attitude and put yourself into the situation, you will have a great time. It does not matter about your looks or abilities, as long as you have a great attitude and don't sleep walk through romance...everyone will have a good time

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