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wow syndrome  

boodog50 59M
291 posts
6/13/2016 5:35 am
wow syndrome

Everybody seems to want the Wow Effect when they meet someone interesting, this sounds great but is not what you want emanating from the person of interest. What you want is the Ummmmmmmm Effect, when you meet someone that gives you the Ummmm Effect.....you know you have to get more. The Wow Effect can be caused by many symptoms and majority of them are not so great. The Ummmmm Effect does not blow your socks off but makes you comfortable,totally enjoy the moment and leaves you with a smile on your face. So, go with the Ummm Effect....it is always more satisfying and longer lasting.

BiggLala 48F  
29057 posts
6/13/2016 7:20 am

The 'Ummmm Effect' doesn't mean to me what it means to you. For me, if I'm going "Ummmm....." it means something isn't right here and I have no interest in finding out more so I walk away, or if I have an interest in finding out more it's simply due to idle curiosity. Though I don't necessarily need to have it, the 'Wow Effect' [for me] can happen with immediate attraction or the slow burn (I tend to like the slow burn better though).

To each their own.

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boodog50 59M
296 posts
6/13/2016 8:43 am

wow... love the interaction, makes me know that someone reads guys blogs that don't completely relate to sex but the nuance of sex. I have been to lots of rodeos and my pontification upon life is from some of those experiences. Too many people get caught up in the euphoria of wow and dont look beyond. But I do love varying opinions.... thank you

zandigal 55F

6/13/2016 6:12 pm

i want the WOW Effect... first. then the ummmm... then the OMG! effect all in the same day.
it can happen... right, boo?

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boodog50 59M
296 posts
6/14/2016 4:12 am

You are absolutely correct... go for the trifecta and not depend on just wow... that is for movies but not in real life.

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