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zippidy doo da  

boodog50 59M
291 posts
11/18/2018 9:13 am
zippidy doo da

Zippidy Day....Oh what a feeling this wonderful day. Great classic song for a Disney movie[ Song Of The South, I think] that should be the theme song for romance. Everyday should be Zippidy DooDa when it comes to romance. Don't let anything like money problems, civil problems, family problems, mental problems or problems in general take your Zippidy DooDa out of your romance. Romance is your other world and Zippidy DooDa energizes that world. So, it's Zippidy DooDa Zippidy Day...oh what a feeling this romantic day. Mojo is for general purposes but Zippidy DooDa is a romantic special...so start humming that song and have a great romantic day.

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