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Fantasies in the workplace.  

boredhubby1313 28M
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4/24/2020 8:27 pm
Fantasies in the workplace.

So for a while I have fantasized over a visitor while at work, I started to tell you about this fantasy. You fed into it, nothing but a little harmless conversation or sexting. You continued to feed into it my words, my great attention to detail, they began to arouse you. You tell you want feel from the inside, I am fascinated with the thought of wanting taste you. Our words are beginning push past their means. We need meet, I tell you that I will be alone in my part of the shop after 11pm. We discuss do we just make it quick outside? This will not work for me, when i said i want taste you i plan savor it. I want feel your whole body shake and quiver from pleasure, I want keep circling your clit far passed your thresholds. But I can't bring you in my shop, there is no way of securing it, and too many passersbys. I realize there is a room next door used for training and conferences. It is vacant at this time of night. I tell you to come, you were hesitant. You decided to anyways. I tell you how to get around the gate and where to go. I wait. You finally arrive, you begin walking by the end of the g becoming more hesitant toward this dimly lit industrial waste land, you continue on. Suddenly a door with the words no entrance swings open. I pull you in. I take no time, I go straight for your neck, pulling you close by the small of your back. I direct our bodies toward a desk in the corner of the dark room. I begin undressing you, admiring everything i see in the dull light streaming in the windows. I pick you by the waist sitting you the desk, and clear things out of the way. You sit partially just looking at , i go for the neck again. I begin work my way down, paying attention your soft supple breasts, tongue circling your nipples, with gentle teasing nibbles. I continue down, dragging my lips by your navel. Now I finally get to taste what I want so badly. I begin licking softly, you are still slightly upright curiously looking at . Then I go work. You instantly can't hold yourself , you fall flat your back the desk. Your legs begin tremble almost instantly. I take a firm grip around both of your thighs, you can't move, you are mine now. I keep pushing you orgasm over and over and over. Your back almost seems be in a permanent arch at this point your moans have turned full screams of ecstasy, neither of us care at this point, the whole plant could be watching we aren't stopping. Finally, I lift away, it seems like it has been hours, you are weak, confused and and almost shaking. I stand . I pull you down from the desk and spin you around, pushing you down the desk. You are so wet it is running down your thighs at this point, and I'm throbbing hard. I slide in with almost no effort. With long slow strokes, the way in and back till it barely slips out. You can feel every ridge and vein of my pulsating cock. With each stroke my thrust gains intensity. Until I am thrusting with my strength, my balls slapping your clit alone is enough make you cum. I finally start slow down, still maintaining that white knuckle grip your hips. Finally you feel it as I release inside of you, I let out a low groan. My grip lessens, but i continue back the long slow strokes, they keep going until i am again flacid. At this point neither of us can contain it you spin around and begin kiss . We both want continue but reality begins us both. I help you get dressed. and lead you out the door, you can still feel my cum dripping out of you.

fashionablegma 77F
7575 posts
4/25/2020 5:01 am

Oh very nice first shot at an erotic story,like the outline and theme is rather intoxicating,but you should have gone more into detailing how you met,a sexy story is not just the details of sex but the build up which led to the meeting

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