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my fantasy...#12  

bottomONtopp 62M
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9/16/2021 5:41 pm
my fantasy...#12

when u get home from work
i am already at your house
putting away a few groceries...
i have only been here 4 a few minutes
but i have already dropped all of my clothes
except 4 a skimpy little cotton thong
that i know u love seeing my ass in...
as u walk in2 the kitchen
i make sure that i bend over
& wriggle my ass sexily 4 u
as i put things away in a lower cupboard...
as i look back over my shoulder
i can see your delicious package
is starting 2 respond 2 my teasing...
i sigh & whisper
" do u see anything that u like ??
do u see anything that u want ?? "

u don't say a single word
as u grab me & pull me in2 the bed-room
pushing me down on2 the bed on my back
& slowly sliding my thong down off my legs...
i groan as i feel your lips encircle my little cock
sliding slowly from the tip of my leaking head
& all the way down 2 the base of my shaft...
i moan loudly
as i smash my crotch up against your mouth
enjoying the wild sensations that u are causing
& i feel myself getting closer & closer 2 cumming
but i don't wanna cum just yet
so i grab the sides of your head & push u away
& look in2 your eyes as i whisper
" i wanna cum with your cock inside me !!! "

i roll slowly on2 my belly
then press myself up on2 my hands & knees
looking back over my shoulder
as i present my willing ass 2 u...
i see u slathering lube on2 your swollen cock
then lining up your glans with my tight opening
& i gasp at the first touch 2 my puckered hole
then groan loudly & twist my ass backwards
as u slide your cock-tip all over my resisting orifice...
i then moan pleadingly
" i wanna feel your cock deep deep inside me !! "

i draw in a quick & sharp breath
& then slowly relax & exhale
as u force the head of your pulsing cock inside me...
my ass eagerly accepts the sweet invasion
as u move your girthy glans in tiny circles
getting my taut opening 2 relax even more...
when u suddenly pull your cock-head out of me
& i look back over my shoulder & whimper
" no !! don't stop now !! give it back 2 me !!! "

as u push your slippery tip in2 me again
i press back 2 impale myself on your cock
but as soon as i try 2 engulf your tool
u pull it quickly away from me again
teasing me...
as u aim your slick cock-head at my pucker again
u pause briefly 2 savor the pleasurable moment
just looking at me crouched submissively
waiting impatiently on my hands & knees
with my quivering thighs spread wide
& my taut ass-hole shining with lube
winking invitingly up at u...
when i glance back over my shoulder
your girthy cock throbs gloriously
& i moan at the lustful thought
that it will soon be buried deep
in the warm & clutching recesses
of my cumpletely willing fuck-hole...
i feel like it is our first time all over again
as i wriggle my wide-spread ass impatiently
& breathlessly beg
" please give it 2 me !! i wanna feel u inside me !!! "

u grasp me firmly by the hips
& touch the tip of your cock 2 my anus
& begin 2 press insistently 4ward...
i expect sum kind of resistance at first
but 2 my extremely aroused pleasure
there is hardly any restriction at all
as your cumpletely swollen cock-head
is quickly drawn inside my opening...
slowly slowly slowly ever so slowly
u slide in another half-inch in2 me
then another & another & another
trying 2 go very slowly & gently
but gentle is not what i want from u...
when your deliciously thick erection
is about half-way inside my tight passage
i thrust my whole body back-ward abruptly
burying the full length of your thick shaft
all the way up inside my snug anal canal...
your big balls bounce against my upper thighs
with the sudden force of my movement
almost knocking u backward & off the bed...
u groan loudly & whisper
" u really wanted that cock... didn't u ?? "

now that what is usually the difficult part
is quickly & cumpletely out of the way
u start fucking my horny ass in earnest...
i can feel my taut sphincter muscles
gripping your thick shaft as u pull back
then relaxing slightly around your cock
as u shove all the way back inside me...
u do it again & again & again & then again
& with each forceful thrust in2 my behind
your movement seems 2 get just a little easier...
until finally
u are fucking me with cumplete & total abandon
your cock sliding in & out of my grippy ass
with incredible speed & demolishing depth
as i groan
" fuck me harder !! fuck me faster !!
fuck me deeper !! fuck me !! FUCK ME !!! "

u grasp me more tightly by the waist
holding my hips cumpletely still
as u plunge in2 my wide-stretched ass-hole
with a relentless jack-hammer pace...
my anus tightens & releases as u fuck me
massaging your slippery cock-shaft
as it pounds in & out of my horny hole...
i am gasping with absolute rapture
nearly overwhelmed by the pure pleasure
& u are gasping right along with me
as u groan
" your ass is still so fucking tight !!
i love watching my cock in your ass !!! "

as we race 2ward our mutual orgasm
u let go of my waist with one hand
& move it upward 2 pinch my hard nipple...
as i shudder & then groan loudly
u slip your other hand down under me
2 grasp my twitching & oozing little cock...
as soon as your fingers encircle my erection
i suddenly go stiff & start 2 tremble...
the undulating muscles in my anal passage
giving your dick a much firmer massage
as i suddenly cum almost violently
spraying the sheets beneath me
with an almost endless stream of seed...
i let out a breathless groan & slump 4ward
almost pulling my ass off your girthy cock
but u hold my ass tightly 2 your body
2 make sure that it doesn't happen...
u fall 4ward on2 the bed with me
& pin my sweaty body 2 the mattress
giving my slippery well-fucked ass-hole
a few last good & hard & deep thrusts
& then u start cumming...
your thick cock throbs & pulsates inside me
as u fill my rear with so much of your seed
that it escapes & over-flows my hot hole
& drips down over my sweaty balls
2 soak all the way through the sheets
as i moan
" yessssss... i love cumming on your cock !! "

as i lay there still pinned underneath your body
dripping with sweat & trying 2 catch my breath
your juicy cock is still buried deep in my ass
& i can feel your erection starting 2 subside
but i am not ready 4 this encounter 2 be over...
as u breathe heavily on2 the back of my neck
i clamp my inner muscles down on2 your cock
& begin rocking my hips back & 4th & up & down
slowly fucking my ass on your rubbery cock
& moaning as i feel u starting 2 harden again
so deep inside my hot & horny anal channel...
as i feel u start 2 pull upward & away from me
i quickly rise 2 my hands & knees & follow u
leaning back so that my ass-cheeks pull apart
& twisting my ass in a circular & dipping motion
making u grow even longer & harder & thicker
& taking u even deeper inside my slick chute...
i look back over my shoulder & moan breathlessly
" don't stop !! don't stop !! fuck my ass again !!!
i'm not ready 4 this 2 be over !! fuck me again !!! "

i slide my whole body 4ward & then down
until just the bulbous crown of your member
is barely touching the tight ring of my anus
still slippery with your gooey cum & lube...
by now
your thick cock is again so fully hard
that u don't even need your hands
2 guide it back in2 my horny hole
so u just hold on2 my quivering hips
& urge me back on2 your raging cock
letting me slide my ass back-ward
as your cock pierces in2 my body again...

my taut muscles slowly give way again
straining as they open 2 your entry...
within seconds
my hot hole surrounds the fat head of your cock
& i moan as i back up on2 u just a bit further
taking a little more of your cock inside my passage...
then i ease myself slowly backward once again
until your cock is half-way inside my clutching hole...
u moan as the heat of my opening envelops u...
i whisper
" give it all 2 me !! give me every inch !!
i wanna feel every inch of u inside me !!! "

my flesh stretches wide around your slippery shaft
as i repeat these little back-ward bouncing motions
taking a tiny bit more of your cock with each thrust...
my hands slide down underneath my own body
2 stroke my own throbbing & pulsating little cock
as a sheen of new sweat breaks out across my back...
with a tight little circular twist of my quivering ass
i skewer myself all the way on2 your pulsing cock
as my muscles finally relax & flow over your entire length
until my quivering ass rests firmly up against your hips...

i can feel my inner muscles trembling with tension
as my ass finally accepts your whole cock again...
every inner fiber of my entire cock-consuming chasm
is contracting & expanding around your girthy shaft
as i stroke my twitching little cock faster & faster...
& i am on the verge of cumming explosively
when i scream
" do it !! do it !! fuck my ass while i cum !!
fuck me deep while i cum on your cock !!! "

u pull all the way out in one smooth motion
until just the head of your cock is still inside me
& my orgasm arrives on that very first stroke
& as my whole body starts 2 shiver & shake
u drive your entire throbbing erection back in
so deep & so hard that it takes my breath away
as i feel my ass-hole clutch at your thick cock...
as u begin pounding deeper & deeper in2 me
i fuck u back & meet every tremendous thrust
bucking my ass back hard against your hips
as my little cock suddenly expands & explodes
cumpletely drenching the sheets below me
with another wet & sticky puddle of cum...
then my legs just fold & collapse under me
as i scream
" your cock feels so fucking good inside me !! "

we end up lying flat on the mattress again
with your cock still buried deep in my ass
as my whole body quivers & trembles beneath u...
my orgasm finally weakens & then subsides
my ass still wiggling & thrusting back against u
squeezing your cock as hard as i can with my ass
as i groan
" i wanna feel you cumming deep in my ass !! "

u push one of my legs upward & under my chest
then slowly roll me over on the bed on2 my back
with your cock still imbedded in my hot anal passage
then u press my knees tight up 2 my shoulders
& start sliding your gloriously girthy shaft
slowly in & out of my grippy anal opening...
i moan
" yes... fuck me like your bitch !! FUCK ME !!! "
u smile & growl
" i'm gonna fuck the taste right out of your mouth !! "

i squirm underneath u & curl my belly tight
& raise my hips even further up off the bed
so that my ass swallows more of your length
& i squeeze my muscles around your shaft
with an undulating belly-dancer rhythm
that moves from the base of your cock 2 the head...
then u slide your tasty tool almost all the way out
until just the fat head is stretching my rubbery ring...
as i begin inching my quivering ass back & 4th
slowly & teasingly caressing your thick cock-head
u suddenly let out a long & almost breathless groan
& then drive your turgid tool all the way back in2 me
with a single & sensationally sweet savage thrust...
u then begin pistoning your pulsating prick
in & out of my tightly clutching ass-hole
with even more increasing speed & depth
your orgasm quickly & surely approaching...
as your cock hammers hard & fast in2 me
i moan
" cum deep in me !! fuck my ass full !!
deep in me !! deep in me !! fuck me full of cum !!! "

the look on your face is one of undeniable lust
& my entire ass is gyrating & jiggling wildly
as u sink your cock in2 my horny hole again & again...
i clutch at your straining upper arms
screaming loudly as i suddenly cum again
spraying both our bellies with slimy juice
& the pressure of my clutching inner muscles
closes in around your wildly pulsating shaft
& it soon becums 2 much 4 u 2 bear...
i feel your thick erection pulsing inside me
as u finally let it all go deep inside me
sending stream after stream of boiling seed
rushing deep in2 the recesses of my rectum...
then u pull out as quickly as u had shoved inside me
& as u suddenly lean back away from me
i push myself up & slide 4ward 2ward u
& take the head your thick tool in2 my mouth
& suck the last oozing drops of juice from u...
i can taste your sweet seed & my own ass
which cumpletely & totally turns me on...
i love the feeling of your cock in my mouth
& keep just the thick head inside my mouth
& swirl my wet tongue around & around it
& suck the last drops of steamy cream
from your still-convulsing manhood...
u moan
" drink it all !! drink my cum !!
drink every drop of my cum !!!"

( do u wanna ??? )

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