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my fantasy...#16  

bottomONtopp 62M
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9/16/2021 5:46 pm
my fantasy...#16

( one of my favorites... )

when i wake in your bed
after such a long absence
i turn my head 2 see u<b> sleeping </font></b>beside me
& as i slowly roll over on2 my belly
i can feel the squishy & gooey sensation
of last night's liberal loads of your seed
still deep inside my aching anal passage...
as i mentally re-live the long & hot night be4
i moan softly 2 myself in lustful satisfaction
& my crotch involuntarily presses downward
grinding my hardening little cock in2 the mattress
as i reach back 2 caress my tender opening...
as i slip a fingertip in2 the cleft of my ass
& press my knees wider apart on the bed
i feel u move on the mattress beside me...
as i spread my cum-sticky ass-cheeks open
i feel u lift your body up from beside mine
until u are kneeling on the bed behind me
with your knees against my inner thighs...
as i groan with arousal down in2 the pillows
u press the oozing tip of your glans 2 my anus
& slowly & gently twist it in tiny tight circles
smearing my puckered hole with your pre-cum...
a wicked shiver goes through my whole body
with the realization of what we are doing again
& that your girthy cock is gonna be inside me...
i breathlessly whisper
" does this mean u wanna fuck me again ?? "

u do not reply
as i pull my ass-cheeks open as wide as i can
& u start 2 stroke the tip of your cock up & down
teasing the entire length of my shivering crack...
cold tingles race all through my quivering body
& i start 2 feel just a little bit over-excited
as u momentarily pull your cock-head away
then brush the tip up against my horny hole...
2 my sweet surprise & absolute pleasure
my abused anal ring involuntarily tightens
anticipating the deliciously imminent intrusion
& i can't wait 2 feel your cock inside me again...
my anal muscles begin 2 loosen & then relax
& i begin 2 tingle with excited expectation...
as u hold yourself cumpletely & totally still
above & behind me with your hands on my hips
i ease my ass upward & backward 2ward u
pressing my futilely resisting anal ring open
& engulfing the thick head of your hot cock...
u moan
" fuck that cock with your tight ass !!
i love watching your ass on my cock !!! "
as i slowly swallow u in2 my clutching hole
growing more & more & more horny & hungry
with every single inch of your throbbing cock...
i have never wanted anything else as much
as i wanna feel your flesh deep inside mine...
i am so flushed & cumpletely light-headed
that i feel like i might pass out on your cock
but instead
i push back 2ward u ceaselessly & relentlessly
& bury each & every throbbing inch of meat
fully inside my accommodating anal passage
until i can feel your thighs up against my ass
taking your entire length deep in2 my body...
i whisper
" oh... yesssss... yesssss... that's what i need !!! "

i am impressed with your self-control
as u remain cumpletely still behind me
& i shiver again with animal arousal
feeling my anal muscles tighten & flex
as my inner fibers adjust 2 your thickness...
as u lightly rest your hands on my lower back
i raise myself up on2 my hands & knees
& start 2 rock my whole body 4ward & back
as i gently fuck myself with your cock
holding my breath 4 long seconds at a time...
my swollen anus stretches deliciously tight
around the girth of your wonderful cock
& each time i slide my ass 4ward & off of u
my anal ring stretches out of me & follows
not wanting 2 let u go of your fat fuck-stick...
i groan
" your cock feels so fucking good inside me !!! "

your eyes are fixed on your swollen cock
as it slips in & out of my clutching hole
gliding easily now through my slimy passage...
i am getting very close 2 cumming
& my whole body is shaking & trembling
with the sweet & slutty anticipation
of sumthing magnificent about 2 happen...
i pull my entire body further 4ward
almost all the way off your thick cock
keeping just the fat head lodged inside
then take a long & deep breath
& slam my quivering ass backward
ramming my butt against your hips
as i plunge the entire length back in2 me...
what follows is a fucking frenzy
as u finally cannot take it anymore
& grip my hips as tightly as u can
& plunge your cock in & out of me
over & over so hard & fast & deep...
i moan
" fuck my ass !! fuck my ass !! fuck me !!
cum deep in my ass !! fuck me full of cum !!! "

your fingers are digging deep in2 my hips
as u pound your thick cock in2 my fuck-hole
as hard & as fast & as deep as it can possibly go...
my tight pucker is gripping your hard cock
& the intense stretching feeling is wonderful
as u saw your tool in & out of my ass-hole
& i moan in cumplete & total pleasure
" deep in me !! deep in me !! DEEP IN ME !!
make me cum on your big fucking cock !!!
fuck me full !! FUCK ME FULL OF CUM !!! "
as u grip my hips & pull me tighter against u
& rock your hips back & 4th & up & down
stirring your fantastic cock deep inside me...
i scream & start cumming like i've never cum be4
bucking like a bronco as i push myself back on2 u
& i feel u reach your climax at the very same time...
my little cock throbs & quivers & pulsates endlessly
as my cum oozes out of the tip like a volcano
& i can feel your cock swell up thicker inside me
as the first hot spurts of your sweet seed
splash on2 the slippery walls of my rectal cavity...
i scream
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming on your cock !!
i love cumming on your big fucking cock !!! "
& u groan
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming in your ass !!
i'm fucking your tight ass full of cum !!! "

as my nearly violent orgasm finally subsides
i fall 4ward on2 the sweat & cum soaked sheets
& u follow me down & pin me 2 the mattress
your softening cock still buried in my clutching hole...
i am almost cumpletely & totally exhausted
but i am not ready 4 this sweet morning 2 end
& even though i am pinned tight underneath u
i start 2 slowly rock my hips 4ward & backward
making my cum-greasy chasm stroke your shaft...
u moan in my ear
" damn !! u are such a naughty little bitch !!! "
as u start 2 move your hips in rhythm with mine...
i whisper
" becuz i love feeling your cock deep inside me !!! "

as our hips move in perfect synchronous rhythm
i can feel your tantalizing tool thickening quickly
growing long & hard in the warm depths of my ass...
when your cock is again fully erect & throbbing
i feel u lifting your sweaty body away from mine
& i lift my ass upward just as quickly 2 follow u
gripping your cock with my ass as tight as i can
& hooking my heels up tight behind your ass
never letting your thick cock escape my grasp...
u have one hand pressing against my lower back
as the other hand pushes my chest 2 the mattress
then both hands slide back & tightly grasp my hips
as u slam your steely erection all the way inside me
probing the depths of my wide-spread up-turned ass...
as my slippery passage opens up again 2 receive u
i moan down in2 the pillows almost breathlessly...
everything seems 2 cum in2 much sharper focus
as i concentrate on the sensations i am feeling...
i can feel your bloated & bulbous cock-head
& every ridge & vein on your throbbing shaft
as u slide in & out & in & out of my greasy hole...
all the while
i can hear your groans cumming from behind me
as u hammer your cock relentlessly in2 my body...
i softly moan
" fuck my ass !! fuck my ass !! fuck my ass !!
this fuck is all 4 u !! fuck me as hard as u can !!
i wanna feel u fuck my tight ass full of cum !!! "

u just groan loudly & grip my hips even tighter
holding my ass cumpletely still so u can fuck me
driving your thick cock even deeper in2 my hole...
the same fantastic feelings must be working 4 u
becuz i can feel your big cock thicken & twitch
stretching my aching anal opening out even wider
as u continue 2 fuck me with strong steady strokes...
your hands snake over my hips & up my rib-cage
until your fingers twist at my puckered nipples
which makes me shake & shiver with deep desire...
my tremors grow even stronger & more violent
when u slide your fingers around my raging little cock
& i start thrashing & convulsing on the mattress
slamming my ass back savagely against your hips
as i cum with a blinding explosion of pure lust...
i scream
" oh god !!! u made me cum on your big cock !!
u made me cum on your big fucking cock again !! "
u stay pressed deep inside my clutching chasm
fucking me hard with short & shallow thrusts
as my quivering ass draws u further inward...

the intense squeezing of my shivering anal passage
must be 2 much stimulation 4 u 2 resist any longer
becuz i feel all your muscles suddenly tense up
as u dig your fingers deep in2 the flesh of my hips
pulling me all the way back on2 your thick cock...
u clench your teeth & close your eyes tightly
as the semen shoots from the tip of your cock
in a thick white rope that drenches my insides
making me press back hard against u & groan
" deep in me !! deep in me !! cum deep in me !!
shoot me full !! fuck my ass-hole full of cum !!! "
as u rock your strong hips slowly & steadily
milking every sweet drop of seed in2 my ass...

( do u wanna ??? )

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