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my fantasy...#20  

bottomONtopp 62M
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9/16/2021 5:50 pm
my fantasy...#20

i slowly let my robe slide off
& stand cumpletely naked be4 u
as u stare up at my pale body...
i move over closer 2 u
& stand between your legs
as i bend 4ward 2ward u
& put my hands on your thighs
then slowly slide my hands upward
as i pull your shirt over your head
& drop it 2 the floor...
then i kneel down on the floor in front of u
as u stand & slowly unbutton your jeans
sliding them down 2 the floor
revealing your soft & sexy cock...
i look up in2 your eyes
as i push u back on2 the couch
& creep between your knees...
i put both of my hands on the floor
next 2 the front of the couch & lean 4ward
then open my drooling mouth as wide as i can
& let your flaccid penis slide between my lips
& feel your smooth shaft slither over my tongue
& in2 the opening of my cock-loving throat...
u moan
" oh yes !! suck it !! suck that cock !!! "
& i can feel your tasty tool
start 2 harden & thicken & lengthen...
i keep my lips tightly pressed
against the thickening base
of your stiffening cock
& start 2 swallow
over & over & over & again & again
as i feel it harden & push itself deeper
in2 my wide-open mouth...
when u are finally fully hard
u stretch the opening of my throat wide
& it feels like your massive cock-head
is all the way down in my stomach...
u moan
" suck my cock all the way in2 your throat !!! "
i stare up in2 your eyes
as i slowly slide my tight throat off your cock
then out of my sucking mouth
then over my hot wet lips
& finally release u...
your cock is long & thick
& i am very very excited
as i look at your meaty manhood
which glistens with my saliva
& curves proudly up 2ward the ceiling....
i lean 4ward again
& let your proud pole slide
in between my slippery lips
as i push 4ward with my legs
until u are buried deep
in my cum-guzzling throat again...
i then rock my whole body 4ward & back
& i enjoy the feeling of your girthy glans
as it slides so deep in2 my tightly gripping throat
as u close your eyes & moan softly
" oh god !!! your mouth feels so fucking good !! "

i slowly slide my clutching throat
off your fantastic cock
then stand & turn around
& face away from u...
i stand between your wide-spread legs
with my feet close 2gether
& i lean 4ward at the waist
then reach back with both hands
& pull my pale ass-cheeks wide
2 present my ass-hole 2 u
like an animal in heat...
u get the idea
becuz u grab the lube & grease your cock
then u grip your girthy shaft at the base
& make it point directly at my puckered anus
as i slowly start 2 lower my ass 2wards u...
when i feel your wonderfully fat cock-head
press against my tightly puckered fuck-hole
i just let my whole ass drop quickly down
& gasp as your massively thick cock-head
pops suddenly in2 my constricted channel...
as soon as the thick head plows in2 me
u reach up & grip my hips very tightly
2 steady me & help me keep my balance...
i then reach back behind my quivering ass
& grip the outsides of your strong thighs
& start 2 slowly lower my taut chute down
on2 your deep-delving ass-stretching girth
as i feel my narrow passage-way
be probed & stretched so incredibly wide
& filled so delightfully full at the same time...

with my feet so close 2gether
my ass-hole grips u very tightly
& i slowly lower myself downward
inch by inch by agonizing inch
until i finally feel my trembling ass rest
against the tops of your muscular thighs...
with my heels against the couch
i use my legs 2 slowly slide back up
as my hands press against your thighs
2 give me leverage & help me rise...
when i am almost all the way off your fat cock
& just the tip of your delicious cock-head
barely touches my tightly gripping anal opening
i just let myself drop back down on2 your cock
& the weight of my body forces me all the way down
so i take your full length back in2 my horny body...
over & over & over & over & over & over & over
i slide up so very very slowly
then slam quickly back down on2 u
as i feel every inch of your pulsing pole
stretch every fiber of my insides...
u start 2 thrust your hips upward
2 meet my abrupt downward drops
& your thick cock hammers deep
in2 my voraciously gripping ass
with every long hard fast stroke...
my little cock is hard as steel
& drips long shiny strings
of sticky pre-cum all over the floor
every time i drop back down
on2 your penetrating tool...
every time i hit bottom
my little cock flops downward
& oozes & drips juice everywhere...
no one else has ever been this deep inside me
& i am never gonna live without this feeling again...
i groan
" oh god !! i love your big fucking cock inside me !!! "
u are cumpletely relentless
not even being close 2 cumming
even after we have fucked 4 almost an hour
& even though i love the feeling
of having my ass deep-fucked 4 so long
my legs & arms start 2 quiver from fatigue
so i slide all the way down
on2 your fantastic fuck-stick
& just rock my hips slowly back & 4th
as i feel your hot thickness
stir deep in my guts
& touch me everywhere inside...
u stroke my throbbing leaking little cock slowly
as i slide my ass back & 4th on top of your hips
& enjoy the feeling of being so full of your cock...
i moan & whimper
" fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me !!
fuck the cum out of my cock !!! "

u grab the back of my thighs
just above the knees
& pull them up high
then press my back 2 your chest
& groan loudly
with your fat cock still buried
deep inside my tightly gripping ass...
i grip your arms tight 4 support
as u start 2 rock your hips up
& drive your ravaging pole deep
in2 my wide-spread ass...
with my legs pulled up so high & tight
your girthy cock feels like a ball-bat
stuffed in2 my clutching ass-hole
& every short hard stroke
pounds up in2 my prostate
& almost makes me pass out...
all i can think of is cumming on your cock
the way i do every time u deep-fuck my ass...
as u pound your cock up in2 me
u growl
" i'm gonna fuck the cum out of your cock !!
u are my bitch !! your ass belongs 2 me !!! "

the nasty talking works
becuz on the next stroke
when your cock-head batters in2 my hot-spot
my horny little cock suddenly explodes violently
& sends long gouts of sticky white cum
which arch from my hot little cock
& splash on2 my face & chest...
i scream as the spurts feel like liquid fire
as they flow through my twitching little cock...
u groan
" i'll make u cum every time i fuck u !! "
i whisper
" i want u !! never take your cock away !!! "

when i am finally done cumming
& my twitching little cock still tingles & drools
u stand & stagger in2 the kitchen
your rock-hard cock still buried
deep inside my orgasm-spasming ass...
when u reach the table
u slowly lower my legs
& set me down on the table...
with your throbbing cock
still deep in my clutching ass
u push me 4ward on2 my belly
then slide my legs back
& pull my ass 2 the edge of the table
then push my knees wide
as u press my heels up
against the cheeks of my ass...
i reach my hands 4ward
& grip the opposite edge of the table
as u grip my ankles
& press my ass wide open
& start 2 slide the length of your raging prick
in & out of my cock-embracing ass...
i moan each time u pull back
& let the head pop out of my grippy ass
then press insistently 4ward again
as your obscenely thick cock-head
forces its way back in2 my tight channel...
your hands grip my ankles
& push them tighter against my ass
as u saw that pulsating tool
in & out of my aching ass
& make me gasp with pleasure & pain
every time your sweaty balls slap against me
& i feel your wide probing cock-head
stretch me open deep inside...
my little cock is trapped under me
in between my body & the table
but even that feels good
as long as your slithering snake
still slides in2 my cock-engulfing fuck-hole...

when u finally release my legs
i slide them out behind me
& lift my ass up 2wards your deep-fucking cock...
i hook my heels behind your thighs
& pull your sweet thickness
even further in2 my hot rectum
as i press my ass backward
against your hips even harder...
your pulsing erection
stretches my cock-craving ass
& it feels so fucking good
& i want u 2 do me even harder & deeper...
i know that u are getting very close 2 cumming
becuz u are ramming your bloated fuck-stick
in2 my cock-swallowing ass as fast & as hard as u can...
i beg
" fuck me deep !! fuck me hard !! fuck me hard !!
fuck me fast !! fill me with your cum !! cum deep in me !!
fill me full !! fill me full !! overflow me !! shoot my ass full !!! "
u grip my ass even tighter
& ram harder & faster & deeper in2 me
as u yell
" i'm gonna shoot your ass full of fucking cum !! "
i press back hard against u
as u slam your thick pole even deeper & groan
your cock twitches & throbs
& i feel the hot jets of juicy jam
splash all over my inner walls...
u grab my hips & pull me back hard
as your fat cock fires spurt after spurt of hot liquid
deep in2 my brutally-fucked bowels...
i grind my grippy ass in circles on your spewing cock
as u empty every drop in2 my cum-craving ass...
u rock your hips in slow & short strokes
as your big cock continues 2 pour splooge
in2 my waiting fuck-hole
until it starts 2 over-flow
& seeps out around your cock
then runs down on2 my balls
& drips on2 the table below me...
u pull your cock out of me suddenly
slap my ass & say
" clean up this sticky mess !! "
i lap your cum off the head of your cock
as i stare up in2 your eyes
then take your rubbery cock between my wet lips
& suck your long softening snake
all the way down in2 my throat
& suck u clean
as i swallow every wet drop
& relish the funky flavor of your dick-jam
mixed with the taste of my deep-fucked ass...

( do u wanna ??? )

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