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my fantasy...#22  

bottomONtopp 62M
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9/17/2021 6:31 pm
my fantasy...#22

just as i get myself a cup of coffee
u walk in2 the kitchen
& i can feel the extreme sexual tension
that i always feel
whenever u are anywhere around me...
u press yourself against me
as u push me back 2 the counter
& guide my hand down 2 your crotch...
i moan
as my palm slides down over
the substantial bulge in your pants
& u groan
as my fingers grip your thickening shaft
& i stroke u slowly through the thin material...
u laugh & whisper
" wanna have sumthing creamy with your coffee !! "
i squeeze your cock again playfully & reply
" i just wanna suck the cream filling out of u !! "
u press your crotch harder against my stroking hand
grinding your hips back & 4th
& groan
" i love fucking your mouth !!
but i am absolutely aching 4 your ass !!! "

i slide 2 my knees in front of u
& pull down your jeans...
u aren't wearing anything underneath
& your thick semi-hard cock smacks me in the face
as it springs from the confines of your pants....
your cock is already pulsating
even though it isn't cumpletely hard
bobbing in the air in front of my face...
i immediately feel as horny as hell
especially when i see the first slippery drop of pre-cum
starting 2 ooze out of the wide-open cum-hole...
u begin making jerking movements with your cock
slapping your shaft against my face
then u growl
" suck my cock !! suck my cock now !!
suck my cock & make it hard & slippery !!
your spit is the only lube you're gonna get !!! "
i open my mouth as wide as i can
& let the girthy semi-swollen glans
slither slowly on2 my wet tongue
then start sliding my lips up & down
the growing length of your thick shaft
taking more & more with each stroke
until your whole cock is cumpletely hard & wet
cumpletely dripping with my saliva
& pulsing like it has a life of its own...
my hand is stroking my own little cock
with the same steady rhythm
loving the feeling of your fat cock-head
burrowing deep down in2 the tightness
of my wide-open cock-loving throat...

" now stand up & bend over !! "
u demand
pulling off your jeans
so u are standing in front of me cumpletely naked...
i can see the slick saliva dripping from your cock
as i stand up & yank down my shorts
then pull my shirt over my head
& toss it across the kitchen...
i bend 4ward over the counter
gripping the edge tightly
as u growl
" spread your legs wide !! "
i feel your fingers pry my ass wide apart
as u slide the head of your fat cock
in2 the quivering crack of my ass
spreading my saliva & your pre-cum
all over my tightly puckered ass-hole...
by now i am stroking my little cock faster & faster
& i start stroking myself even harder
when i feel the head of your fantastic cock
butting up in2 my sopping ass crack...
" do u want me 2 fuck your tight ass ?? "
u ask
" do u want this big cock deep in your tight hole ?? "
i nod & moan
" yes !! fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck my ass with your cock !!
fuck my ass full of cum !! make me cum on your cock !!! "

i breathe a sigh of wicked pleasure
as i feel u begin 2 ease the hot head of your cock
in2 my futilely resisting anal opening...
i have 2 stand on my tip-toes
as u slowly slide deeper & deeper inside me
but i manage 2 take all of your cock
in2 the snug depths of my wide-stretched shitter...
when i finally feel your hips pressing against my ass
u start 2 give it 2 me hard & fast
slamming your thick prick in deeper & harder
with every hot savage thrust
& i feel myself working 2wards an intense orgasm...
i am jacking my horny little cock as fast as i can
as u plow deep & hard & fast up in2 my ass
& u reach 4ward 2 grip my shoulders
as u thrust deeper & deeper in2 me...
i groan & whimper
" i'm gonna cum !! i'm gonna cum !!
i'm gonna cum on your fucking cock !!! "

when your big smooth balls
are slapping against mine with each thrust
i finally realize just how deep inside me u are
& as your fat cock-head scrapes over
my hyper-sensitive prostate again & again
& i scream & my aching little cock erupts
spraying huge streams of cum
all over the front of the counter
& down on2 the floor...
i just keep on cumming & cumming
as my belly clenches & my ass tightens
& i can feel your fat cock swelling
even bigger & thicker inside me...
with one huge final thrust
u bury your cock all the way inside me
& i can feel your hot jets of splooge
spraying & splattering my insides
as u groan
" i'm cumming in your ass !!
i'm cumming deep in your ass !!
i'm filling your ass full of cum !!
i'm fucking your ass full of cum !!! "
& i grind my ass back against u
taking every inch that your cock has 2 offer
as u pour my ass full of your seed...
i whisper
" cum deep in me !! deep in me !!
cum deep in me !! fuck me full of cum !!
fill me with cum !! fuck my ass full of cum !!
cum deep in me !! cum deep in me !!
deep in me !! deep in me !! deep in me !!
your thick cock just keeps spraying hot splooge inside me
until it is oozing out around your thick shaft
& splattering on2 the floor
then finally your orgasm begins 2 subside...
i keep pushing myself up & down on my toes
milking every last drop out of u
until u finally start 2 soften
& then pull your fat rubbery cock
slowly out of my tight grippy ass...
when your big cock-head finally pops out
with a slurping sound
i drop down off my toes & turn around 2 face u
then whisper
" i love feeling your fat cock in my ass !!
i love feeling u cumming deep in my ass !!! "

( do u wanna ??? )

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