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my fantasy...#3  

bottomONtopp 62M
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9/15/2021 8:04 pm
my fantasy...#3

i lie naked on your bed
& squeeze my hardening little cock
as u slowly stroke your thick prick 2 full erection...
what a sight it is 2 look hungrily over at u
& see a growing hard-on jutting out from your crotch...
i nervously wet my lips in horny anticipation & moan
" u wanna feel me suck that big cock... don't u ???
bring that cock over here so i can taste it !! "
u slowly start 2 move closer & closer 2 me
as your super-thick cock-shaft sways sexily
& bounces back & 4th from one thigh 2 the other
as u walk slowly across the bedroom 2ward me...

when u finally reach me
i sit up on the edge of the bed
& reach out 2 grip your horny ass
& pull u even closer 2 me...
as your hands grip my head lightly
i open my drooling lips wide
then slither my wet tongue out
& taste the first drop of pre-cum
that oozes from your wide piss-slit...
u moan as my wet lips open wider
then i slide my hot mouth on2 your bloated glans
& my tongue swirls around & around slowly
until i make your legs start 2 quiver...
i take one deep breath & open my throat
then pull u all the way down in2 me
& i feel your helmet slide down deeper
as it presses in2 the opening of my throat...
u look down at me & whisper
" suck my cock !! take it all !!
suck it all the way down !! "

your hands pull my head closer 2 u
as i swallow your cock further in2 my throat
until my straining lips are at the thick base
& my chin rests against your heavy balls...
i look up in2 your eyes
as u start 2 rock your hips slowly back & 4th
& fuck my tight throat with your pulsing tool...
i grip your hips as tightly as i can
as i pull u deeper & deeper & deeper
& u stare down in2 my watering eyes
while your cock slips in & out of my throat
& u groan deep inside your chest...

when your cock is fully hard & throbbing wildly
u suddenly pull your body away from mine
& drag your oozing fuck-tool out of my mouth...
u roll me quickly & forcefully on2 my side
as i again start 2 play with my pulsating little prick...
u squeeze a big shiny drop of lube on2 your finger
then slide it deep in2 my futilely resisting pucker
& slick my tight cock-hole up 4 the main event...
it feels so wonderfully wicked & wildly wanton
as u work your slick finger in & out of my chute
& soon my taut ass-hole is loosened enough
that u finally work both thumbs inside me
then thrust them both even deeper inside
& pry my pucker wider & wider & wider
which helps my resisting ass-hole 2 open
& relax in preparation 4 the imminent invasion
of your cumpletely swollen appendage...
hoarsely i whisper
" fuck me !! fuck me !! fill my ass full of cock !! "

as soon as i am ready 2 receive u
u pour a long string of slippery goo
on2 the broad head of your cock
& smear it up & down the thick shaft...
when your girthy cock is glistening wet
u roughly push me flat on2 my back
& push my legs straight up in2 the air
then u kneel down on the mattress between my thighs
& place the backs of my calves on your shoulders...
once we are in the perfect position 4 your entry
u aim the greasy tip of your glans at my slippery anus
& lower your sweaty body down 2wards mine...
u groan
" are u ready ? wanna feel my cock in your ass ?? "
i just nod quickly & moan
" yessssssss... i wanna take your cock deep inside me !!! "

u gently push the bulbous crown against my ass-hole
which tries very briefly 2 resist the insistent invasion...
i take a long & deep breath & will myself 2 relax
& my sphincter begins 2 stretch open wider & wider
as u continue 2 press your thick cock-head against it...
then suddenly & mercifully
the slippery head of your cock just pops right in...
i let out a long sigh of pleasure & relief
as u slowly advance your thick pulsating cock-shaft
in2 the depths of my tightly clutching rear channel...
when your full length is finally balls-deep inside me
u stop & hold very still & just wait 4 a few moments
& let me get used 2 the delightfully intense feeling
of having my tightly gripping ass-hole fully gorged
with so much deliciously thick & throbbing cock...
i press my ass up hard against u & moan
" oh yessssss... fuck me !! fuck me !! FUCK ME !!! "

i already love the way that it feels
2 be stretched so wide & stuffed so full
& u have not even started 2 fuck me yet...
i moan at the delightfully carnal thought
that u will soon hammer your hard cock
in & out of my wide-spread & willing ass
& u take my moan as a sign of encouragement
& u begin doing exactly what i am aching 4 u 2 do...
u start 2 piston your thick cock in & out slowly
& pull the thick shaft all the way back
until just the bloated glans remains inside me
then u press relentlessly 4ward again
until your throbbing cock-flesh
is cumpletely buried in my taut ass-hole
over & over & over & over again...
i whisper
" i love feeling your cock so deep inside me !! "

u look down at me
& smile as u deep-fuck my quivering chasm
& u wrap your hand around my hard little cock
& start 2 stroke it in the same rhythm
with your deliberate & delightful thrusts...
u pound deep deep deep deep deep deep
in2 my feverish body like wanton machine
& piston that bloated fuck-stick
in & out of my tight little hole...
your face is flushed with the exertion
& your eyes are wicked & wild...
your chest is dripping sweat on2 me
& with my free hand
i slide my fingertips up
2 fondle one of your nipples...
u begin 2 pant & i can tell
that u are getting closer & closer 2 cumming...
i moan & stare in2 your eyes & whimper
" make me cum !! oh god !! make me cum !!
make me cum on your big fucking cock !!! "

without any warning
my stomach clenches up suddenly & my little cock throbs
& long strings of cum splatter all over my chest & belly...
i twist my eyes shut tight & scream
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming on your fucking cock !!
oh my god !! i'm cumming on your big fucking cock !!! "
i don't believe i have ever cum this hard be4
& when i finally look back up at u
your eyes are pressed tightly closed
& your breath is cumming in quick gasps...
with my ass-hole clenched tightly on2 your cock
u stiffen up & your entire body begins 2 shiver
as u start 2 cum deep in my tightly gripping ass...
i groan as i feel the first hot spurt splatter in2 me
then suddenly
u pull your wildly spurting cock from my ass
& slide yourself up over my body
as u ooze cum all over me on the way
until your ass presses down on my chest...
u cram the thick head of your pulsating cock
between my wide-open cock-loving lips
& my mouth curls around your fat cock-head
as u continue cumming & cumming & cumming
& blast so much hot sticky syrup in2 my throat
that i have 2 swallow over & over as fast as i can...
as i slurp up every tongue-drenching drop
from your wildly spasming & spewing erection
both of my hands grip & massage your thick shaft
& my tongue lashes all around your bloated glans...
i moan deep inside my body
as i drink your delicious seed in2 my open throat
& let it slither luridly in2 my hungry belly...
u groan
" drink it !! drink it !! drink every drop of my cum !! "

( do u wanna ??? )

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