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my fantasy...#6  

bottomONtopp 62M
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9/15/2021 8:14 pm
my fantasy...#6

when i wake
( beside u & in your bed )
i notice that u are sleeping
sprawled out your back
cumpletely naked...
i decide 2 take advantage of the situation
so i quietly slide over on the bed
& roll over 2wards u...
i rest my hand on your furry chest
but u don't move or respond
so i slide my hand lower
& then lightly caress your stomach
then further down
i slide over the hair that runs 2 your navel...
when i finally reach your cock
i am pleasantly surprised
2 find that u are already hard & throbbing...
it is so thick that i can barely close my hand
around the silky shaft
& then i explore further
& find that u are already oozing pre-cum...
i gently caress u with just the tip of my finger
& tease the mushroom-shaped head
& slide the tip of my finger in2 your wet piss-slit
as your bloated cock throbs & strains...

i roll over 2 my side
i slide down close enough 2 smell your hot cock
& the scent is musky & very masculine...
then i extend the tip of my tongue
& lick the pre-cum from your drenched cock-head...
the taste is salty & sweet & smooth
& so fucking delicious...
i open my lips wide
& gently place my mouth over the broad glans
as i slide my tongue around & around
& taste u again...
i can feel your arousal growing
& my body is literally shuddering
with excitement & anticipation...
i begin 2 see how much
of your throbbing & beautiful cock
i can get in2 my mouth
as i caress your smoothly shaved balls
with one hand
& i use my other hand
2 guide your thick snake
in2 the depths of my throat...
my mouth is stretched as wide as it can go
& my lips can barely contain
the width of your manhood...
when i finally stop sliding my mouth
& down your length
& just hold the big bulbous head of your cock
lovingly in my mouth
u start 2 move your hips & down
u fuck my face
& u groan
" don't be such a cock-tease !!
take that big cock the way !!
u look so hot sucking my cock !!! "

i gag a little bit
& my eyes start 2 water
i try 2 get the thick head deeper in2 my throat
but when i finally relax
i can take a little more of your spit-slick cock
with each upward stroke of your hips...
this is not the first time
that your cock has ever been in my throat
but it is definately delving deeper than ever be4...
i move my face closer
& then grab your ass
& pull u over top of my face
i move my hungry mouth underneath your cock...
u start 2 hunch your hips & down
u fuck my throat deeply
& your long strokes start 2 get faster
my throat feels about 2 be split wide open
from the girth of the fleshy weapon
that is violating so deeply...
your pubic bone is pressed against my nose
& i can feel your big balls slap my chin
with every deep thrust...
u tighten your thigh & hip muscles
i can feel your balls draw upward
u get ready 2 explode your seed in2 ...
u groan
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming !!
i'm cumming in your fucking throat !!
i'm shooting your throat full of cum !!! "

u ram deeper in2
& i can feel your hot splooge spray
deep in2 my throat
with pulse after powerful pulse...
i press your hips upward
& keep just the fat head of your cock
clasped tightly between my hungry lips
as i feel your hot thick spurts
the roof of my mouth
& then drench my tongue & my teeth
& then slide down in2 my cum-thirsty throat...
u moan
" drink it !! drink every drop !!
suck that fucking cock dry !!! "

i lick & suck & swallow
until i think u can't possibly cum anymore
but u just keep right
u pour your love lotion
down in2 my hot waiting mouth...
u taste so wonderful
& i savor every single drop
& lick u clean
when u finally pull away from
& flop over 2 your back...
& your chest & belly glisten with sweat
your breathing finally returns 2 normal...
i suddenly ache 2 feel your turgid tool
all the way inside my cock-craving ass...
my fuck-hole puckers with anticipation
4 u 2 be inside
& i whisper
" fuck !! fuck !! i need u 2 fuck !!
i wanna feel your cock deep inside !!! "

when i look back over at u
your cock is already cumpletely hard again
thick & slippery & throbbing...
i grasp the root of your pulsing shaft
& pull it 2wards i lie my back
& lift my legs high & wide i can
2 present my puckered anus 2 u...
u get 2 your knees slowly
& move between my splayed legs
u hold your throbbing tool in one hand
& u smear lube over it with the other hand
& slide it slowly & down the open cleft of my ass...
i reach down & squeeze the thick & swollen head
& smear your oozing pre-cum
over the engorged plum...
i groan
" yes !! fuck !! fuck !! fuck !!
fuck my ass with your big fucking cock !!! "

u look straight in the eyes
u move yourself so slowly 4ward
& i feel your slippery & swollen cock-head
press my futilely resisting ass-hole inward
as i begin 2 stretch & then finally yield
2 accommodate your piercing man-meat...
then u press yourself down in2 me even harder
& the feeling of u entering my fuck-hole is fantastic...
i moan softly & whimper
" god !! give it 2 !!
fuck my tight ass full of cock !! "

my little cock is throbbing hard
& it drips pre-cum everywhere
& i am fully intoxicated with lust...
u grip the backs of my thighs
as i push against u 2 meet your pressure
the broad tip finally opens my taut ass-hole
& i feel your cock-head enter my tightness...
i feel my straining sphincter constrict
as it grips down on2 your girthy shaft
just behind the bulbous head...
u push further in
as your thick pulsating cock
explores the depths of my bowels...
u press deeper & deeper & even deeper
until i feel i am about 2 be torn in half...
& then with one hard final thrust
u bury your thick shaft all the way 2 the hilt
& it makes absolutely delirious with pleasure...

u pull the way back
until just the fat tip of your cock-head
remains inside my clutching ass
& then slam your ravaging length deep inside ...
over & over & faster & faster & deeper & deeper
until i can feel that u are about 2 explode inside ...
u look straight in2 my eyes & groan
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming in your tight ass !!
i love cumming inside your tight little ass-hole !!! "
as u finally release your steaming seed
deep in2 my tightly gripping fuck-hole...
over & over u shudder & quiver
as your juicy cum is injected deep in2
& it splatters over my slick inner walls...
i watch your sweaty chest & belly heave
u pound every last drop of your seed
deep in2 my wide-spread upturned ass...
my cock is still achingly erect
& i stroke it slowly
as i relish the sweet sensation
of your wonderful thickness
as it fills & stretches
& shoots my hot hole full
& i groan
" deep in !! cum deep in !!
fuck full of cum !! DEEP IN !!! "

after a dozen more climactic thrusts
u shudder & pause
& then lay down top of
u continue 2 hunch your hips slowly
& move your engorged cock in & out of my ass
as you milk the last of your seed in2 my body
& your thrilling cock finally starts 2 soften...
when u have finally caught your breath
u pull your rubbery penis slowly out of my ass
& i feel a noticable collapse inside my body
as my sphincter constricts behind your cock-head
& tries 2 resist letting u remove your cock from ...
your cock finally pulls out with a sucking sound
& your cum oozes out of my distended fuck-hole
& slides down the crack of my wide-spread ass...
i whisper
" ... my... god !! i love the way u fuck !!
i love your fucking cock so deep inside !!! "

i feel your hand close over the shaft
of my still-twitching 5-inch erection
& u begin 2 stroke it & down slowly
& then u slide your thumb
2 the tip of my cock-head
& smear my pre-cum around & around...
u kneel in between my legs
& get down your knees & lean 4ward
& slowly take my little cock in2 your wet mouth
u swirl your tongue around & around the head...
i look down & watch
my aching little cock slides in & out
of your hot & wet sucking mouth...
i am still so excited from being ass-fucked
that i am already ready 2 explode
& u must sense how close i am
becuz u start 2 suck my horny little cock harder & faster
as i put my hands your head
& start 2 fuck your face hard & deep i can...
the way in & the way out
with every hard stroke
& i am cumpletely ready 2 explode...
i moan
" i'm cumming !! ... god !! i'm cumming !!! "

i grip your head tightly
& my hips slam my exploding little cock
the way in2 the opening of your throat
i start cumming uncontrollably
& splatter thick spurts of hot seed
deep in2 your gulping throat...
i just keep holding on2 your head
i thrust my hips wildly
u suck & swallow dry...
i finally release your head
when i am cumpletely spent...

( do u wanna ??? )

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