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Story: Embarrassing Moment at the Beach  

bound_balls 58M
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5/19/2020 6:02 pm
Story: Embarrassing Moment at the Beach

Embarrassing Moment at the Beach
By Bound_Balls

I will always remember this day to follow.

My wife and I were married for about 4 years at the time and we were on a “beach vacation” at Virginia Beach. These beach vacations are what I consider to be the best vacations. We do nothing but spend the entire time on the beach. No frantic bustling about trying to site see everything that is possible to see in a day, no schedules, no nothing, but laying out warming our bodies and cooling off in the surf.

Lets just say I like to get a good tan; I am a nut for lying in the sun and getting bronzed. I love the feel of the sun beating down on me warming my body and penetrating to my soul.

So I wore my Speedo swimsuit to get maximum exposure. My wife however is not keen about me being out in public with the Speedo on. She much prefers the loose boxer trunks so not as much detail of my male ego shows. However that is partly why I like Speedos. I feel attractive in them. I might not be the body builder of the world but I am comfortable with the endowment I have been given. And I feel good if I think the opposite sex might notice me because of it.

Well, this day she decided to get even with me for wearing the Speedo. Really to make a point, I think. We had been out on the beach for about 3 hours when she asked if I would put some oil on her back.

We both know this gets me worked up a bit, the feel of her skin gliding under my hands with the silky layer of oil between them. Because of this usually when we are out in public I just try to fore go the erotic enjoyment and hurry up and whip the stuff on before I get too aroused.

This day was going to be very different I was going to find out. As usual, I quickly applied the oil on her back and then began to sit back down on my side of the blanket, but she had other ideas. Just as I was sitting down she looked up shielding her eyes from the sun with her hand and asked if I would mind also do the back of her legs too. The sun was getting pretty hot already so I didn’t think anything about it and got back up on my knees and started on her legs. This was taking a little longer than I wanted and could feel the definite engorging sensation swelling between my legs. I thought, if I could wrap this up quickly I could finish her legs before it became to obvious to those around us how this was affecting to me.

I wasn’t going to be so lucky. Just as I was finishing and getting ready to hit the blanket again she spread her legs a little, her perfect, very long, and slender legs. She then stated, with her head still lying on the blanket, in a matter of fact expression that she needed the oil everywhere. She said it was too hot out and she did not want any part of them to burn. So I was told “to make sure I get it all the way up to her swimsuit edges please.” This is when I figured she is teasing me. This only made it worst because she is not normally a teaser. She usually gets mad if I even palm her ass in public. So I took advantage of this rare playfulness and rub the lotion as high as I could, playfully fondling my wife’s ass cheeks at that little crease between the leg and the curvature of the cheek itself. My playfulness was having a counter productive affect on me though. As much as I was enjoying fondling my wife’s ass I was also was becoming very aware how constraining and small my Speedo was becoming at that moment.

Decisions, decisions, I was torn between the temptation of continuing to fondling my wife intimately in public or wanting nothing more that to dive back to the safety of my side of the blanket face down and let things settle down. But she was really in rare form and said thanks and rolled over onto her back then she asked if I could you do the front of her legs as well. With that the decision was made for me, so I settled in and began working on the front of her legs as well.

The same thing applied to the front of her legs, I had to make sure I covered her legs everywhere. I started with her toes and sensually started to rub the oil in, then her ankles and calves.

As I was working my way up her legs she propped herself up on her elbows to watched my every move. She was watching me very intently. Not really looking at what I was doing as much as just looking at me. In a way that made me feel a bit uncomfortable kind of like I was on display and performing for her. Her stare was causing my subconscious to play tricks with my mind, making me feel like everyone on the beach including her knew this was arousing the hell out of me and causing me to experience mild anxieties that people are probably watching me.

Of course, no one really pays any attention to those that are around them at the beach anyway, so I was just getting myself all worked up for nothing but I could not help letting those thoughts have an effect me.

My wife had on “what I would consider barely legal” string bikini that hardly covered anything and required a razor to keep everything looking neat and proper (funny how her suit is considered socially acceptable).

So when I got up to the top of her legs and the edge of her bikini I was having a hard time not noticing the intimate contact I was having with her sex, her mound and neither space. By this time I was becoming lost in lust and having<b> explicit </font></b>sex with my fingers and her body if that was at all possible.

I will never forget this – She spoke and broke my lust filled trance of sex with her intimate space. She said as she looked at me with a growing grin "I have told you numerous times before that I don't really like you wearing that type of swimsuit, to much of you shows." Her eyes shifted to my groin and I could feel their stare boring into my swimsuit. "Besides... (as she deliberately focuses all her attention at my crotch) it looks mighty uncomfortable... not to mention the fact that your showing off… and… Uh… humm… you're hanging out as well... take a look for yourself, your disgusting." With that, she taps the underside of my balls with her foot to make her point known where the hell I should be looking.

I’ll tell you right now, she knew exactly what she was doing and I played right into it. I followed her gaze and for the first time I saw, to my extreme embarrassment and humiliation, the entire head of my cock pushed out past the waistband of the Speedo. Actually it was worse than that. It wasn’t just my mushroom gland exposed but about two inches of the shaft below the head as well. And there was no doubt that I was excited. The gland was almost purple, bloated to it’s limits with the skin taunt, stretched to the point that there was no surface detail any more, just a shiny wet reflective surface that looked like it was going to burst at any moment. My shaft was beat red too; the veins were full, dark, and tense. The entire structure looking like it was going to blow soon. My shaft looked like it was about 1000 degrees, red hot.

I couldn’t take my eyes off how all the veins where showing in all their detail, they were so apparent. I have always like my veins of my penis. I think they give my shaft character and in a way symbolize the power that lies within it. But the detail I was seeing was grossly exaggerated to the point that even the material of the suit from the waste band to my balls might as well have not been there. It might as well have been a tatoo on my cock with me completely naked.

The suit appeared to be air brushed on. The Speedo took on the appearance of wet shiny paint on the surface of my sex. It wasn’t until then, seeing how desperate my sex looked that I realize how hot it felt to my own skin. It was actually burning my abdomen. I knew I was excited, but I had assumed that I was concealed and all contained with in the Speedo.

I can’t describe how exposed I felt and how close I was to blow my top and cumming at that point from the humiliation. There was even a trail of clear pre-cum leaking out of the eye of my gland making a sticky mess as it made its way down my shaft and down the front of my suit.

I was really feeling the anxiety welling up within me of embarrassment now. My mind just keep pondering over how long had she been looking at me like this and not saying a word. It had to be at least the entire time she was on her back watching me and teasing me along. She really had me in a predicament.

I think she might know about my little secret of being slightly a bit of an exhibitionist. Enjoying the little attention I get thinking some women might be getting a thrill look at my package. But for me that is when I am in the relax state hidden behind a Speedo. This on the other hand was way outside of my comfort zone.

My anxiety just kept feeding on itself. I was getting tunnel vision and a feeling that the world was collapsing around me. All I could see was my hot, pulsating, sticky, beat red cock, drooling. My embarrassment level was increasing exponentially as I sat there staring at my cock while more and more of it continued to show, definitely more than I ever wanted to show.

My wife broke into my mental lock and said, "I see by your COCK that you’re enjoying this." She never uses the word COCK because it is vulgar to her and it was a dagger driving to my soul hearing it. I looked up to her face again and I was to dumbfounded to reply. Then she added with a grin, "GOOD!", “Now that I have your attention, Sweetie, you can finish with my tummy and chest please,"

Her voice was now in command, there was a hint of mischief in tone along with her smirk but like a robot I followed her command. Damn it, I was having a tough enough time dealing with my senses. I keep feeling like I was going to explode at any second for all to see and now she wanted more of her lotion-ed up.

She just laid there with her grin, eyes transfixed on my cock the entire time. I felt like I could read her mind, she was just waiting for me to degrade myself to the point of an uncontrolled orgasm and she wasn't going to miss it if it happened.

I began to wonder if she knew how close to an uncontrolled boiling point I was. I couldn’t believe how really turned on I was with the whole situation, the exposure, her sexy body, and her selfish attention to my cock. She doesn’t ever give me attention like this. I was pretty much at a point oblivious of the others on the beach. All I could see was me reduced to just this huge penis pulsating with hands, no body anymore, mauling her breast with frustrated lust as I apply the last of the oil to her chest.

Finally, as my cock throbs and bobs harder and harder with every pulse of my heart she has had enough or thought I had, and laughs. Using her bare foot on my cock, she pushes me away as you would push a away nosy and tells me I better lay down on my stomach and cool off before I embarrass myself any further by popping off for the beach crowd.

I guess little did she know, that simple little push back with her foot was all that was required to start the uncontrolled trigger of an unstoppable climax which is exactly what she stated moments before to watch out for, “popping off for the crowd.”

The contact of her foot was like a branding iron to my cock flesh and instantly triggered the first pulse of an ache in my balls that was so deep that began the uncontrollable climax I knew she was looking for a moment ago. I was so close as it was that if she would have let me continue the rub down few seconds longer she would have had me by the balls popping off uncontrollably for all of the beach crowd see without any assistance.

I could not believe that I was brought to this point, cumming on the beach in broad daylight with a bunch of people around. I knew that I was dealing with a seriously sensitive hair trigger but couldn’t believe that is all it took to for my body to betray me, for me to loose control of its actions and for it to humiliate me like that.

Before I could even begin to move for my side of the blanket the first geyser of cum came shooting out. The convulsion locked my muscles making it impossible to control my motions to get to my side of the blanket.

My abdomen was bucking with the climax as I trying to steady myself. The first shot came ripping out and clung to my chest and dripped from my nipple.

As I started to fall for the blanket the second convulsion caused me to look down at my angry red shaft and the second burst of cum came jetting out into my face. It was hot and tacky as I fell to the blanket face down grinding my groin for all it was worth into the sand below.

I was besides myself feeling like everyone on the beach had stopped what he or she were doing and were mocking me and laughing at my weakness. As I finished grinding myself into the sand like a pathetic dog - my wife said, "Look at you… You’re so easy to manipulate and control.” Then she leaned in real close to my ear while putting her hand on my ass so her fingers could curl into that area behind my balls were the shaft enters the body so she could feel the last of my convulsions and tremors. “I know you liked that, did you?" She said in a breathy whisper as she gave my shaft a final squeeze in that area with her fingertips to accent her point.

With a humbling and self realizing look I turned to her with cum streaked across my cheek and dripping off my eyebrow and lightly nod my head that she was right. I said very quietly so no one else would here, “yes, I guess I did” She just laughed and withdrew her hand slowly while stating that I am so weird.

I never did look up to see if anyone noticed or not. But then again I didn’t really want to know either.

That night she and I fucked like animals. We are much older now and while I have continuing yearnings of female dominance she has never played that role again. I still look back to our earlier days and wish she was still as loose and carefree as she was back then. She has grown up too much and has either forgotten or restrains the unbridled passion she had back then.

Hopefully you enjoyed this. I would entertain any comments you have even if it is just to chat.

The End.


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