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Married man's reply to single lady concerned about my availability  

bucknaked50again 61M  
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7/9/2020 2:30 pm
Married man's reply to single lady concerned about my availability

Ah yes, the biggest problem with marrieds - limited availability. And probably mores o during this covid period, lack of other things to be potentially doing. No football, baseball games etc. Just work and home. For sure that will be a major problem early and often! But appreciate your open honesty, no point being any other way. I also LOVE kissing, it is so deeply passionate. So good to get lost in the heat of a long, deep, wet crazy kiss. For sure missionary is the ultimate for best deep fucking, and kissing at the same time. I cum soonest that way, so sometimes dangerous if we're not quite finished....! Doggie works well for different reasons for me. Sometimes my back is a bit sore and the geometry helps - but mostly so I have easy access to both hot holes. Of course always enjoy licking, sucking, fingering, fucking a smooth wet willing cunt but also REALLY enjoy teasing, rimming, licking that other hole. Have never been with a lady that did not enjoy it. Some haven't tried anal and although I believe virtually all passionate<b> chicks </font></b>would love the intensity, if it doesn't do anything for you, then it doesn't for me either. However.... if it does... I am SO in. Oh yeah ... my original thought was yes, I love to give orally. For as long as desired .... love it! And of course getting my cock sucked is a real treat. If you enjoy sucking cock as much as I need to eat pussy, we may end up fighting over who gets to do who! Maybe there is a way we can do each other at the same time.....
Wow this got wordy. I do enjoy writing!
I'm sure I can't be the guy that you need, but I'd love to meet for coffee - do people do that anymore? Be nice to at least meet you and visit, you are a fascinating woman. And who knows......

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