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Be specific....  

buddydude1962 58M
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10/8/2008 5:53 pm
Be specific....

An old man and an old women meet on a singles holiday in Jamacia and have a wondeful time together...on the beach every day, touring Kingston, wine and fine dinners each night.

Its is the last night of the trip and the old man looks at her and says "you know I have really had the time of my life with you darling, the hours that we have spent together are marvellous, I have never had such a wondeful time and I don't want it to end.....will you marry me"

The old lady looks at him with concern on her face and says to him "I appreciate the offer but I must ask you three questions first.....the first is about money, I've been divorced a few times and my ex-husbands didn't leave me with much money, and I really didn't save much in my life, in fact this trip was really expensive and I don't have much money"

The old man takes her hand and looks into her eyes and explains that he has just sold 3 large multinational companies and has more money then they could ever spend during the rest of their lives so she has nothing to worry about.

She nods approvingly and says "well the second question is about housekeeping because I really don't like doing house chores" The old man looks at her and reassures her that although he has a house in the Hamptons, the apartment in NY and the condo in Fl, he has a housekeeper, a cook, and a chauffeur and that she wouldn't ever have to raise a finger to do anything.

She again nods approvingly and says "well I feel kinda embarassed, the next question is sex..."

The old man interrupts her and says "infrequently" to which the old lady looks at him and says "is that one word or two"

The shadows cast into the day and are an extension of the soul

mmss1977 43F

10/9/2008 5:22 am

Lol! good one! It's the ones you don't see coming

Darkndebonaire 59F

11/27/2008 2:29 pm

buddy, this is funny, so one word or two, LOL. I enjoyed reading your blog, I am sorry I didnt find it earlier. Its almost time to leave here, my account expires soon and I will not renew. Thanks for the laugh and goodluck my friend.


1seeking1 54F
3032 posts
4/4/2014 5:20 pm

Thanks for the chuckle

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