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True story, bi sex with the neighbors  

byecuriouscd 63T   
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10/7/2021 4:57 pm
True story, bi sex with the neighbors

True story of my first real bi experience. My neighbors invited me over one evening for a few drinks. Nothing new because we had sat around many evening enjoying a few adult beverages and shooting the bull. This evening started out the as any other except Donna was dressed kill in a short skirt, tight lacy top and wearing heels.
Donna and Ray were sitting on the couch while I sat in a chair. Noticed them whispering from time to time but did not think much about it. Every now and then she would rest her hand on his thigh and rub up to his crotch. This was normal for her after a few drinks. It had happened before. Usually soon after I would excuse myself and go home. Tonight was different. Donna leaned over and started kissing his cock thru his jeans. I was really enjoying the show and looked up to see Ray looking right at me.
He didn't say anything just reached down unzipped his pants and let her pull his cock out. She was stroking it, licking and sucking. I was really enjoying watching and started to rub my hard cock thru my jeans. Ray looked up at me, whispered something to her and she looked over at me and smiled. I thought to myself that this was going to be a really fun time. While she kept sucking his cock she turned around and point her ass in my direction. Didn't take me long to figure out she wasn't wearing any panties under that short skirt.
Neither of them had said a word to me yet so I did not want to just jump in. After all they might just be putting on a show for me. Finally Ray said come over here on the couch beside me. I almost ran to get . As I sat down Donna started playing with me and it wasn't long before she had my cock out licking and stroking me with one hand while stroking Ray with the other hand.
I was so intent on what she was doing that I didn't any attention I heard Ray tell her that she should get naked so we could enjoy the show. As she was undressing he said me that we might as well get undressed too. I was watching her undress as I took off my clothes. As soon as we were all naked Donna told us both to sit back down and enjoy ourselves. She climbed up between his legs and started working his cock over with her mouth. I was stroking my cock watching her. After a few minutes she came over and started working on my hard cock. As she was sucking me Ray was stroking his cock and watching.
After a few minutes she said she wanted some action too. At this point it seemed like things changed a and that she was more in than Ray. She told him that she wanted to have her pussy ate. He didn't waste any time and got down on the floor as she sat up on the coach beside me. While he was eating her pussy she would stroke me and now and then lean over and give my cock a couple of teasing sucks.
I asked her if we were all going to and she said yes but if I agreed that she was in . I agreed at once with out even thinking about it. She told Ray to stop eating her as she told me to lay down on the floor. Once I was on the floor she put her knees on my arms and held me down while she started feeding me that wet pussy. I have always loved eat an woman and this was one of my favorite positions. She started grinding on my face and I got lost in lust while enjoying the moment.
Not sure how long it had been going on but suddenly I realized that my cock was being stroked. I looked up at her see her smiling. I was a in shock but turned on so much that at that point I didn't mind even when I knew that was Ray slowly stroking me. Donna slid down my chest and started rubbing her pussy back and forth on my straining cock.
She asked if I was enjoying myself and I managed say hell yes. Then she said remember what I said about us fucking that she would be in . I again said yes. Then she said I want watch you and Ray stroke each others cock. I thought about for a split second and agreed. We both laid down and reached for each others cocks. As we were stroking she was telling us faster or slower. Now and then she would reach over help or give a<b> lick.
</font></b>At one point she said she wanted suck my cock. I was more than happy let her and couldn't wait feel her tongue and mouth and tongue. She said lay back and enjoy. I laid my head back as she started licking. was intense and I was almost ready cum. She stopped and told me to watch while she did the Ray. I watched her suck him until he started begging her let him cum. I was surprised hear him beg and when she told him no not yet and stopped sucking him, he moaned in frustration. She came back to me and told me was my turn but I couldn't cum until I asked her permission.
I said sure. She had me lean back again and then climbed over and slid her wet pussy down on my cock. As she was riding me I kept getting closer cumming. She could tell that I was getting close and said NO not yet as she climbed off my cock and pinned me down as she fed me that steaming pussy. I went at like was no tomorrow and didn't even care when I felt Ray start stroking my cock. I wanted to cum so bad.
Donna asked me if I was ready and I said yes please. She told me I needed to beg. I had never begged to come in my life but I was at the point where I did not care. As I was begging her, Ray was stroking me faster. She was telling me to hold . Just as I said I couldn't hold any long Ray tightened up his grip so tight that I could not get any release.
Dam this was agony but ecstasy at the time. Ray held on tight for a few minutes until I had relaxed a bit. Still rock hard and wanting cum. Donna told me to reach over and start to stroke Ray's cock. As I was stroking him he was stroking me again as Donna was licking my nuts. Cum was building up again real fast and again Ray squeezed my cock tight as Donna told me no I did not have permission to cum.
I wanted to cum so bad that I was aching and started begging her without even being told to beg. This brought a big smile to her face. She said okay I will let you cum on one condition. I said I would do anything. Again she put her pussy over my mouth and then leaned forward. As I started to eat her again Ray climbed up behind her and started to her. As he was fucking and I was licking she was going crazy. wasn't long before she was coming all over my face. I was licking up every drop of her juices. Right after coming she climbed off me and got between my legs and started sucking.
I was so close coming that I started begging again. Donna said ok on the condition that I keep my promise do anything she said. At this point I would have done anything get some release. I hadn't even attention that Ray was still sitting over me in the position he had been fucking her and stroking his cock a few inches from my face. Donna said I want you<b> lick </font></b>my pussy juice off his cock. I hesitated for a second but then thought what the hell I am still tasting her cum. I reached felt Ray move up closer my face. I was pinned down but didn't care. He lifted my head up as he put his cock close my mouth.
As watched I slowly put out my tongue and started to<b> lick </font></b>him clean. This went on for a few seconds and then Donna told me to suck him. I told her I did not think that I could so she said she would help as she starting licking him too. Both of us were licking him and he was soon begging for her to suck him. Donna whispered in my ear that if I took his cock in my mouth she was ready to let us cum. I didn't listen closely enough when she said this but the key word was US. I took him in his mouth and slowly started to suck him. Donna went back down to sucking my cock.
In a few seconds I I heard her ask.. are you ready to cum and I took Rays cock out of my mouth long enough. to say yes please. I heard a echo of the answer in my ears from Ray. Donna said ok you can come and just as I started unload and was lost in my own world Ray grabbed my head and started emptying his balls down my throat.
I wasn't ready for but could not do anything about and really did not care because I was having the best orgasm of my life. felt like my balls and cock pumped and pumped and pumped. I don't think that I ever came that much at one time.
Donna kept sucking me until I was finished and Ray was done pumping his cum. I was kind of in shock, embarrassed and did not know what say or do next.
I just laid trying make sense of what had just happened. Ray asked me if I enjoyed myself. I would have been lying if I told him no. This was my first time with Donna and Ray but not last time. She really started to take of us both each time after this and some of those times were even hotter and more intense but that is for another post sometime in the future. I learned a lot from them and have never forgotten. Wish we still lived close.

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