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public humiliation as I age  

canbused 58M  
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10/5/2021 9:10 pm
public humiliation as I age

I am really into real humiliation, not this fake role playing stuff but the real deal. When I was younger getting "caught" in public is embarrassing times was a turn on. being actually used by women for real humiliating abuse,<b> nasty </font></b>or whatever anything that results in my really getting laughed at and made fun of by women. "I cant believe he really did that" or "he put that in his mouth". Back in the day spencer gifts, ask if the sell dildos, vibrators, was almost always a on the phone, pretend be shy and be nervous about asking, ask questions and then go one...everyone's eyes were on me, lots of smirks which was a huge turn on later at home alone.

Times have changed and things are not the as I age, I need something new that is not pornographic or anything like that but if seen enough for that humiliation rush. Nasty is humiliating, when I was younger having a women my age squat over my face and make me drink her pee (really dont have make me). I am going try some controlled public pants wetting, not a soaking but just enough at the right times for an observant person perhaps notice (believing be an accident) and I will let that reaction guide my amount.

The more women laugh the more I will get embarrassed, tear up, get shamed and more wet. would be great with a woman, instead of going by the reaction she would be the one in . I am not looking for my own sexual pleasure, just real, memorable humiliation...all for the pleasure of others.

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