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So is it a thing now to block a person because you don't like their reply to your post?  

candylicker_6t9 59
89 posts
7/25/2019 8:37 am
So is it a thing now to block a person because you don't like their reply to your post?

I notice now if you don't agree with a couple people's premise they will block you.
Unfortunately their post still show up on the blog page, even if i block them back.

1st one to do this is the resident I swear I'm not gay even though I partake in gay activities nut. Quite frankly, I could give a flying fuck if she blocked me but I regret I can not block from seeing his 6 to 8 post a day about straight gay people.

Anyone know of a way to not even seen someone's constant postings?

candylicker_6t9 59
317 posts
7/25/2019 9:23 am

SO the other person that blocked me did so over socks. Can you believe that ish? Just because i don't understand what difference it makes. sheeeesh!

TicklePlease 52  
12891 posts
7/25/2019 9:49 am

Can you block someone so you can't see their blogs? Nope, you just have to look past them. That particular member has been posting the same old gay/straight blogs and polls for years now. Every few months they get a new profile but they keep rehashing the same old trolling topics.

BiggLala 48  
28937 posts
7/25/2019 10:09 am

Bwahahaha! I knew exactly who you were talking about when I read the title. He blocked me too. I'm just sooooo hurt I cannot read and respond to his idiocy. *pout* 😏

But yeah...bummer we still see people's posts, even when we block them or they us. I know of one site where you don't see people's posts or comments once you block them. I think that type of coding is too sophisticated for this place. 😕

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Msmealsonheels 27  
684 posts
7/25/2019 10:47 am

You can't disagree.... That is specifically -NOT- allowed !

If he has blocked you (As I )- you have been written off!

He's decided no matter how often he tries to bring you round, to educate you rabbits - it just can't be done - you are a lost cause.

And you had to be expelled - excluded - rejected - abandoned.

So... What will you do with your day now?

Msmealsonheels 27  
684 posts
7/25/2019 10:53 am

Oh, I forgot... Ejected - as well..

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