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Am I a magnet for married women? Part III  

casualbk2000 44M
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6/17/2020 8:08 pm
Am I a magnet for married women? Part III

This story is getting a bit long, and it only the first married woman to aggressively pursue me! I will try to finish up this one more concisely. So, I sleep off the alcohol and drive home. Damian continues to make odd comments to me like we have this mutual understanding about being "players" and I try to not let the fact that I have been inside his wife affect our working relationship.

I still attend Amy and Damian's BBQs, because that is where all my friends go to start the weekend, and I must admit, I like the attention Amy gives me. One chilly night, I am sitting outside under their car port with a circle of friends and she decides to sit in my lap. She tells me shes cold, then turns around, unzips my jacket then sits and puts the jacket on herself (with me still in it) and zips it back up. She whispers to me, "pull your hands in so you can play with my tits." My friends are already staring at me, wondering what is going on, so I don't comply. She whispers again, "don't you like my tits? I want you to squeeze them!" I continue to resist, so she unzips and stomps away.

Stuff like this constantly happened at almost every BBQ I went to, until the infamous night...It was a Friday and Damian was out of town for work so there was no BBQ that weekend. My roommate came into my room and asked if I had any plans. "Nope, just trolling the internet for chicks," I said. I think this may have been before I discovered AdultFriendFinder. "Let's go to the club or something. I'm bored out of my mind!" my roommate responded. So we get ready and make our way to the club. On the way there, I get a call from Amy's friend, Lisa. She pleads for me to come over and I tell her that we already made plans. We get to the club and its an ok night. We close it down, but are still wanting to keep it going (mostly because we hadn't found someone to take home), so we debate where to go next. "Anywhere but Amy's house," I say, and guess who decides to call just at that moment. "Are you guys done at the club?" Amy asks. "yeah but I think we are gonna go to this bar on the other side of town," I reply. "Oh ok, but when you get done, you know you can come over, right?" "Yes, Amy, but I really don't think we are going to make it to your house tonight." She persists, but I hang up the phone with her maintaining my stance against showing up at her house.
I turn to my roommate who is driving. "So, where are we going?" He smiles and says, "Amy's house." "You motherfucker! No, we can't do it. He continues to make his way to the house of sin.
Long story short. Lisa had already left, my roommate abandons me to go sleep in his car while I'm in the bathroom and Amy has me right where she wants me. I end up eating her out on her couch (apparently Damien never ate her out before!) and she cums quickly. I begin to fuck her but after a few minutes, I get a guilty conscious/sober up and tell her I need to go. That this was a bad idea. I wake up my sleeping roommate, bitch him out for a few minutes and drive us back to our apartment.
I skip the BBQs for about 6 months, but about a month or two after "the night" I find out Amy is pregnant. I wonder if it could be mine though I didn't ejaculate in her and wasn't in her for very long. I do have a ton of pre-cum so I am getting pretty worried that the improbable happened. My working relationship with Damien becomes strained, until one day at another friend's house party, he finally has it out with me. He thought I was a good guy and I violated his trust by visiting Amy with him out of town. I explained how I explicitly tried not to go there and at no time since first meeting his wife, was I the one pursuing her. She was in fact, openly pursuing me right in front of him and I thought he was excited by it. We made our peace and eventually I made my way back to a party here and there. Amy and I actually discussed how we were both worried that the baby was mine, because the timing was almost on the dot, However, once the baby came out, he was a spitting image of their other two and all the doubt was erased.
Amy MOSTLY stopped her aggressive pursuit of me after that, but every once in awhile would still try to kiss me in the middle of parties or ask me oddly intimate questions about her body or how she should dress or wear her hair.

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