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cattywompassgirl 64F
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9/13/2020 11:51 am

I've thought about this topic, often. I have a dear friend in Australia who is seeking the same thing. I want a committed, long term relationship where I am the primary woman, but I don't require monogamy. American culture does not support this paradigm; however, marriage in this country is randomly successful, at best. A 50% success rate is no better than flipping a coin. Monogamy doesn't work; there are reasons to stay married, and love and compatibility don't seem to be of them.

I listen dan savage's podcast, and read his book, "Commitment". he's a gay man who has had a sex column in a Seattle weekly, and is funny and compassionate and he shoots from the hip. His book reads like a depraved David Sedaris. He devotes much time in his book as well as his weekly podcast on being "monogamish" ie, recognizing that people will be attracted other people through the lifetime of their marriage: better handle it directly by communicating needs and desires within the coupledom. I have taken<b> couples </font></b>my bed mostly because I want learn how they communicate, admire this skill, and want reinforce their responsible behavior. It has always worked out well, and I make sure acknowledge my respect them directly through the course of our session.

I love the courage it requires admit your partner that you have more needs than they can fulfill. And the lack of ego this communication requires is admirable, as well.

Maybe it's , but I don't think infidelity within a marriage is worth breaking it up. Talk about it; come a gentle resolution, and stay (happily) married...

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