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So you want a date with a CD Sissy?  

cdRaeAmnell 53T  
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7/25/2021 12:06 am
So you want a date with a CD Sissy?



Since diving into the world of attempting to be a sissy (read my profile for that story), I have discovered several things that just ruin things for in the early stages of getting first contact. I have mostly been quiet about how much it gets as I am trying be a good little sub sissy and not make waves. I have posted thins in the past tsdates about how several men have stood me at high expense, but, there are several things that get my nerves. I wanted put a list out there just in case there are any people who would take these things as a sincere ask and try incorporate them into your approach.
Keep in mind that this is more so specific to those of us who are crossdressing sissies and in my case a closeted one.

1. Why do we seek to become a sissy? There are many reasons and paths that get us there and I can’t speak for , but, I do feel we can mostly agree one thing. We have some kind of desire be feminine. Look the definition of sissy understand if you don’t know. We crave a dom guy that will treat us like ladies (or just people) outside the bedroom and like sluts inside the bedroom. Most of us are not looking for a submissive guy who wants us wear the pants… again why would we seek be feminine if we wanted be masculine?

3. I touched this in my profile, but, it largely gets ignored so I will say it again here. Especially for those of us who are not full time fem, and some degree across the board, we are not a pretty perfectly made doll the time. None of us are sitting around dressed for a night out just waiting for you say come over now! It takes a lot of time get ready. And before you say I will wait, it is not like we don’t have a life outside of our sissy life. There is no way at 7pm on a weeknight that I am going attempt get dressed go out.. It would be midnight or after before I would be ready and I have work deal with that morning!

4. We sissies love cock, but sending your dick pics thinking we are going marvel at your cock that is just like the guy that sent one 10 secs ago, and the one 10 seconds before that, then you are mistaken. Again, there is a time and place… If I ask for a dick pic, that is a good time. I personally have my pussy pics on my profile but you have be a friend see them. By no means am I saying a guy can’t do the thing.. post them your profile and I will check them out when I like.

5. Jumping into role in the first few minutes of chatting is usually boring (I admit some may like it) and is usually more fun after getting more familiar with each other.

6. Stop sending IMs at random times with the expectation that we will be able to respond right then. We usually are multitasking with many people at once or working on some other task. And don’t get pissed and tell us you will leave us alone since we are so busy unless you are asking to schedule a time to chat.

7. Stop trying to blackmail us… like it’s some sort of dom role kinky fun… it’s not… there are a lot of stories out there the BDSM sites of asshole doms that did this sort of thing and now it’s taking off as if that is something we somehow want happen! For those of us who are closeted, exposure could cost us everything, but I guess that is the point. This is why I have layers of protection and I would guess other sissies would too. Spend any time in this world and you will have those who try.

8. Not as bad as blackmail but somewhat related, stop exposing us with pics we sent in private. Some don’t care, others do… get consent before sharing photos or videos to others. Again this could have horrible consequences for us.

9. If you want to own a sissy, and I am not that experienced in going this far, but, take your time build some trust and security. It takes baby steps train a sissy your wants and desires. Don’t demand for crazy in the moment photos that somehow prove your dominance after a min conversation.

10. Trust and bonding is the key before else… Don’t try humiliate or degrade her before this foundation is in place.

11. If you want see her in that sexy dress or sexy boots, buy them for her! It takes a lot of money for these items so keep that in mind if you ask them wear something. And the other side of that, don’t get scammed by those always asking for stuff either… there is a balance, be smart.

. Don’t start something you have no intention of finishing! I can’t count the times men have begged me set a date with them knowing full well I will have money for a hotel room and spend hours getting prepped. I don’t care if it was your intention not show, but, the result is you are the scum of the earth for putting people through that, not just sissies. You have no idea the pain and resentment you create for us when we consider men in the future.

So there are my gripes, any other CD sissies want add the list, please feel free!!

crosstraining 68T  
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7/25/2021 1:59 pm

I agree with a lot of that , especially getting ready , Im a closeted part time CD not looking for a Dom or to be a sub , I like to dress n play prefer other gurls , men if I like what I see {=}

cdRaeAmnell replies on 7/27/2021 4:29 pm:
Once upon a time, I was that classic, "chick magnet" but after 40 I became invisible to cis women. With all the stuff I have learned about being a woman, I though I would have better luck with men. Well, I do in the fact that they see me.. It's just a rare thing for a man to chick my marks.

peninsula_ 51M
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8/1/2021 7:55 pm

As a male (admirer) I have been doing all these things you noted for decades, so I feel good about that. But I wonder why many of the gurls I encountered held a different opinion about these things? Not wanting to hold a conversation, particularly about sex, the expectations and ramifications. Wanting to jump right into fantasy or role play. Cock pic cache. Every bodies mileage may vary when it comes to the subject at hand, but it can be frustrating.

So I wound up going to London on vacation a number of years ago and I found a whole nuther world of gurls.

You can leave me a message here

cdRaeAmnell replies on 8/1/2021 10:13 pm:
I see what you are talking about frequently too. Those I have talked to have told me they have just come to expect the things I pointed out as being negative behavior as "just how it is" and that it is a trait of being a "dom" and they completely accept it because they are supposed to be submissive. Case in point, the last time I was stood up, I had a video stream going that night and many got to witness it happen. Many of the CDs and trans girls voiced that it just comes with the territory and it's just part of being a sissy or even a CD or Trans girl.
Nothing is ever black and white and I can't say there are not exceptions to these likes and dislikes. I am fairly perplexed at your experience being vastly different and or opposite. Regardless, thank you so much for contributing your thoughts!


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