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A Little Rough  

cheeky_butt_shy 57M  
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9/14/2021 8:46 pm
A Little Rough

I walk into the bedroom to find you laying naked on the bed as per my instructions. Blindfolded and your legs wide open. One hand playing with your nipple and the other rubbing at your pussy. I stand at the doorway and watch. Feeling my arousal grow. You sense my presence and stop. I quickly tell you to keep going.
I move closer to the bed. I can see the glistening on your innerthighs from where you have wiped your fingers, moist with your juices. I grab your hand and move it away as I briefly run my tongue up and down your slit. “mmmmmmm, yummm. Now keep playing”.
I drag you closer to the edge of the bed. My fingers in your hair I guide your face toward my groin and tell you to open your mouth. You know whats going to happen and you let out a slight moan of approval. I guide my cock into your mouth. You instantly start to suck and I move my hips. In and out. In and out. I tell you to start fingering yourself as I fuck your mouth. I roughly play with your breasts. Squeezing them. Pinching your nipples as I thrust my cock in and out of your hungry mouth.
I pull oit of your mouth and tell you to get on all fours. I again push and pull your body around til your arse is closer to the edge of the bed. I squeeze and<b> massage </font></b>and firmly rub your arse cheeks before running my finger up and down between them.I reach over and push your face into the mattress as I rub my cock across your arse.
You let out a yelp as I smack your arse. Then you moan as I rub around your hole with my thumb. I press my face against you and lick hungrily before slowly slipping two fingers into your pussy.
I move up behind you and rub my cock all over your arse and again push your head into the mattress as I guide my cock into you. Just a few strokes and I withdraw. Pushing you over and onto your back. Pulling you closer to me so that Im kneeling between your legs. I slide my cock into you again and thrust again and again. Faster, harder.
I spread your legs wide and I watch as my shaft disappears into you again and again.But im not ready to cum yet. I pull out and lay between your legs. Licking and sucking at both holes.
I roll onto my back and tell you to remove the blindfold and to ride me. You squat over my cock, facing me and slowly lower yourself as you guide my cock into you. You begin to move up and down. I play with your breasts. You begin to ride me faster and I tell you to slow. The room is full of the smell of sex and our bodies are glistening with sweat. I tell you to suck me again. You raise yourself, allowing my cock to flip out of you and you take it hungrily in your mouth once again. You suck and pump my cock until I am close to cumming.
You again get on all fours and aggressively push my cock into you. Immediately thrusting hard and fast I reach over and press your head into the pillow as I ram my cock into you relentlessly. I pull out and gently, slowly press the head into your arse. We are both so worked up that before long I am able to thrust in and out. Faster, harder. I pull out once more and explode all over your arse and back.

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