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Against The Wall  

cheeky_butt_shy 57M  
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9/13/2021 9:23 pm
Against The Wall

Both still naked after our shower together, I lead you toward the bedroom. Part way along the hall I stop and suddenly spin you around and gently but firmly press you front on against the wall. I nuzzle into your neck and whisper into your ear to put your arms up, palms against the wall. I then put my foot between your feet and tap them, whispering you to spread them. I continue to nuzzle into your neck and shoulder as I press my body against you. My hard, erect cock presses against your butt. I reach down with my right hand and firmly place my hand between your legs, cupping your warm moist mound. I<b> massage </font></b>your pussy as my lips close on your earlobe. You let out a loud sigh and moan. I feel the palm of my hand becoming wet with your juices as I continue to<b> massage. </font></b>As I pull my hand backwards my finger dips between your pussy lips.
I reach up and touch your hands with mine then slowly trail my hands down the length of your arms to your shoulders, you start to drop your hands but I whisper in your ear to keep them up.
I trail my hands down over your armpits and slowly down your sides to your hips. I drop to my haunches and playfully smack your bottom before tenderly placing my lips against it and kissing it. You seem to be torn between wanting to grind yourself into the wall and pushing back against my mouth.
My hands move to your butt-cheeks. I squeeze and gently pinch them as I continue to cover them with kisses. I direct you to shuffle your feet back from the wall allowing you to bend over but still have your hands against the wall. Still crouching behind you I begin to be a little more adventurous with my lips and tongue, reacting to your moans and the way your body reacts. I start to become a little more aggressive with my tongue. I place my hands on your butt_cheeks and open them allowing my tongue to delve between them. You moan loudly and press back against my face which encourages me to continue licking. I press my face more firmly against you and run my tongue from your pussy lips to your arse. I repeat it again and again until you orgasm.
I stand up and wrap my arms around you and once again nuzzle into your neck.
You turn around in my arms and we kiss passionately.
I run my tongue along your neck and down to your breasts. I briefly suck each nipple before continuing to lick down to your navel. I circle it a few times before continuing down to your pussy. I hungrily press my mouth against it and suck. Squeezing your pussy lips with my lips. I then stand and we swap positions so that I have my back against the wall. You drop to your haunches with your knees pointing outward I can see how aroused you are as you stroke my hard cock a few times before devouring it with your lips and mouth. Sucking and moving your lips up and down. As I am nearing the point of no return I lift you to your feet and once again press your back against the wall.
We kiss even more passionately than before. Both feeling a hunger for each other. You reach down and stroke my cock a few times before guiding it to your pussy lips I press my hiips further against yours as you lift your right leg and hook it on my hip. I thrust upward, feeling your heat envelope my cock as I enter you. I hook my arm under your right leg as you wrap your arms around my neck. We continue to kiss as our bodies bounce against one another. Our desire grows our passion and lust needs release. You continue to bounce as I thrust my hips upward again and again. Harder faster as if im hammering you to the wall. We both groan and moan loudly as we reach the point of no return.
Our bodies are sweat covered and we are exhausted as we collapse on the bed in each other’s arms.

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