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Triple Treat.  

cheeky_butt_shy 57M  
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9/13/2021 8:41 pm
Triple Treat.

Slouching lower you hook your legs over the arms of the chair. I groan my approval as the candy pink G-string has a noticeable damp spot. You begin to rub yourself through the material with one hand while squeezing and<b> pinching </font></b>your nipple with the other. You are extra horny in anticipation of what we have planned for the evening.
You pull the G string to the side to expose your pussy glistening with arousal. A finger slips in between the lips. You withdraw your finger and put it to your mouth. You suck it with accentuated vigour. You reach to the cupboard and retrieve a dildo which you teasingly lick and suck the length before trailing it down your naked body to your pussy. Using both hands you guide it inside and soon begin to slide it in and out. As you begin to fuck yourself my cock is throbbing and I slide my hand up and down its length as I watch you.
I walk over to you and push my groin at your face. “ Lick me’ smell me” I growl as my hand guides your head against me. I reach down between your legs and begin to rub your pussy as your mouth closes on my cock. I rub you feverishly as you take my cock deeper into your mouth. I slip a finger inside you, then another. I move my fingers in and out rapidly as I fuck your mouth. We bring each other over the edge then I kiss your mouth passionately. “ Are you ready?” I ask. “Yes,” you reply.
As I slide your drenched underwear from you I call out, “She’s ready”. Soon a young well-built guy enters the room naked. He moves straight to between your legs as you are once again rubbing your pussy. You reach for his hard cock and guide it between your pussy lips as I move to a chair in the corner where I sit and watch while enjoying the aroma and taste of your wet underwear. You are part sitting, part laying on the chair as the guy begins to thrust into you. You wrap your legs around his hips pulling him deeper, moaning as he sinks deeper into you. You open your legs wide again as he continues to pound into you again and again. My cock is hard again at the sight and sounds before me. Both your bodies are glistening with sweat. Your breasts are bouncing as he relentlessly thrusts into you. Then with one final lunge he stops as he delivers his load inside you. He slips out of you and as he leaves the room I thank him and tell him to send the other guy in as he leaves.
I walk over to you and we kiss passionately and lovingly once more. I ask if you are ok and with your voice slightly quaking you tell me that you are fine and that you love me so much for being ok with this.
The door opens again and another guy enters the room with cock already hard. His hand is wrapped around it, obviously enjoying the feeling of arousal. I kiss your forehead and retreat to the chair in the corner once more as you kneel on the chair facing the back of it.I admire your beautiful arse and notice a slight dribble of juices on your innerthigh as you fidget and prepare for the guy to enter you.
You kneel with knees apart, bracing yourself as the guy wipes his cock up and down your pussy lips before pressing himself into you. This guy is more aggressive and I watch you closely for any signs of discomfort. He starts to thrust into you over and over. The slapping sound of his body meeting yours fills the room. As the momentum builds he takes a handful of your hair. The squelching sound of your juicy pussy now combining with the slapping of your bodies and your loud moans of pleasure. He brings you to orgasm then after a few more lunges he also explodes inside you. He withdraws, thanks us both and then leaves.

I move behind you and nuzzle into your neck, kissing it then nibbling at your earlobe as I wipe the head of my cock over your pussy lips before dragging it back and between your buttcheeks. You moan as I position the head at your arse. You lean back against me as I lean into you, forcing the tip into your arse. “ Take it Baby” you moan. “Reclaim what is yours”. I press harder into you, feeling the tightness of your arse. Deeper, deeper before I withdraw then push in again. Each time I push into you becomes easier and soon I am able to move in and out more freely, building a rhythm. We both cum loudly and hard. Our bodies dripping with sweat. You turn over and once again sit low in the chair with your legs hooked over the arms. I pause to admire the view of your holes, red, swollen and dribbling, then I tenderly kiss and lick along the length of one leg, working my way to your pussy. I then spend ages gently, tenderly, lovingly licking and sucking at both your holes. Cleaning them before taking you by the hand and leading you to the shower.

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