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Full moon  

cherharazard 42F  
4928 posts
2/8/2020 5:23 pm
Full moon

x xx Hail Greatness blessed be sacred Light

cherharazard 42F  
3472 posts
2/8/2020 5:31 pm

The legacy of Maidens Goddesses and Crones from the past have often had their repretation tarnished by those who exploited the "trust within Lust"

May this century Hold a better fate for the maidens of the Great

slutcock100 36M
30 posts
2/8/2020 5:35 pm


cherharazard 42F  
3472 posts
2/8/2020 5:36 pm

When it comes to feeling happy enchanted ethereal or mystical

Always remember to

cherharazard 42F  
3472 posts
2/8/2020 5:36 pm

"Sleeve it with me"

cherharazard 42F  
3472 posts
2/8/2020 5:37 pm

Alive and squawking

6879 posts
2/8/2020 5:41 pm

Love and Harmony ... I wish for that too!

11560 posts
2/8/2020 5:57 pm

Hey, Friend.

*It's Been Awhile*

Have A Great Weekend!!


Mr00Fun4U 60M  
736 posts
2/8/2020 6:42 pm

Oh so glad the full on managed to bring you back out and into the site. Thanks for visiting and glad you are alive and squawking

Full moon

h4rry66 53M
1943 posts
2/8/2020 9:39 pm

I would love to have a lustful session under the full moon with you beautiful x

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