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"eYe Stand Alone" Lady Vader to eWe  

cherharazard 43F
5295 posts
5/20/2018 8:27 am
"eYe Stand Alone" Lady Vader to eWe

I joined this site to meet other sexy ladies a girlfriend in the end i end up being stalked by the most
nastiest type of men that has ever come out of Great Britain

ladies ~ after watching the Royal Wedding & seeing Meghans Mother alone ~

you bitches can fuck off ~

like Meghans Mother ~

eYe can lust live sit stand eat raise hell bring peace & joy without eWe

as for the Men

your not Mr Great Britain
back da phuck up & scroll your boat away

~ you could never make me submit a fringe of lace towards you for a day garter tease ~without losing your dickless attributes to stalking ladies with first ~ eWe offspring from cowhind shite ~ eWe dont have nothing eYe want need or care for ~

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