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everyone knows  

cherharazard 42F  
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8/24/2019 8:38 am
everyone knows

i'm all alone
socially embaressing now ~
but its ok

it could havee beeen worse

im greatful

men may not find me 1000% desirable as im a mature lady RamboMilf former young person Now
legitimately owning Vanity like its not a Sin

~yes im greatful

I Know if i were born anywhere else id be ~

a lashed up female being looking like a Hawaiian BBQ ~
yes the sun is shining in my neighbourhood

my skirt is short & sassy
& im
making something again like I always do

my trademark emblem of my devotional discipline of the Craft ~ & all its enchanted tatva's aka Levels or wavelengths ~

my bedroom hot like a sauna
{no reason to be annoyed with the Green Man {nope} when its freezing during winter ~ hold on to the thoughts of warm summers that gets you through the seasons ~ xxxx

Cushions Oxygen Comforts Keepsakes = my definatition of COCK

~im too ugly now ~ im just going to capture whats left of me ~

& socialize on Social media ~
capture whats left of my face body & brain

im fine ~ Im just a lady with

I just wish tto have new
clear adventures
my fear bubble I do not wish to burst it

theres is lots of things id like to do now ~

I have
no company

so im just going to HanSolo
my days journey time & skills ~
im Lady Bear Grylls {hidding my skill}
living in my imaginary yet quite real to a degree im only lacking confidence again } world ~
DeadPools my Husband ~}
Anthony Middletons my mentor
Boris Johnson is Pprime Minister ~
Jason Fox {well -he can check my pulse & punc*h me in the face anyday mate what ever time you say Mr Foxy
Ollie big hugs later
& the list is long

im not complaining ~ I just by now I would have had a nice Warriorattic Lover like no other ~ its a shame
the last 23 years ~I at times held a hope in those I once knew without realising the faith in the {ship} of trust amongst buddies was not as reciprocal as one had thought ~ "

& & &&&&
& all the !~ands in the world later!


yes ~ I have the biggest car I have ever owned & Love its like myMilf Version of the Millennium Falcon {to me}
my Milf Mobile ~
tank full of Petrol & no dick no cock no thelma or lousie
no pre booked booked adventure
no trip to the beach
{I think after 23 years alone ~ shame sort off like I cant bring my whole home with me ~ I can bring this & that plus the sink ~
and then


I just wish i knew a lady who had $#!T like me ~ fucking hell lets go but I dont
for some reason they develope a form of resentment towrds me ~

or some form of thievery which i personally may not recover from or some form of malicious jealous scorn over something ~ its weird ~
I can say my


is so real because experience has taught me

who I should feel safe around now
being the type of woman I am now ~
I just wish to be perfect for Mr Brutally Brave Chap ~ x~ my knight in champion amour

roof top crows ~ & nobody knows ~ x

im so snuggly loud & silent

im so traditionally futurist its smittenable just going to steam punk this emotional like the Skilled Bat$#!T illustrious Bitch ~

I can feel the temperature rising

I wish I knew a man
who wanted to know me ~either you would
fuck my brains ~ plan a trip to an inclusive holiday resort or sun lounge the Great BRITISH SUMMER ~ xxx

I cant help anyone if im not forfilled ~ I can do everything currently ustomising a bag as the ones online are made fromt he same material & im not deathly Gothic
im enchanted earth Gothic grunge magika ~ {hope that makes sense} so ~ not everything is black ~ sometimes things are purple with black red with black blue with black gold with black yellow with black green with black orange with black pink with black & all 50 shades of Grey with black too ~

im the earth elegance lady enchanted Gothic Grunge ambiant realm Fairy Queen of the hidden underworld of sanctified submission to the Horned Lord Green Man of the brightest Land ~x

yes ~ this bag is amazing & im that lady ~ I know of a lady who is so skilled in making stuff ~ & her husband big fat sturdy hench built like the strongest man type of man ~ & i LOVE THE WAY
SHE JUST IS SO SKILLED SHE JUST MAKES THINGS AS YOU DO LADY CRAFT ~ & ~{caps lock curse} & its just cute ~ the {oohh I made this & that moments}

& And now im that lady~ & its like ~

I have the tools the I can make I can & do ~ buts its nice that I RECOGNISE IT IN ME

its like aahh hidden cute momets ~ no witnesses but hey yeah ~
im that lady ~ i shall maeka better effort next year ~ I shall camp ~ I shall Glamp
I shall use hotells stay on the road
vist play smile walk squawk
if I ever meet a Lone Warrior

Lord im telling you Know

stop my overies hault them I want to have sex with him ~

I dont give a shit ~

I wish to have sex with Mr Great Britain
whereever he wishes me to have sex with him & be of Illustrious Service ~
my only duty in life is to
follow his
Prime Directives
Serve his Phallic Lust
Protect my innocence

Uphold being his Phallic

cherharazard 42F  
3801 posts
8/24/2019 8:39 am

~ Under your Sky

proteus_2a 55M
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8/24/2019 8:52 am


tubesteak66 54M  
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8/24/2019 8:54 am

Such poetic ramblings you create...……..I desire for you to be my phallic whore and supply the warm hilt for my veiny sword.

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8/24/2019 10:56 am

RamboMilf, Awesome!

*Like I've Posted, Don't Ever Change*


cherharazard 42F  
3801 posts
8/24/2019 11:15 am

sun from London ~ shared across the universe to you xxx

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