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cherharazard 42F  
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6/22/2019 12:27 am

beautiful secret life ~
how are you all alone ~

its hard

when some one uses you ~
to learn from
take the hint ~
dont waste any more time on

this person
who blatently
used the resources & souls of my
beautiful nature

my dark skin can hide the shame
but my eyes

im ready


just wish to find somewhere
lovely to go
aI have not left my home in 2 months ~
i wonder
if my car
can still drive
i hope i dont cry

it would be lovely

in y adult life
i was not the prettiest woman
im 41

i wish I can di*e pretending im happyy

the reality of what i have been going through is so horrrible

not fair

sunshine broken
he used big time

& when your sitting alone with nothing
thinking he is thinking of you
he is not ~
that s the reality

im so embraessed

loyalty patriosm
& the man
i thought

i was good enough for ~

I read a post once which read

"how many people wouldnt be here if it wasnt for their offspring"

& its true ~
i wouldnt

my life
is tooo
abus*ed shelterd totur*ed emotionally
its painful
you have no idea & all
the evil peaople {family members}

coome and say hello how are you ~

well due to the fucked up upbringing
im the unloverable bitch the woman too ashamed to eat too ashmed toeven smile

men funny enough ~ have had the best part of me disguised as love ~ wow ~

thanks imagine

didnt realise theire were people worse than me int he world ~
its sad

you now

unspeakable sad

& i wish i had a hole that went through my head
i detest waking up
pretty world alone
the pretty things I

thas sad ~

the little i do formyself is excellent ~


how my life would smile
if if

someone i trusted could be kind too &

& bea snail with me in this tale ~

its sad ~
i gaqve my kindness away for years i didnt realise

im just miss vulner*able ~

now when i go places im just going to have hidden pai*n look in my eyes trying to hide behind some stiupid fake smile hoping noone one can see ~ thats sad ~
for allt he connectations i know about ~

to feel like this at this age is tortur*e

sopposed to be happy ~
i should be when i look around ~

im physically weak as im ill in someways ~

I just wish to be a woman this centurry good enough for a Good
for a man who who i would think is nice ~
its just horrible ~
im the ugly one the real one the cotton one the hurt one the alone on the insecure one the not bad one but hey not good enough ets look at others one ~

never the right one

my life is shameful

imagine I life full of pain ~
that you could be taken advantage off as an adult
and not realise the difference ~

my life isa who new version of forest gumpism~
without the loving family ~ the

the special needs of the situation ~

i feel sorry for doctors & the police ~
i thank them for getting em home or jsut being there for the times i have made to appointed or need their assistance ~

I wish i knew a man who was willing to same my name not use me
be kind to me as
im really delicate now ~
like a city poppy flower in summer ~ unapreciate loved or unnoticed ~ very fragile im ok with my fragility

if keeping a home over my head makes me strong
im still fragile

cherharazard 42F  
3779 posts
6/22/2019 12:29 am

i wish i was a superstar

for the right person
could walk with me into a nicer future

_IKanCu2_ 101M
2702 posts
6/22/2019 2:07 am

][t is all...

where YU are ~

luvhandle14 54M  
448 posts
6/22/2019 3:32 am

I see a fellow tortured soul and I hope that you will find calm and comfort. Feel my virtual hug, you are not alone.

vinayloveboy 66M
23 posts
6/22/2019 4:14 am


XHamburgDave 77M  
9500 posts
6/22/2019 5:07 am

eroticgolem 52M
39 posts
6/26/2019 7:05 am

I'm glad I came across your blog. It is raw and bristling and profound. I admire your willingness to vie voice to anger and shame.
Completely unheard of on this site of breast and penises and silly erotic stories meant or onanism.
Let me just say you are exquisite and I seek your face...

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