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See where it goes?  

chillgal11 60F
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5/14/2018 1:10 pm
See where it goes?

I am simply baffled at the phrase, see where it goes....men often insert this into their profile as a filler or perhaps a teaser to certain women to expect a sexual encounter to lead to Love everlasting. I’m not saying miracles don’t happen, but come on.

If a man is looking for ANY possibility of a love connection, the last place he’s looking is on AdultFriendFinder. That pertains to women too. We are on AdultFriendFinder because do not want a serious love Match relationship. For whatever reasons we have we would like either u ncomplicated fucking with folks we really don’t want to know much about or invest time into knowing OR we want an ongoing casual sexual friendship , sometimes it includes social activities but it does not include the expectation of Love and committment, hello....eharmoney....

So the tag line , see where it goes , is just a man trying to use the lure of Love for sex, blow me baby , I might take you out for a burger,lol. Please! My other pet peeve repetition of tag lines on here is “I’m not trying to change my life , just shake it up or enhance it”....sorry to tell ya, that means change. But I know they mean I’m married and not leaving my spouse so don’t get any funny ideas.

Just a few thoughts from the chill zone. Clearing the bullshit out is fun isn’t it?

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