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My called me a ambulance  

cinnamon0133 28F
3277 posts
2/3/2020 9:05 am
My called me a ambulance

I'm shaking uncontrollably and can't get off the floor feel like I'm going pass out never passed out befotre

Treat Me Like A Angel And I Will Show You What Heaven Is Really Like

powercaps716 64M  
32729 posts
2/4/2020 3:55 am

prayers are with you

author51 57F  
100127 posts
2/4/2020 12:37 am

Thoughts and prayers are with you my friend...xoxo

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

mc_justmc 60M  
6497 posts
2/3/2020 2:51 pm

I hope they get this straightened out.

boyhowdy53 66M
623 posts
2/3/2020 10:56 am

I understand that Drs and the prospect of surgery is scary, but it is past time to get it taken care of. Don't you think? Before you lose a foot or end up with a bloodclot stuck somewhere. I've been wondering how long you would wait. Good luck! I'd come and hold your hand, but I'm too far away..

77yankees 69M
85 posts
2/3/2020 10:37 am

Randi......very funny....like your sense of humor...wanna a BJ?

nightowl35044 61M
59 posts
2/3/2020 10:07 am

Hope your feeling better soon.. Just take it easy...

randi19563 64M

2/3/2020 10:05 am

Because your kid looked at you and thought you resembled an ambulance?

benard69 63M/63F  
5251 posts
2/3/2020 9:34 am

Damn...Hope you are going to be OK...Sugar problems maybe?

cinnamon0133 28F

2/3/2020 9:06 am


Treat Me Like A Angel And I Will Show You What Heaven Is Really Like

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