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Are the flames still hot?  

cinnamontaste69 47F
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12/1/2013 7:07 pm
Are the flames still hot?

Still no sex for me and my body is in need. I actually had something plan but that didn’t work out like I wished. I saw something yesterday that I was a little surprised about but then again I really shouldn’t be that surprised; not on this site.

I’ve been very lazy for the last few days. I have to see my personal trainer on Thursday. She’s evil-nice-evil. She’s going to kick my ass because I didn’t work out very much during the holiday .I’m thinking about hiding my journal. But she’s good.....a little too good. Lol. She can tell when I’m lying so why waste time. Hell, even sex would have helped but atlas no sex for Cinn. NO SEX FOR CINN...Woe is me...Woe is me...Where are those tear drops??? Ahhh....Next time. Anyway finished my 4 miles walk/jog. It hurt some to stretch this morning. That jog/walk nearly killed me. I had my layers on. Started cold and ended hot. I remember watching these two guys watch me and my as we made laps pass them. Each time I removed a layer of clothing. By the time I reached my truck I was ready to remove my last layer. Had I wore my t-shirt ....I would had walked to my truck in just that t-shirt and leggings but I didn’t...I was sweating like crazy. My is very competitive and he pushes me hard. Love working out with him. I forget the age difference and work as hard as he does. He always lets me win.

I’m extremely sexually frustrated at this point.

Got a call from my ’s father. I enjoy talking to him. I listened actively as he described are past sexual escapades . He recalled my special black dress that always turned up the heat for him quickly. Wearing no panties (my ideally way to travel) and sitting with my legs wide open in his truck rubbing myself and tasting myself. Or at a light reaching in the back of the truck for something exposing my brown round ass so he could see and anyone near us as well. That would piss him off some much that he would spank my ass. Tell me to sit down....Find a park and fucked the hell out of me. We had sex at least 4-5 times a day. Recalled other naughty acts. The more time I spent with him the more intense the sex became. I was free to express myself more with him. That’s who I am . The more I see of my partner the more I expose of my deep desire to be as naughty and nasty as I can. He loved and missed that. Unfortunately he fucked up with me and we’re just friends now. There’s no changing that ever. Anyway....he didn’t call to talk to me but our . As we talked I called out his team and he called out mine....trashed talking at this point....laughter ...trash talking again...then he stopped in the middle of the conversation. He asked me; what’s wrong? I was quiet for a moment. What do you mean? He said something is wrong because you don’t sound the same. How could he tell? I brushed it off and he said I can talk to him about anything. Trying to change the subject now. He told me if I need him to come to him. I would never do that. I thanked him then moved on to another topic. Hung up and sat on my bed. When will I have sex again? I’m not sure. When I do, how will I feel? I’m naturally erotic but I’m not sure I have that same level of fire right now. I have the desire and the passion but is the flame still hot?

I should be your favorite spice.FACE DOWN, ASS UP. GIVE MY PUSSY LIPS A KISS

So How far will you go

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1MrBackdr 49M

12/1/2013 7:23 pm

Maybe you are looking for something a little more then what you've had.

KtMnDu 68M
6214 posts
12/1/2013 7:31 pm

There is this place in us that never changes...it is who we are....our day-to-day life messes with that, mostly around the edges, and we wonder about it all.....but that inner place is still there and intact.....we hold onto that, whether conscientiously or not....

Eventually he'll come along, and reach inside there and bring all that back to you...you just need to be open to the possibility.....

That flame does not go away....it flickers, it dances, but it does not go away.......and it is every bit as hot as it ever was........

XMan775 32M
304 posts
12/1/2013 10:40 pm

Lol you talk such a big game like your really that dangerous. I would have you beggin for mercy woman lol. But yea I think somehow your stuck mentally telling yourself reasons on why not to have sex. Or just building up your explosion, either or.

onglette93 40M
44 posts
12/2/2013 4:52 pm

The fire is still there Cinn and I believe that next time you'll have sex, your first cum may not be very strong, but the second, third, and forth gonna be so strong and loud that you may imagine. And I can tell that it happens to me any time I stay a week or more without sex.

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