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On My Way to 300 Clothespins  

clnva10 48M  
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5/12/2020 11:03 pm
On My Way to 300 Clothespins

I've very recently become a fan of clothespin torture and in possibly a few days time I will submit to someone who will give me my first real experience with it. I'm not new to BDSM and have had a few clothespins on my nipples, penis and scrotum before. This will be orders of magnitude beyond that. I believe I have found someone who is going to put over 200 clothespins all over my body.

It all started when German gentleman viewed my profile on a strictly male on male BDSM community site. He was and is a true lover of clothespins. He didn't message me and I have no idea what drew him to view my profile. There's nothing on my profile that would have drawn him that I'm aware of. He had an interesting name so I opened his profile.

I've seen pictures of clothespin play before, someone on a ST Andrew's cross with a few on their penis and running down their sides. The people in these pictures were covered in clothes pins, front back, sides, butt, everywhere. I was intrigued. I'm not sure why but the more I looked, the more I wanted to be in one of those pictures. What amazed me most was almost none were restrained. They simply stood or laid down while up to 300 clothes pins were attached to their skin.

Finding my own meager supply I applied them to my own body, just to get an idea of if I wanted to go through with this. To my surprise I found I was disappointed when I attached the last of the 25 or so I had to my inner thigh near my crotch. Satisfied, that this was something I really wanted to do, I set to finding someone to assist.

I believe I have arrangements made and have found a willing participant who wishes to help me with this. So, this Saturday he will come over I will stand with my legs spread, hands on my head and he will apply over 200 clothes pins to my body.

He has kindly agreed to take pictures along the way which I will post along with notes on the experience.

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