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coffeebuddy4u2 51M
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8/16/2021 5:44 am

B]I like masks.
Now when i say I like masks, I'm not talking about those N95 ones (unless you've been role playing doctor/patient or nurse/candy striper for a long while). I mean those masks from "Eyes Wide Shut". The Marque or Masquerade or Venetian masks. Those you can decorate or are decorated. I've even seen a latex or skin mask done rather well only to be pulled off at the end. Its great for when you wish to retain some privacy and still have fun. Some Japanese Noh masks might look like the devil while the Buddhism Prajna Samurai comes with a long nose that could fuck your SO .

Its like a piece of<b> jewelry </font></b>you wear on special occasions.

Let us not forget what they were made for: to protect actor on a scene . We wear masks daily to protect ourselves by wearing a different kind of masks within secret lives because it could tear us apart or enrich others. The business man that is a cuckold; the perfect wife that is a dominatrix. You wear the oversized dark sunglasses to hide your eyes as the soul cannot be seen. You add a hat or a scarf to hide your hair. Until it is time to show your imperfections and to that one person, the truth of the story unfolds.

Let the mask tell a story and nothing more.

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