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corpsecmgr19 55M  
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12/13/2019 5:33 am
Fun Fun Fun

Let me start by telling you a little about me. I work in the corporate industry selling building security and automation. I got a from an associate one day that a of theirs was having trouble with their local fire Marshall. He gave me all the info and told me where they were located. The business was a daycare/preschool about minutes from my house, so I decided to and set an appointment for late afternoon so I could go right home afterwards. I dialed the and the voice that answered was heavenly. Her was Cindy. Her and her husband owned a few Day care and Preschool businesses throughout the area. We set an appointment for 3 pm and I went on about my day. There was something stirring in me all day, I am a perv and always horny and thinking about my afternoon appointment was getting hard for some reason. Most of the time when this happens the usually turns out to be a Bonner killer, you know the type the look like they been beat with a bag of hammers and their voice sounds like they smoked a pack a cigarettes in the hour before you got there.

At 2 pm I started on the 45-minute trip to meet Cindy, i could hardly wait to get there, the anticipation was killing me and I kept telling myself she better not be a dog. I pulled up and parked and went in. Once at the reception window there I met a woman mid-forties, cute face not much of a chest and some very wide hips. I thought to myself damn it, I knew it was too good to be true. I told the lady my was Rich and I was with (xxxxxxxxxxx Securities) and I was here to meet with Cindy. To my pleasant surprise Cindy was in the office behind me. Cindy came around the corner to meet me and oh my God, let me paint you a picture. Early 40's long black curly hair beautiful face and great smile. 4 ft 5 inches tall, I would say about 0 lbs ample breasts and a ass like a 22 year old Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. She was very friendly and right off the bat I was going to do anything to secure this account.
I followed her to the building next door and she told me the story behind all the problems she was having with the local fire Marshall. They were remodeling a small 3 room suit for an after school daycare. The fire Marshall wanted everything to the letter of the law, engineered prints everything to code and a UL certified service contract and to top it off he waited until they were completely done with construction to tell them they had to do all of this. Bottom line is all this adds extreme to the project. I took all the notes I needed all they while checking Cindy and I even caught her checking me as well which I found kind of odd. I guess I should describe myself for those of you don’t have access to my profile. I am a 50 year old white , great shape, so yeah I guess I might appeal to her but I never really expect it, you know? I have everything I need from the site and let her know I will have her a quote put together and will fax it over tomorrow. Long story short we got the work, work was done and completed and we stayed in touch through email.

As I do with all my I try to check on them now and then, you know short email hi how you doing need anything? when I get to Cindy's account I remember all the fantasies that rolled around in my head each morning after my visit with her. Let me tell you many showers ended in a happy ending. My email read:

to Cindy
I have not checked on you in a while, hope all is well. Is there anything you need or anything that I can do for you?

Her response read:

from Cindy
Boy that’s a loaded question what do you have in mind?

to Cindy
Loaded questions are always fun usually lead to some sort of explosion!

from Cindy
as in umm yeah never mind he he I do have something to talk to you about can you come by tomorrow at 3 again.

I arrive at 3 and go in she great me at the front door with that great smile. She is in a short red dress with heels, I am glad we sat down in her office because I was instantly hard. She proceeds to tell me that her and her husband have bought a house in one of the neighboring subdivision and are remodeling it. She says one of the girl’s husband that work for them work for a competitor of mine and is installing an alarm system into the new house and they want to have my company monitoring it. She asks if I want to see the house. I said sure I am, so I follow her to the new house and we go in. She takes me through the whole house and the last room we end up in is the master bedroom. She enters the room and says this is where all the magic will happen and she looks me dead in the eyes. I catch my breath and break eye to walk to the big bay window that overlooks the Mississippi River and I turn to her and say hope you put some curtains up here on this window. She looks at me with a puzzled look and says why? Well someone could sit on the Levey across the river with a telescope and watch all your magic he he. She again looks me dead in the with that great smile she says you live across the river don’t you? Well yes I do and I have a telescope. She says oh you guys are all the and in walks her husband and say what’s that honey, oh nothing she says it doesn’t matter. I tell them both that we will be able to monitor the house and to me when they were installed and ready. About a month later they were moved in ready for us to turn up the alarm system so I sent my tech by and everything came online. I met with Cindy later that day, when I got there her two k**s were at school and her husband was at work, she opens the door and she is barefoot and in this little blue sun dress that showed every curve she has. I comment on how good she looked and she thanked me with a smile. We went over everything and as I am finishing up her instruct and use she walks over to her kitchen counter with her back to me and I can’t help but stair at her as she is texting on her . All I want to do is walk up behind her and unzip that sun dress and devour her gorgeous body. She turns around and looks at me with a look that tells you she has read your mind, she smiles and says anything else you want to show me? Like a complete fucking idiot, I step on my tongue and say nope that should about wrap it up, is there anything that you have a question on? She pauses for a long second and says no I think I know everything I need to know and I know you’re just a quick or away. We shake hands and I leave. I get in the car and replay everything in my head as I am driving home, needless to say I rubbed one when I got home.

About two months go by and I check in on Cindy and she called me the next morning and asked if I would meet her, she and her husband were looking at another school said she needed to go over prints and wanted to know if I was available. I said I had a lite schedule today and have the whole afternoon available. She asked if I could meet her at 1 pm and I committed to meet her. I arrived at :45 and walked in and talked to the receptionist and she handed me an envelope with my on it. She said Cindy had to leave and would not be back this afternoon and she wanted to make sure you got that. I went back to my car to open it because I figured it contained info on the new building as to where I am to go and keys to get in. Inside I found a room key to a nearby hotel with a door on it. There was also a note inside that read " If you Dare"

One million and one things ran through my mind and I every scenario in my head, replayed all the emails and re ran all the comments to date and I could not come to any solid conclusions as to what to expect. Sometimes corporation rent hotel rooms to interview, set up construction meetings etc., so this was not of the ordinary or so I thought. I proceeded to the room and knocked on the door and there was no answer. I next placed the key in the door and it unlocked, I proceeded inside there was soft music playing and as I rounded the corner there was Cindy lying face down on the bed. She had on white lace panties and bra to match and red high heels on. Her body was nicely tanned and firm for a woman in her forties that has had two k**s. It was at that moment that I realized there was no turning back. I approached the bed and she says do you like what you see? I respond by saying that I have played things like this over and over in my head and never thought it was anything more than a fantasy. She turns over and says well we have all afternoon for you to figure it ours. I took her right leg in my hand and started kissing my way up her thigh as I rose higher on her leg I rolled her over onto her stomach, kissing my way up her back and down the other side. I massaged her back and removed her bra, I reached around and cupped her ample breasts, they fit nicely in my hand as she softly moaned. I removed my shirt and pants keeping my briefs on. I worked my way down her back to her sweet little ass and removed her panties. I kissed my way down her ass and thighs. I rolled her over and sat at her feet just taking in her beauty her pussy sported nicely trimmed landing strip that I knew I was soon to be landing on. I sat the massaging her feet one by one as she took the foot that I was not working on and traced the outline of my raging cock. She looked at me and said if she knew I was this hung she would have done this month ago. I kissed my way up her right thy until then found her clit with my tongue as she grabbed my hair and buried my face into her pussy. She came twice before she let me go. She then pushed me down onto my back and removed my briefs to reveal my 9-inch cock, she took my cock into her mouth teasing me with her tongue until I exploded in her mouth, she tried to keep up with the cum but it was too much for her to handle and the last few drops escaped her month and ran down my still hard cock. She then climbed on top of my cock until she was positioned directly over it, she told me she had thought about fucking me from the first day when she saw how hard my cock was during the walk through of the first site. She slid her tight little pussy down onto my cock and slowly worked the length in until she was comfortable and then she began to just go wild, escaping into her minds as she fucked and fucked and fucked my cock until she screamed with orgasm she stopped exhausted and as I caught her mid<b> stroke </font></b>I said you’re not getting off that easy and I started fucking her from underneath all the while her orgasm continues and she is Cumming and Cumming and then she squirts all over me. As things settle and she is now lying on my chest with my still hard cock deep inside her she apologizes for the mess and doesn’t know how to react because that is the first time she has ever done that. I roll her over onto her back and tell her we are not done yet and she looks me in the eyes and says Fuck Me! Fuck Me until you can’t Fuck Me anymore! I proceed to slid my cock in and out of her pulling out to just the tip and then ramming into her to the point we have had to move down out of the head board twice and I tell her I am ready to cum and she locks her legs around me and says give my you’re cum, I want to feel you shoot inside me. I unload inside her like I have never unloaded before into a woman.

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