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This is a blog about the adventures this wife is taking both when my wonderful hubby is away as well as when he is here... should be exciting.

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Book Title
Posted:Jul 28, 2008 9:37 am
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2012 7:45 am

I am compiling all of my Blogs and experiences (there are quite a few steamy ones that are not blogged) into a book of erotica.

I need help figuring out a captivating title. Mine is pretty lame...

"Adventures of a Real Swinger"

How about ... Two sides to a swinger?

Exhibitionist for "hire"?

Memoirs of a Mistress

Help me out readers and I will add a new blog.
New blog...
Posted:Jul 28, 2008 9:46 am
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2012 7:43 am

Which one of these would you like to read next?
"Van God" fun in a government vehicle
"Bi Couple" wonderful 4some stories (2)
"Mexico" Days in a clothing optional swinger friendly resort
"SSJ" sex outside, and a threesome at home
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Mmmm... mercedes.....
Posted:Apr 30, 2008 8:38 am
Last Updated:Apr 25, 2009 10:32 am
Man what a day, me and my lover decided to rent an expensive car for the day. It was the Mercedes 2008 SL550 Roadster. Hot car that got me all kinds of wet. We first got in we both got into the drivers seat, we both wanted to drive this beast of a car. Well we couldn't figure out what was wrong with the stereo, well the rental guy said we needed one of two face plates. He leaned in between us face towards me, I was wearing my black and lace tank top (if you know me... you know that shirt) UBER cleavage. He stared right at it, breathing on them. He put in the first face plate, then extracted himself from the car... Impressive sound but we wanted best. So he leaned in again to change them out. (all the while looking at my tits, and smelling the sweet succulent smell of my perfume) grabbed the first one and extracted himself.
He then grabbed the second from its case. He reached through us, lingering at my ear. Slowly this strange man started whispering naughty things into my ear, while nibbling and licking. that sent shivers down my whole body. Gently licked the top sides of my breasts, making them heave with desire. (he was one of those confident distinguished (salt and pepper hair) men, with a body of a 25 year old). I am sure that he could smell the juice flowing from between my legs. All the while I am sitting here straddling my lover, and I want to fuck this man soo bad. After he put in the second face, the sound was incredible. Like concert good. He extracted himself ever so slowly inhaling the intoxicating scent of a womans juices mixed with her perfume.
After installing the face, he stood there and we were talking.
he asked "so what are you all going to do today".
I bluntly answered in a sultry tone, "we intend to fuck all day in this car around town".
his reply "oh, lucky man. what I wouldn't give to be able to fuck you all day, no less, in a HOT car like that"
So I gave him my number and told him to call me when he got off of work. Then I told my lover that I get to drive... so he got out and into the passenger seat. I unzipped his pants before we even closed my door so the rental guy could see I was going to jerk him off. I closed my door, cranked the stereo and speed off.
While we were diving around town, I jerked him off (not quite letting him cum though). Letting him sit on that edge between cuming and not. I then decided to park in a parking building (underground) We parked far away from the entrance to the attraction. I helped him out of his jeans then, I then proceeded to crawl over the stick shift wearing only a short jean mini-skirt it was tempting to sink down on to the slick stick shift. However I didn't. I continued to straddle my lover. Keeping my pussy just out of reach of his cock, teasing him to the point of explosion. I lifted my shirt so he could savor my delectable pierced nipples topping my soft DD breasts. He couldn't handle it anymore, he pushed down on my shoulders so his cock would go straight into my soaked pussy. We continued to fuck (not for long I might add) until he came. Then I slowly got off and back into the drivers seat.
We then backed out of the lot and back onto the streets. This time he put a vibrator to my clit, told me to hold my legs shut, and turned it on. I then got a call, it was the rental guy. He told me that hard to believe but he kept getting more and more turned on during the day. He had just gotten off of work, he wanted us to meet him at this old park, that is quite aways out there. He had always wanted to fuck someone there. I said ok and started driving there, luckily we were not far away from his work. I told him that we'd pick him up. When we got there he got into the back seat behind me. While driving, he reached around the seat and put his hands into either side of my shirt slowly caressing my tits and their sensitive pierced nipples. When we got there it was a fairly beautiful park, but no one was really around enjoying it. I slid into the back seat, me and the rental guy started kissing and caressing each others bodies, all the while my lover is watching and stroking his cock. we finally get naked and he is licking my pussy, my lover leaned over and fondled my tits. I instructed the rental guy to finger me shallow, for just a min. I started to squirt and I squirted all over the back seat, ceiling, and him. He couldn't take it anymore, he sat down picked me up and slammed me down onto his cock. We didn't fuck for long but he came big, and didn't stop until he came a second time. We put our clothes on and I drove the car back to the rental place. The rental guy took my hand and lead me into the building, to do the final paperwork. He first said, he looks forward to cleaning out the car personally (the smell left remaining in the car was quite pungent and intoxicating).
Then he looked back to the computer and said "your total is $50"
WHAT?!?!? omg, that rental was supposed to be like $200+. "why so little?" I questioned.
He finally replied "employee discount".
Then lastly i asked in a sultry tone, well if I want to rent again, can I get the employee and the discount?"
He said, "anytime!"
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Mardi Gras... ( o ) ( o ).. Now give me your beads lol.
Posted:Mar 28, 2008 8:06 am
Last Updated:Apr 30, 2008 9:17 am

How excited I was for this party. New location, have my own room, hubbys first party. ALL GOOD THINGS...

Well the three of us who were staying in my room got dressed. Me, hubby, and Smiley. It was really fun getting Smiley dressed. I got to go as a hot red head, wearing a SHORT (almost shirt only length) dress with plenty of cleavage showing, and a beautiful green mask that covered my mouth with beads. (Was fun to give head while wearing) Also the tallest stripper shoes known to man.

We went down to the party (which was quite a walk considering what we were wearing). We were not the only party there. The shriners were also having a party there... eek... the way to the bathroom was concealed by a black curtain. MM... let the naughtyness begin. On our way down I got quite a few looks. NO ONE KNEW WHO I WAS. When we got to pay to get in I got several (very much welcome) looks. Walked in found a place to call "home" and did my usual walk around. Started getting my beads right away. People I had hung out with a lot before didn't even recognize me. (I was loving this). One reason I love these parties, is the men are no afraid to show their love of curvy women. Where as in "normal" life they kinda are. I teased a lot of people there. Man there were some hot women, I got to play with a lot of tits. I even got to see some cocks... WHOOT! Gun boy kept asking LV who I was, and LV didn't even know!! Gun boy has a thing for red heads. Well this went on for a while.

Then they did the costume contest. Smiley won for the men. I tried for the women, no go... oh well I got to grind on the judges, dabeaches (guy) said "you seem familiar, but man I have no Idea who you are" That was fun. Then I was invited up for the queens award... cool! again ... no go.. oh well... no one knew who I was.

The real fun started when I took back Hubby, clown, and Mr. Bellydancer back to my room. Hubby fucked me with his rock hard cock, he made me soaking wet. Clown proceeded to eat me out a bit, then used his glass dildo on me. I love that thing. did that while I sucked Hubby, and Mr. cocks. mmm... I love sucking cock. Then Mr, started eating me while I sucked Hubby and Clowns cocks. I ended up squirting while clown fingered me and licked my clit. He got me to squirt three times. Big mess all over the bed. I think it was having three HOT men with me that got me so gunho.

Later that morning, Smiley and I were laying in bed and hubby was in the other bed. He started playing with my tits, then my clit, getting me all riled up then him and I started to fuck while, hubby watched on. He made me squirt again twice. Then Hubby joined us and I came really hard while he fucked me. I got to make out with Smiley while hubby fucked me. Mmmm... I love doing that.

I was sad to go but felt almost sexually satisfied. Hubby and I fucked two more times that day and crashed. mmmmm...
Halloween Party
Posted:Jan 29, 2008 12:03 pm
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2008 10:19 pm
So, it was my first big party. Not your usual meet and greet. These are the parties where pretty much anything can go! Man did I have fun... I was dressed as a lady vampire corset and all.

I start off the day going to Hilton Boy's room, He was going to be my date but found a better offer. He was nice enough to let me at least change in his room. I needed someone to help tie up my corset too. So I slid on my garter belt, and thigh-high fishnet stockings, my vampire robe with slits up to my pussy, my vinyl knee-high stilettos, and put on my black wig and vampire teeth. I was off. He paid for me to get in since his date was not there yet. I got a drink and started to find some people I knew.

I was hanging out with one of my friends and I spotted a guy in Military costume. mmmm... god I have a thing for men in uniform. I told my friend that I wanted to fuck him bad. So I went over and started to flirt. We chatted for a while and eventually we headed to his room. He had an "outside" room, so we had to walk through the cold, but it was worth it. We pretty much got straight down to business. I started to strip off his uniform and proceeded to suck his cock. Shortly after he was naked he laid me down on his bed, took off my boots and panties (garter and stockings and everything else left on due to the corset). He proceeded to eat me out. God that felt good. Then he flipped me over and began to slowly enter his cock into my wet pussy. He fucked me doggy style until we both came. It was a rough cum, because of the fact that I was wearing the corset, but it was also kind of erotic.

Then I went back to the party... I flirted with a lot of people... getting my vibe out there. I ran into my friend, we will call her, DG. She introduced me to this tall man with a great body. At the time I thought he was black because he had body paint on him. We both DG and I knelt down and shared his cock with our mouths, slowly licking it and sucking it. (I didn't even know who he was until almost a week later... he turned out to be Smiley.) This all took place in the party room on the dance floor.

Then I went back to my "rounds" walking around the room flirting and talking and doing my thing. I ran into Clown. Smilin' that sexy mischievous smile at me. He was dressed too as a vampire. with the same sexy teeth in that I was wearing. We talked and kissed and then he took me back to his room. I laid down on his bed and he licked my pussy so good. He put a condom on and we fucked for a while. Then with great surprise he took out this beautiful glass dildo that has a handle on it so you can crank it around inside a pussy. It felt so cool and smooth, like nothing I had ever felt before. (I need to buy one now!!)

Again, Back to the party. I ran into a couple we will call them cop and prisoner. We hung out a bit and decided to go back to their room for a while. He and her both licked my pussy and He fucked me. Oh and wait... I got to eat her out and brought her to orgasm. Her pussy was amazing, the first that I had actually gotten to savor and eat to my hearts content (previously the women would usually stop after only a min or two). Then I got to watch them fuck while I sucked on her tits. We decided to take a break from our threesome and check out the party one last time.

Back to the party we went, it was about 10 min till 2am which is when it ends. I decided to find Clown again and have him join cop, prisoner and I. I grabbed my stuff out of Hilton Boy's room. His date ditched him and he wanted me to join him. Unfortunately since he originally ditched me for her, I said no. I took my stuff down to cop and prisoners room. the four of us had a free for all fuck fest. Her and I got some more pussy licking time and I got to fuck both guys. But the highlight of this part of the night was her and I fucking each other with a double ended dildo. We got it into us and scooted real close, then we both bucked in a fairly unison rhythm. It was not easy but it felt great to be with a woman and have us both be able to enjoy a fucking. (vs just one. ie. a strap on) After her and I fucked, Clown ate me out and made me squirt (quite a bit) all over him and the bed.

Well we were a bit tired so Cop and I peeked into the hall to see what was going on. There was a group at the end of the hall most of them were still dressed in costume. The four of us decided to head down the hall cop, prisoner, and clown put underwear on. I however walked down the hotel hallway BUCK ASSED NAKED. (WOW...) on the way down to meet up with that group I ran into an attractive guy that was dressed as a devil. I said to him "Why are you still dressed, it feels so better to be naked" he was heading down to the group too. We all talked and what not then I headed back to the room, the devil came to me and said "hey wanna help me get naked" and of course I said yes!

Him and I went into his room, which was down the hall and across from cops room. I got him naked and laid him down on his bed and began to suck his dick with lavish enthusiasm. (I love sucking a tasty cock). I took him all the way down. several of his friends started to trickle back into the room and I didn't move. I just kept on sucking his cock with my bare ass up in the air. His friend that was dressed as a priest kept hitting me in the ass with his big plastic cross. then His friend wants to fuck me while I suck him (not the priest) so he slides on a condom and fucks me while I suck his friend. mmmm... my kinda dp. Then I get up to fuck devil. I ride and grind him and while this is happening prisoner pops in, she said she recognized me from my moans and screams. Then Devil begins to lick her while I suck him again. MMMM.... Clown and I go back into cop and prisoners room, watch the fuck fest that is going on in there (non of the occupants are the ones staying in the room) once one of the beds is free... He eats me out again... this time he makes me squirt TONS MORE.. 4 feet straight up into the air!!!

It was one hot night, I woke up and wanted more. The drive home was not very fun. I went to sleep at 4am and woke up at 730 and left at 8. AH.. the wonderful memories of Halloween, best EVER!
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My happy ending!!
Posted:Jan 6, 2008 9:55 am
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2008 7:41 pm
It was my usual two hour massage, once every two months. With my massage guy. There has been this growing sexual tension between the two of us since my first massage. I always casually run my fingers across his cock while he is working on my body. Oiling it up with massage oil. The massage before this one was interesting. I had been really sick about a week before, but that didn't stop me from going to get my massage. Well what I didn't know was when he massages, it gets all the toxins out, and being that I was sick I got nauseous. Well I was laying on my back when this happened and so I just sat up. letting the covers fall off my chest. He got to see my tits sans covers for the first time in over a year. He went to grab some water and a cool towel. he just held me while I was sitting up... pulling me into his chest. Then I looked up at him thinking we were going to kiss, and he asks me "can I play with your tits" I said of course. (thinking to myself 'WAHOO!! Finally!! He told me I had fantastic tits. That was pretty much the end of that massage.

So on to my happy ending one. First off I need to tell ya'll that this is not one of those massage parlors, this is an ACTUAL massage therapist. Normal beginning to the massage, then when he was working on my stomach he put my hands on my stomach then slid his under mine. So that I could kinda guide him where he can go. Well he kept working his way lower and lower. He took the cover off of my tits so they were totally exposed now. and he started to massage my clit. He moved from standing above my head to to my left side and put one hand on my clit and the other inside of me. Well as we know hes a massage therapist so he knows how to use his hand but they were also incredibly soft cause he uses oils and lotions all the time. Well while he kept pleasing me with his hands I was generously massaging his cock through his scrubs. I so badly wanted to pull it out and suck on it but wasn't sure how to go about doing so. He brought me to an amazing and amazingly quiet massage. I did my signature "exorcist " move and was in pure ECSTASY and wanted to lay there for another hour, but he needed to finish up. So he did, I got dressed and walked out. When I went to pay he was blushing so bad that it was like a prepubescent boy vs a married man. That was my happy ending.
Tri-date and More
Posted:Dec 3, 2007 8:45 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2008 10:11 am
First of I start with the "more".


I went down to Denver for a humdrum event with my parents. Surprisingly it was only about 3 miles from my favorite fuck buddy Smiley. I text messaged him to see if he was home, and to my thankful surprise he was. He said I could come on over. So I dart over to his house. We start making out. He was in just his boxers where as I had all my clothes on so he helped me strip so he could have better access to my naughty bits. He had an instant erection just from kissing. Man he has a beautiful cock, I love sucking it. When I was finally naked I kinda moved toward it so I could have that thick meat in my mouth. Instead while in his amazingly large bed he pushed me to one corner and started to devour my pussy. He ate my pussy until I could not handle it anymore. Sucking, licking, and nibbling. It sent me into a whirlwind of ecstasy. I kept bucking towards his mouth I just wanted more and more. When he stopped sucking my clit he moved his head to suck on my lips, I just grabbed his hair and shoved his face back on that clit.

After a huge orgasm via oral stimulation, I had him get on his back and I devoured that beautiful cock of his. Tasting his pre-cum which was so sweet with a hint of salt. I wanted that whole cock in my mouth, I took the whole thing down my throat. Licking at the head and then taking the whole thing, over and over. He couldn't wait any longer. He shoved his pet aside and made me get on my back. He wanted more of my pussy. He put on a condom and started to fuck me. First in missionary with my legs over his shoulders for that beautifully deep penetration. Then he flipped me over and fucked me in my favorite position Doggy. He pounded me hard for a little while however, his cock had been hard for so long that he needed his cock ring. So he stopped so he could put that on, and kept two fingers in me while working on his erection. He hit that perfect spot. I asked him if
he could hit that same spot if I were laying on my back. He said "I'll try". Oh and he accomplished it. I proceeded to finger my clit while he worked his fingers in and out. While in this process I wanted to squirt so bad but I just wasn't feeling like I could. Then he surprised me with a vibrator, he first put it just below my finger that was on my clit, then just below the opening to my pussy. That sent me over the edge. I came so hard and squirt all over his bed and him. I bucked with "aftergasms". Then laying there, he moved me back on to my back and started to fuck me. OMG. He didn't even fuck me for very long before I pushed him out of me and squirt all over him and his bed again. Normally after one squirt I am OUT, I didn't want to stop. He put his cock back in me and continued to fuck me again. I had a few orgasms then pushed him off again to squirt all over. Bucking and shaking with orgasms we had to stop because I still needed to drive home otherwise I probably would have squirted several more times.


So I Drive back to Colorado Springs, headed over to my friend Jeepette's house. I am a little nervous because her and I had never gotten together, and now we are getting together along with her fuck buddy Deputy. Well I get there and we hand out a bit before Deputy comes over after work. It is a bit awkward after we head into the bedroom. We are laying/sitting on her bed just talking. I turn the talk more toward sex. I finally had to start by touching Jeepette her tits are amazing, perfect shape large, and great nipples. I finally encouraged both of them to get naked.

I started to lick her clit and pussy. Then I inserted my fingers into her. Mmmm she was kinda tight. While I licked her, she sucked Deputy and he ate me out. Mmm.. that was hot. Then we switched. He licked her and I sucked him... I even made him stop a couple times, cause he liked the way I sucked him. (with enthusiasm) Then she demanded that he fuck me. She said "I want to watch you fuck her" so he got the condom on and proceeded to fuck me. He is a magnum boy and knew how to use it without over doing it (mad props to him) He had quite the stamina too. While he fucked me, I slid my fingers into her wet snatch, and fingered her hard. I had many orgasms while he fucked me. Then he switched over to fuck her he fucked her missionary, then slamming it down into her in a modified spider monkey, then from behind. (Unfortunately, it seems like she didn't have an orgasm in all this). Then he got down and ate me a bit again, carefully licking my asshole which was new and kinda kinky. Then he asked if he could fuck me again while she watched. Of course... so he did, first missionary with legs over shoulders, then Doggy. I buried my face into the bed to keep from screaming at the top of my lungs. I had a huge orgasm and had to stop for a bit.

The three of us were laying on the bed, at 230 in the morning. Jeepette needed to go cool down and said that we could finish without her. So Deputy and I were laying there I started sucking on his beautiful cock again, and he was fingering me. Then he asked, "could I fuck you doggy style again"? and as always my response was "of course". So he fucked me doggy style again, as I buried my face in the bed. I had a ear piercing screaming orgasm and he came at the same time. We both flopped on to the bed exhausted. Jeepette, needed to sleep and him and I didn't need to be up early so he came to my house, and we just crashed in my bed.
Posted:Oct 3, 2007 9:02 am
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2008 8:34 pm
So me and my date decided to go to a birthday party at Sugarhouse in Denver. I was wearing a HOT stiff corset, that just popped my breasts out for the world. We got there about 9 but it really didn't start getting interesting until about 11. I had a couple drinks and was feeling good.

A couple that we had kind of played with in the past arrived, along with some very sexy men. That got the juices flowing. Then came a lot of flirting and touching and kissing. A LOT of touching of tits. MAN I LOVE TITS!

Well no more real excitement until about 30 min before we left. I was sitting on the futon with tits and a commando pussy in my face and a cock in each hand (through pants ) I got my first taste of that pussy right there, I stuck my fingers in and played with it, mmm very tasty pussy. I wished that I could have laid her down right there and licked her to orgasm. The boys whose cocks I was playing with then bent down and each took one of my tits in their mouth and sucked. OMG. I love having my tits sucked. Then I was informed that I was going home with her, her hubby and my date!! WHOOT!

So since I had been drinking, my date took my Jeep and the wife, I rode with the hubby. mmmm MY PLEASURE. I asked him if he liked road head, no answer. DAMN. We turned out on to the main road and he unzipped his pants, ok I'll take that as a yes! So I leaned down (I'm wearing a stiff corset too remember) I sucked his cock the whole way to their house. He did make a couple comments of "Man your good" and "You are REALLY good".

We finally get to their house, and almost immediately her and I are topless. We almost run up to the bed room and all four of us strip. I start by kneeling at the end of the bed and suck the husband. My date is licking the wifes pussy. Man this guys cock tasted good!!! Then he lays me down on the bed and starts licking and fingering me. His wife is laying next to me, and being eaten by my date. She starts jerking off her husband and I start jerking off my date while they eat us. The wife then grabs one of my tits, and so does my date. Pulling on my nipples and kneading them well.

Then I start to buck from being eaten out and fingered, my date says to the husband, "take your fingers out" he does, and I squirt all over the bed shooting it way out onto the floor. After squirting I am still convulsing in "aftergasms"

Shortly after recovering, the wife takes the husband in her mouth sucking him like a . My date starts fingering her, and I start to lick her clit. mmmmm she tasted so sweet but slightly tart, it was yummy. I got to lick her to orgasm (it had been soo long since I had gotten to lick a woman) She kept shaking with orgasm after orgasm. At some point during the evening both the wife and I kissed the men, and we tasted pussy on their lips and the one I kissed tasted pussy on mine. We kissed and fucked and sucked in soo many positions.

Unfortunately that was it, both the boys had been working a LOT! So that was it. MMM yummy for foursomes!
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Posted:Aug 18, 2007 7:27 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2008 10:14 am
For a get together with an AFFer, We decided to peruse a stip club. We first went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, I had a marg. oooh... taquilla, good way to start, always makes me horny. Then we head on over, I'm a little nervous not knowing what to expect. We get inside and I instantly feel comfy. I get in free cause I'm military whoot! I chat up the HOT hostess who happens to be pregnant.

We sit kind of in the corner right by the stairs, great view of stages 1-3 (1 has the pole) Unlike the other strip club I went to some of the strippers were HOT here. I couldn't keep my eyes off one. TALL, short dark hair, hot tattoos, graceful. Kinda looked like my cousin.

Anyway, after several drinks and several shots. Dodge-Ram-boy called over one of the hot ladies, that he happened to know. Her name was California We talked and she told him that for $100 he could pay her off the list. Meaning she could just hang and bullshit with us for an hour, didn't have to strip.

We hung out for a min, and while he went to the restroom, she said "hey lets go to the table she's hot" so we did, and we caught her (hot brunette with blonde highlights with big fake tits) just as she was ending. Next was a hot blonde with also fake tits. The blonde started dancing and turned and saw me, and my DDs in their proudest. Crawled over and said "honey, I had to pay for mine to look like yours and yours are still fantastic, you lucky girl". Then she asked for a piece of gum from California. California then went to change from a tux bunny to camo. I sat (the only woman at the table) and watched the Blonde do her thing.She did comeover to me and squat in front of my face and air-grind her pussy ... OMG. Then she kept doing her rounds on the table and returning to me twice to "accidentially" get her finger stuck between my tits. WOW. During this Dodge-ram-boy gave me a stack of 1s to help tip the ladies.

California came back lookin smokin... We switch to another table, Hot little brunette in Red corset. Cali takes one of my 1s and sticks it in my cleveage, so the girl can take it out with her mouth. That was hot. Then for our house stack of bills, she comes over and shakes her tits, then lays down in front of me and moves her hips like shes humpin the floor. wow nice ass!

Then California looked at me and said, lets go to the nude room. So we go and grab dodge-ram-boy and head in there. The three of us sat on a loveseat thingy California to my left and D-R-B to my left. caught the tailend of the stipper who looked like my cousin, WOW... shes hot naked. however I will never beable to look at my cousin the same again.

Then a new girl walks in to the stage, OOOOOH... its the chick that likes my tits! She comes sits on the side of the stage and stares at my tits.... then takes her shirt off and flexes her pecs so her tits move. She tries to get Californina and I to do it, but to no avail we will need more practice. She continues to get naked and I set a wad of ones on the stage. She then comes over (there was only one other guy besides the 3 of us) and air-grinds infront of my face... then her and the other nude dancer decide to "go up top" and she stands on the love seat on either side of my legs and hugs the other stripper. I have this beautiful pussy INCHES from my lips and I cant do anything. DAMN! She finishes her dance and we head back to the other room.

California says to D-R-B hey... can I give her a dance. Then he hands her $20 and she takes my hand, and leads me back into the nude room. Sets me down on one of the couchs along the wall an proceeds to give me my dance. She grinds her Beautiful ( REAL ) tits in my face both clothed and unclothed. I can almost feel her nipple in my mouth, and god did I want it there. Runnin her hair across my face, blowin in my ear. OOOh. and grindin that hot ass against me (too bad I dont have a dick for her to grind against) OMG those tits. We were watched by several guys, staring at her dancing for me.

We go back to the main room and I have some more drinks California isn't old enough to drink.. 18 OMG. We hang out some more. The hour is up. So she gets called up on stage. She dances and then comes back to us. He decides to pay for her to be off the list again, for another Hour.

She asks him if I want another dance. He says go for it. So I get another lapdance. GOD I wish I could have gotten my lips around those nipples. But I would have gotten kicked out. This time she stuck her Barely clothed pussy in my face as well as her nipples (not at same time). Her pussy smelt soooo good. It was so close to my mouth too. MMM hot girl in camo, stripping JUST FOR ME!

Then on our way back to main room. she stopps and shakes her ass for me... then grabs my hand and leads me back. Then a guy comes up to me while D-R-B and California are talking. And we talk, hes a soldier getting ready to go to Afganistan. We end up kinda hitting it off. He suggests we go outside for a cig. we go, I don't mind second hand. Oh wait hes not a smoker, we are out there to talk. We end up walking around the corner and kiss.. Then he begs me to take him home. I tell him no! Then he actually whips out his cock thinking that me seeing it would entice me to take him home. NO! I have a date he is taking me home. Then he begs me again. LOL... so teasingly I get his number, and tell him I will call him later that night and we'll have some fun. LOL... stupid shmuck.

Then my D-R-B came out PERFECT timing... and whisked me away in his orgasmicly hot Dodge Ram!! The rest of the night is between me and him

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