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My first time  

cougarfwb 25M  
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5/12/2020 4:02 pm
My first time

I figured I'd post on here since this isn't really erotic or anything, but I have found this story kinda funny recently. So lets set the scene, I am 21 and still a virgin (yes i was and still am a late bloomer). I'm at the bar just trying to have a good time, been drinking for a while and feel pretty good. I'm just there for a good time. Well this girl walks up to me, she is a little shorter than me, so she grabs my shirt and brings me down for a kiss. I'm like "wow ok that is nice" she brings me closer and then just starts grinding on me. I love it, I mean who wouldn't especially when she was my type. She had a big round ass and some pretty big boobs too so I was like how can this go wrong.

We are grinding on each other for a good hour before she whispers in my ear, "wanna go back to my place" "hell yeah I do!". We hop into a uber and before the drive can even say hello she is all over me. Which kinda was embarrassing but i did not care. She is kissing me all over and reaching down my pants going wild. She whispers "I can't wait, lets do it here"

I tell her I wanna wait till we get to her place, I mean it is my first time and I was still a little uncomfortable about some random guy watching. She's then proceeds to tell me how she is the blow job queen. She is telling me that every guy she has been with won't stop talking about her blowjobs. I start asking myself how did I get so lucky?

When we finally get to her apartment, it seemed to have taken FOREVER. I wave to the uber drive, trying and probably failing to hide my boner from him but whatever its time now.

We barely get the door open before she basically pounces on me. I mean ripping off my shirt, and yanking my pants off. I start doing the same and she starts leading me to her bedroom. The moment I cross her threshold, she jams my cock. She was sucking on it like it was the last lollipop in the box and she had to get every drop from it.

At first I'm like wow this is amazing! And just as I start to think "no wonder she thinks she is a blowjob queen" Something starts to feel, not right. She still is sucking on my cock like it was candy, but there seemed to be something more to it. I couldn't put my finger on it but it was starting to become a little uncomfortable. It was then that I realized what was going on, she was grinding her teeth against my shaft.

When I say grinding her teeth against my shaft, I don't mean like lightly touching my cock with her teeth. I mean top and bottom teeth firmly enclosed around my dick, starting from the base of the shaft and grinding them all the way down to my head and repeat. As soon as I realize this, my dick starts to hurt, like when someone gives you an indian sunburn on your arm, but instead of your arm its my penis.

Now since this was the first time I'd ever had a blowjob, I was like well fuck me blowjobs suck! Maybe the only people who really like blowjobs are really into bdsm or something but this sucks. Now, at this point i should have probably told her "Hey, stop using my cock as a sharpener for your teeth!" But since I still wanted to have sex with her, I was gonna keep quite.

She does this for probably 5 minutes, and the last minute was pure agony, but I fought through it for some pussy! She stops sucking and looks up at me and goes "How was it? Best you ever had right?" Now again, I should have probably said something different, but when you are a horny virgin you will say almost anything. And the fact she had my cock inches from her face and was already strocking it with her hand I thought I better not make her mad.

My mind is racing. What should I tell her. I mean I'm definitely not gonna tell her it is bad, she might actually try to bite my dick off. So I decide to not actually lie to her. I tell her "The best I've ever had no doubt." Which in my defense is true, I had never had one before so it was the best I'd ever had.

That seemed to make her excited so she goes back for more. I stop her and basically tell her lets try something different. Now I put on a condom, hopefully it wasn't too clumsy but who knows at this point. I lay her down and slowly start to have sex with her. I want to build up the speed so I can last longer or I assume thats how it would work. Well I'm going slow, all the way in almost all the way out. I am doing this for a minute and slowly picking up the pace. Then I start to feel that feeling again.

It is that indian rug burn feeling again. I'm like fight through the pain man this is it. So i'm trying my best to act like nothing is wrong you know and slowly picking up the pace and stuff. Well maybe 5 more minutes go by and it is just killing me! She seemed to be enjoying it as she was moaning and stuff but my dick was literally on fire at this point. So I do what any gentleman would do.

I pull my dick out and go like "ooh oooh yeah i'm cumming baby ooh yeah like that!" and pretend to jack off in the condom. She goes "On my face on my face". Well I'm like "fuck sorry baby couldn't pull it out in time, next time i will" I could tell she was a little disappointed, but I tell her "10 minutes i'll be hard again and we can go for round 2" she seemed to be ok with this.

I'm thinking to myself, "alright yeah 10 minutes from now i'm sure it won't hurt and we will be good to go". Now I got 10 minutes to kill and I need to make sure she doesn't see that my dick was still hard even though I just "came". So I hop of the bed and pull her to the edge and try my best to eat her out.

Now I've watched a lot of porn so I was like oh yeah I got this I can totally do this well. I just try my best, looking back on it I'm sure it was just awful. I'm sure I thought I was doing things right but now I'm like 99% positive it was more of my tongue just flailing all over the place.

Needless to say though I go the full 10 minutes just trying my best. Again I think I did ok because she was moaning and was definitely holding my head down. But she also thought she was the blowjob queen so she may just not know what good oral is.

After all this time she finally goes, "now fuck me again now!" FUCK I think. My cock is still kinda burning and I just don't think it was gonna work out. I tell her how sorry I was, and this never happens but my cock won't get hard. She looks at me and goes "I'll make it hard again". I tell her no sorry no, it just won't I've been trying etc. I tell her I'm leaving and kinda run outta the room, I still don't want her seeing I was in fact lying as my cock was still<b> erect </font></b>and had been the entire time. I put my cloths on and am out the door.

The sad part is she is still the best blowjob I ever got. I've been with 2 other women and both refused to give blowjobs and when I offered to give them oral they refused.

fashionablegma 77F
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5/13/2020 2:31 am

Well i thought being a virgin you would have prematurely ejaculated so hard to believe this story is true,was it dark there as she would have known by condom whether you ejaculated or not,it is a wonder if she did not grab the condom for proof,i would have

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