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Caming Fun with Buzz  

coupleforfun2508 39M/35F  
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5/22/2020 2:57 pm
Caming Fun with Buzz

We got a new buzz toy and thought we would try it out on the caming mode.

We started with a tease, me slowly rubbing my boobs in a very low cut dress. Slipping a hand in and out of my bra. Mr standing over me cock in hand rubbing it nice and hard.

He started watching the show on his mobile he was thoroughly enjoying it. I could see the pleasure in his face, he loves seeing all your comments.

all of a sudden there was a ping and my new toy started buzzing, it sent a wave of pleasure up my pussy. Ping ping ping, wave after wave. I kept massaging my boobs. I lowered my dress, still keeping it around my waste and lower but enough to take off my bra and let my boobs loose.

Ping, it buzzed again. It felt soo good. Ping, Ping. the ripples of pleasure coursed through me. Ping, ping, ping. I was biting my lip so hard from the pleasure that i thought I would go through it.

My<b> nipples </font></b>were extra sensitive. Mr came and started sucking them. Ping another buzz the sensations from nipple sucking and my toy were exquisite. My body was enjoying every last vibration and suck.

Mr with drew and continued to watch me massage my boobs, The pinging continued, The vibrations didn't stop for what seemed like ages. My pussy felt like it was dripping.

I couldn't take much more. Ping again, and I came.

Mr took my seat while I went and composed myself and had a drink. The buzzer came out and I put on a skimpy red baby doll.

I took Mr's place. He put his head between my legs and started flicking my clit with his tongue, it felt amazing. He got a small vibrator and put it in my pussy, the vibrations travelled through him and it felt like his tongue stud was vibrating on my clit. I soon succumbed to the pleasure and came in his mouth.

Id like to thank bulliest666, Cubinuptown and Cheekybigchappy for all of your Buzzes you made my night


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