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Home Town Man  

cowgirlup56 60F
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3/9/2017 9:32 pm

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4/24/2017 10:53 am

Home Town Man

He says he has wanted to meet me! Yet have never been able to contact me. Finally a connection.

Living in the same small town. How is it possible that we haven't met or have we?

Photo shared......Oh my goodness where have you been you beautiful man?

Conversational foreplay.... He draws me in.

Our slight differences in age peak my curiosity.. A younger man.

The meeting.....casual. Just a look. Is there a connection?

He drives up, stays seated in his truck. I approach him. His smile , his eyes twinkle he speaks .... Ugh

Our chat is light but the flirtation is there ... his eyes looking at me .... averting his look from time to time. What am I seeing ? Is this approval ? He leaves.

Yes ... he approves ... I approve... there is a connection

Photos shared

Making time .....

I hurry to shower and primp for his arrival..... nothing too difficult... easy access. A white mans dress shirt. I meet him at the door ... he smiles... a tender sensual kiss. His smell ... ahh inviting, his lips soft, his mouth tastes sweet.His eyes are full of mischief !

I lead him to my bedroom where we kiss, he caresses my ass , squeezes it, caresses my breasts taking my nipples in his mouth. Ohhh yesssss!

My hands roam his body , under his shirt oh he feels so good! I reach down and touch his growing erection through his jeans. Ive been teased with photos I can't wait to to know what he tastes like. I fumble with his jeans ... LOL he helps me. I sit on the edge of the bed pull his underwear down exposing his manhood. Perfectly shaped shaft and cock head large with a prominent rim made for pleasure.

I take his cock in my hand and kiss his stomach his pelvis ... lightly passing my lips over his cock, licking the head. Taking it into my mouth,,, my tongue pressing against the shaft teasing the head. Moving down deeper and deeper to take as much as I can in my mouth .. he moans ... whispers his pleasure. Stops me ! Finishes removing his clothes . I slide back onto the bed . My new beautiful lover moves towards my pussy
and ever so gently begins to lavish me with the most amazing Oral sex I have ever had.! Gently taking my clit between his lips . I grab for the sheets grasping . Squirming ..... OMG I am going to explode ! My excitement makes my my partner moan with his pleasure . Pleasure in knowing that what he is dojng is going to make me cum.... I explode ... my body jerks with electric shocks of pleasure. Oh Honey come here let me taste your lips. We kiss and I suck his lips tasting my juices .... sweet!

He moves to my side and begins to play with my pussy ... stoking his cock, squeezing the shaft as he strokes with his right hand index finger he feeds me his precum off his cock.... Mmmmm I suck his finger taking his is juices. I motion for him to lay down and I kiss his body , Lightly running my finger nails over his thighs, calves, I begin to suck his balls ..... He stops me ... moves to his knees between my legs ... fingers my pussy ... takes his cock and presses it against my labia slowly begins to press and move in and out of my pussy..... slow steady movement .. I begin to meet his strokes .... he tells me that about half of his 9" cock is inside of me . Staring into his eyes I start to fuck him back .. hips rising ....." Give it to me ... fuck me .... deeper baby!" My pussy Grabbing his cock .... his face focused on me ...... I feel his cock swelling inside me .. I rise to meet his deeper strokes ...his deeper strokes make me cum on his cock as his cock fills my pussy with hot cum. His strokes become softer more relaxed. My body twitching full of elecrtric shock waves. As I relax he strokes my thighs with his finger.

Sweet Lover !!! There will another time ... we wil explore your fantasies !

WellSeasoned2 70M  
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3/10/2017 7:16 am

great story...very sexy indeed

ltrskr 72M  
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3/11/2017 10:31 am

Enjoyed ur story
Not far away, maybe we could write our own story!

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