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Innocence Lost and Sensuality Found
Posted:Mar 11, 2017 1:22 pm
Last Updated:Mar 18, 2017 5:23 pm

So many years have past since my innocence was lost. Stolen and abused.

Leaving me wondering about the things that my mother taught me as a young girl.
She would teach honor and respect your man. The proper actions of lady and how she should dress and present herself in public. My mother stressed that a woman's sexuality was part of who she is and should be.

A young girl 17 years old meets a man 8 yrs older. Oh he is charming .... that southern accent. Saying all the right things to take this girls heart pound with excitement and stimulate her imagination about places she hasn't been and where she could go. He is kind and funny very tender ... he seems to understand the fear that wells inside of me the first time we make love and with tender hands and gentle pursuit he calms those fears and takes my innocence.

Those days change! Relocation to Texas changes those tender hands and gentle pursuit. Rough and violent are my days. Gone are the days of happiness and contentment. Life filled with imminent dangers. What will bring his anger today? Broken bones , bruised body .Will I have to endure yet another violent sexual night? I keep remembering my mother. Wondering what is it that I am doing wrong.

Life goes on, tears continue to flow, daily fear continues.

A is born.

Things change ... I change, strength building inside of me. I take a job.

I see you from across the room. Who is that man there I ask?

Your popular with all the ladies, flirtatious and funny.! I keep my distance after all a Lady should take care how she presents herself in public. Even if she is only 23 yrs old.

You flirt and engage me in conversation. I am polite.

Your compliments are flattering. My eyes are black as night, my hair the color of a raven, curls thick as lions mane. You tell me how you want to kiss me and feel my hair in your face.

Terrified I keep my distance!

He see's you flirting... I am terrified! Now I have to go home...

You see me.. bruised, battered.... your ANGER is like nothing I have ever seen.
You leave. I wonder is this anger towards me?
You return... your words I will never forget " He will NEVER hurt you again!"

Leaving work.... your there in the parking lot waiting. Seeing you there takes my breath away.

You walk towards me , meeting me. You take me in your arms and kiss me so tenderly. Running your fingers through my hair. You draw away look me in the eyes and whisper " I knew it would be like this!" I am overwhelmed and begin to cry.

We arrive at your house, walk inside. Seated on the couch you touch my side , I pull away. "Ive hurt you?" you say... no its not you. You raise my blouse finding bruised flesh. I cry because I am ashamed. You kiss my tears and ask me stop that you would never hurt me. You misunderstand my tears.

You whisper " I want to make love to you, NOW!" You reach and remove my blouse and bra. Lightly touching my skin, kissing my bruises. You remove my pants exposing more bruising. I want the lights off... I am scared ; scared that I am ugly! You comply and turn them off ... the room is black as night. Returning to my side you take my hand and lead to the floor where you begin to kiss me, touch my body not in a raw sexual way but as if I am being worshiped. Never have I felt such a sensation. You whisper " you are so beautiful !" We kiss our bodies close . I can feel your heart beat, you hold your breath as I start to touch you.

I am starting to feel something something that I have never felt before. A moisture welling inside of me a desire to be touched. Its so dark in here!

I start to respond to your touch. Touching you like I have never touch a man before. Caressing your body. I run my hand down your stomach between your legs to your balls ... you gasp and pull away... "I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?" Your response is " no I'm not just used to anyone touching me there." Ahh I now see that this worldly man , my protector is a man who is like me in many ways. Realizing this I say " turn on the lights I want to see you, I want you to see ME"

With the lights on our bodies together, entangled, passionately kissing, touching, tasting we begin a journey of discovery together.

Tasting your body sweat, so sweet, kissing down your body reaching your cock so hard pressed against your stomach. I have never tasted a mans cock like this. Taking it in my hands running my lips over the head.... your moans excite me you pull me up telling me " I'm not ready to cum."

You turn me to my back and begin to suck on my erect nipples touching my body with your finger tips. Oh so careful not to hurt me. I am so excited that I say to you ...
"let me have you now!" I turn you on your back , mount your body straddling your cock ... slowly moving my way down as I look into your eyes. You touching my body ... telling me " your so beautiful. I want you for my own." Our rhythm picks up ... sweat rolling down my back, between my breasts. Deep sensual penetration, rocking back and forth to a climax that I had NEVER experienced before. Feeling the intense pulsing of my pussy you release your cum... shooting deep inside me.. we collapse in each others arms. Lay there for what seemed like forever caressing each other.

So this is what My mother was trying to teach me ....

I found my sensuality
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Home Town Man
Posted:Mar 9, 2017 9:32 pm
Last Updated:Apr 24, 2017 10:53 am

He says he has wanted to meet me! Yet have never been able to contact me. Finally a connection.

Living in the same small town. How is it possible that we haven't met or have we?

Photo shared......Oh my goodness where have you been you beautiful man?

Conversational foreplay.... He draws me in.

Our slight differences in age peak my curiosity.. A younger man.

The meeting.....casual. Just a look. Is there a connection?

He drives up, stays seated in his truck. I approach him. His smile , his eyes twinkle he speaks .... Ugh

Our chat is light but the flirtation is there ... his eyes looking at me .... averting his look from time to time. What am I seeing ? Is this approval ? He leaves.

Yes ... he approves ... I approve... there is a connection

Photos shared

Making time .....

I hurry to shower and primp for his arrival..... nothing too difficult... easy access. A white mans dress shirt. I meet him at the door ... he smiles... a tender sensual kiss. His smell ... ahh inviting, his lips soft, his mouth tastes sweet.His eyes are full of mischief !

I lead him to my bedroom where we kiss, he caresses my ass , squeezes it, caresses my breasts taking my nipples in his mouth. Ohhh yesssss!

My hands roam his body , under his shirt oh he feels so good! I reach down and touch his growing erection through his jeans. Ive been teased with photos I can't wait to to know what he tastes like. I fumble with his jeans ... LOL he helps me. I sit on the edge of the bed pull his underwear down exposing his manhood. Perfectly shaped shaft and cock head large with a prominent rim made for pleasure.

I take his cock in my hand and kiss his stomach his pelvis ... lightly passing my lips over his cock, licking the head. Taking it into my mouth,,, my tongue pressing against the shaft teasing the head. Moving down deeper and deeper to take as much as I can in my mouth .. he moans ... whispers his pleasure. Stops me ! Finishes removing his clothes . I slide back onto the bed . My new beautiful lover moves towards my pussy
and ever so gently begins to lavish me with the most amazing Oral sex I have ever had.! Gently taking my clit between his lips . I grab for the sheets grasping . Squirming ..... OMG I am going to explode ! My excitement makes my my partner moan with his pleasure . Pleasure in knowing that what he is dojng is going to make me cum.... I explode ... my body jerks with electric shocks of pleasure. Oh Honey come here let me taste your lips. We kiss and I suck his lips tasting my juices .... sweet!

He moves to my side and begins to play with my pussy ... stoking his cock, squeezing the shaft as he strokes with his right hand index finger he feeds me his precum off his cock.... Mmmmm I suck his finger taking his is juices. I motion for him to lay down and I kiss his body , Lightly running my finger nails over his thighs, calves, I begin to suck his balls ..... He stops me ... moves to his knees between my legs ... fingers my pussy ... takes his cock and presses it against my labia slowly begins to press and move in and out of my pussy..... slow steady movement .. I begin to meet his strokes .... he tells me that about half of his 9" cock is inside of me . Staring into his eyes I start to fuck him back .. hips rising ....." Give it to me ... fuck me .... deeper baby!" My pussy Grabbing his cock .... his face focused on me ...... I feel his cock swelling inside me .. I rise to meet his deeper strokes ...his deeper strokes make me cum on his cock as his cock fills my pussy with hot cum. His strokes become softer more relaxed. My body twitching full of elecrtric shock waves. As I relax he strokes my thighs with his finger.

Sweet Lover !!! There will another time ... we wil explore your fantasies !
You really get me !
Posted:Mar 9, 2017 12:40 pm
Last Updated:Mar 18, 2017 5:26 pm

Innocent chat ......



phone calls......

I'm raw with emotions of my life that once was. Reaching for something to hold onto. Something to make me feel again.

You touched my soul. Reaching inside of me and bringing joy to my heart without ever touching me in a physical way.

Time, time goes on ...

Are you saying what you think I want to hear or do you really feel what is inside of

Somehow YOU know from so far away how I'm feeling. YOU call! My emotions are wild reminders of those days gone forever making me full of sorrow. Somehow through the miles YOU know. YOU really get me!

You calm my heart and soul from miles and miles away! How is this possible ? How can a man I have never met touch me so deeply?

You ask nothing of me. Your desires are obvious, your praises of me are flattering yet you ask nothing from me.

A promise of someday we will meet and our true bond will begin.

Time, times goes on

What am I feeling? Forbidden emotions for a man that I can not have. A man that is already taken... I am the other woman

No promises

Eyes wide open

Creating a new emotion... is this feeling shared or one sided? How can two share this without having shared more than a conversation?

Come to me, Come and spend the weekend with me!



School girl thoughts

It's been what seems like a life time without the touch of a man . My imagination has touched you many times. Have you had the same thoughts about me?

Will this change things? Do I want to change things? Should I continue to live in my fantasy world with my fantasy lover?

FEAR fills me! Fear of rejection!

He opens the door.... our first look at each other .... 8 months of communication and we are faced with flesh and blood.

The door closes and I feel his touch. A touch that I swear I have felt a million times, so familiar that it calms me immediately. He places his hands on my face and our lips touch, looking in my eyes.... a whispered " Hello"

He leads me into the room touching me ... tracing my curves , my face as he looks into my eyes with adoration. My heart is pounding from the excitement of his touch. His breath on my neck as his hands slowly remove my blouse. His mouth tenderly kissing my shoulders, His fingers tracing my breasts.

Rapid breathing! A gasp as his touch becomes more familiar. I'm standing there before him naked his hands cup my breasts . Nipples so erect . He bend to take them in his mouth. Hand tracing down my stomach searching for my moisture. Finding it there dripping , lightly running his finger through my labia skimming over the head of my peaking clit! I moan and shiver from his touch. His finger rises to my lips , he leans to kiss me as our tongues meet we share the taste of my desires for him.

I drop to my knees and nibble his engorged cock through his jeans. Reaching to unfasten his belt and remove his jeans exposing a perfectly erect cock. My hand cupping his balls , massaging them gently as my tongue traces the his cock. As my tongue gets closer to the head of his cock I stroke his shaft with my hand squeezing his sweet juices out of the head allowing it to drip down meeting the tip of my tongue. I look up and our eyes meet as I lick his juices from his cock. He Moans , reaches down and runs his fingers through my hair pulling me into him as I take his cock into my mouth.

My lover pulls me up to meet his kiss , whispers to me to lay down. I lay back on the bed and he begins to kiss my legs moving up my legs to my stomach to my breasts. Reaching for my pussy. Hovering over my body he stares into my eyes as he begins to play with my pussy ... I moan and say "Yes, Yes Baby ... I love that!" He tells me " I want to watch you cum! Cum for me baby!" Rubbing his hard cock against my leg I can feel his juices dripping down the inside of my thigh. Our eyes still locked . He tells me how good my pussy feels to his hand... How he is going to cum for me. My hips rise to meet his touch bucking to the rhythm of movement ... "I'm going to cum baby!" My screams of pure pleasure, groans, Body twitching from the intense spasms , my cum flowing from my pussy, the sounds of fluids gushing past his hand running down between my legs soaking the bed. I can see in his eyes he is about to cum for me. My hips rise , thigh pressing against his hard cock . Looking in his eyes I tell him " cum for me NOW baby ... let me see you cum on my pussy!" his head tosses back and a deep groan comes from his lips I watch as his cock explodes , throbbing , shooting hot juices all over my thigh and pussy . So beautiful !!!!

To be continued>>>>>
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