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work fun  

cpl4fun4her68 52M/26F  
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6/5/2018 3:05 pm
work fun

a true story that just happened.

a little about me. i am engaged and have been for over a few years. my fiance is great and is who got me into this lifestyle. he is quite a bit older than me and has experienced the world and says he wants to help me do the same. I am a manager in a restaraunt and had been flirting with a guy that works for me. we had snapchatted a lot and so we sent a couple pics back and forth along with the flirting. all my play up to this point included my fiance. he was always watching and recording my fun. I was working the night shift for a few days to try and get some things figured out. well this day things were just getting too much when he was standing a few feet from me with a hard on down the leg of his jeans. his dick looked amazing. there were only th.ree of us working and the other guy went outside to have a smoke. as soon as he was out the door i went to gary and told him to follow me. i took him into the womens room because i just wanted to see his dick and knew we would have to be quick because we didnt know how long fred would take to smoke. so I told him i wanted to see it and he took it out. the pictures did not do him justice. he was longer than i thought and incredibly thick. i reached out and touched and stroked it, told him thank you in my sexy voice and he closed up and we left the bathroom. as i got back to my desk I immediately thought that that wasnt enough. so i went back to him and said follow me again and when we got into the bathroom he pulled it out again and I got on my knees and started sucking it. after a few minutes he put his hand on the back of my head and grabbed my ponytail. he started pulling me deeper and deeper onto his dick. But i have a very bad gag reflex and he choked me and i didnt want to get sick all over his work clothes. that wouldve been hard to explain. so i backed off a little and kept sucking his dick. after a few more minutes i just needed to feel him inside me. i quickly got up and pulled my pants down. I leaned over and put my hands on the wall. he came up behind me and after a little effort and my help he managed to get inside me. with his size i thought it would hurt but because of how wet i was, and god was i wet, he slid right in. oh my god his dick felt so good stretching me. my fiance is average length and on the thin side. this was the complete opposite and it felt so incredible. i was so horny from the constant texting and teasing that it was just amazing to finally have him inside me. he didnt last real long but what he did to me was just awesome and has me wanting so much more. I would like to say that i came but i did not. that doesnt change the fact that it was incredible. he came a ton. i called my fiance right after and he told me to put my underwear in my purse and finish the night with no panties on, so i did. the rest of the night i could feel his cum dripping out of me onto my pants and the wet stain was definitely showing. i loved the feeling of his cum dripping out and soaking my pants the rest of the night. by the time i got home i was so ready for my fiance to make me cum. when i took my pants off there was a huge stain where his cum had leaked and my juices as well which kept it damp all night. I came several times incredibly hard just reliving the experience with my fiance. hope you enjoyed this story because its true and just happened. and will hopefully happen many more times. i really wish men werent so afraid to make things happen because I am normally way to shy to start things. my fiance makes all our play dates. but you men need to be more upfront and say what you want and make it happen. i would get laid so much more than i do now lol.

reallyready46 61M
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6/19/2018 2:16 pm

Well this sounds fun. I hope you being a manager this does not back fire on you. I will be out close to you for the next few days. I would love to play!

leadfoot4192 63M
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8/8/2018 8:35 am

when can we meet for some fun?

leadfoot419 62M
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11/26/2018 8:10 am

love to give you some hard cock when are you free??

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