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First time Part 3  

cplovr66 70M/71F
40 posts
7/6/2019 1:46 pm
First time Part 3

All naked now, we roll together touching parts, still exploring. Then I slid down between them and grabbed each cock in my hands, rolling to one to suck it down deep, and rolling to the other to take it and lick its length. They each are growling low like wild animals, the primal sounds emerge. I play with their cocks, and then our new friend pushes me playfully on my back, pulls my legs to the edge of the bed, spreads them wide, hungry for my wet slick pussy. He sniffs in the most heady pussy perfume, eye contact, smile, and slowly his mouth is on me, blowing and then licking all over, my legs are squirming in delight and sensation and wanting more.

As he feasts on my lips, my slit, my firm clit, my hubby is rubbing his cock over my face, mouth, I tongue him each time, licking the soft tip, as he strokes his cock, watching my man lap and suck my sweet pussy. I moan so many different moans of catching breath to long rumbly happy groans.

I feel the orgasm approaching, his hands wrap around my thighs as he pulls my flesh into his mouth, his hands with a tight animal-like grip, until the orgasm crashes over me, and I tremble and scream in pleasure.
He stands smiles at me and my hubby, and we all collapse to let our bodies absorb the heat of it all.

We take a nice break and hydrate and sit, soaking up the atmosphere, the energy that we are building for the next part of our sex dance.

My hubby and I share an edible pot gummy, and then I can't wait to begin again, and so I approach my friend who is sitting on a chair, nursing his icy drink, I lick my palm and take it to my pussy as I approach him. my hubby drips some lube onto my hand, and I put it on my lips, and spread my legs and climb on my friend, who is delightfully shocked to find me ready to ride him. His hands are on my breasts, kneading them, twisting my nipples, ahhh and twirling his tongue over my brown circles. His hands then go to my hips, grasping them to work me up and down on his rock hard shaft that is plunging deep into my passage. God, so primal, so hot, the surroundings morph into a animal skin tent, with lovely animal furs for the floor, wind outside, but inside, we are bare on the skins, fucking like there is no tomorrow, the huge starry sky sending electricity to our loins.

Slider195669 65M
16 posts
7/6/2019 2:33 pm

Oh God Yes❤️! Exhilarating composition Susie! I’m rock hard wanting to join in on the primal thirst for your flesh as your new lover enjoyed that day with you and your hubby 😍!

cplovr66 70M/71F

7/7/2019 9:37 am

Thanks, great fun to express the out of this world feeling as one climbs the mountain of primal physical touching and feeling that leads to body shaking orgasm, and then for us, such a release, a burst of laughter often as the final expression of the joy and fun of it all.

FoggyDew5443 69M
25 posts
10/7/2019 4:27 am

Yesssss, feels like I am right there watching...thanks for sharing!

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