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fantasy continued  

cplovr66 70M/71F
40 posts
6/4/2019 2:46 pm
fantasy continued

My new friend smiles, and says, thanks, sounds very friendly. So he follows me to our booth. I slide in and my hubby motions for him to slide on in next to me. He does. I feel his heat and nerves already. He is about 6 feet, good build, not too muscled out, just right as his chest shows through his blue tee shirt. He wears summer pants, and I can already see some form in his crotch. As we begin to chat, we exchange wows, laughs, stories and all the while, I am touching his tight thigh with my softer one, my skirt hitching up a bit. He is feeling very relaxed and we talk openly about sex, the fun of it.

Fast forward... we invite him to our car, maybe to enjoy a toke of good pot, and just relaxing talk in the car. My hubby sits in the front, turned to see us, our friend and I sit in the open middle seats facing each other. The parking lot busy but private. I ask him if I might touch him, he nods, and I first touch his hard cock through his tented pants, and he rolls his head back, sucks in a breath and low groan. My pussy responds with moisture, my hands unzip his pants, I free his throbbing shaft and begin stroking him. Ahh,,, yes, it feels so good, and it is so hot, and he sits up and helps me grasp his cock, and then pulls my hand away and leans towards me, pushing my skirt up, pulling my panties aside to slide in a finger. Oh, yes, stroking finger, wet, my lips tighten and clench around him, and then he kisses me and I kiss him back, all lips and tongues tangling and moans, and his finger becomes two. He fingers me until I can't stand it, and I tell him, please lay me down in the back and fuck me. His eyes are glazed over as he helps me to lay down, he opens my blouse, squeezing my breasts, my bra is open, my skirt is up, and he opens my legs and stares at my pink full moist pussy and glistening clit. His mouth is on me, I am hungry for his mouth, my hips raise my pussy up higher, his hands grab my ass cheeks and squeeze and lifts me to his mouth. I am at the edge, and want to slide back down, so I lift his head away from my sex and tell him, "fuck me, fuck me now, hard, deep, fast, fuck me baby".

Slider195669 65M
16 posts
7/6/2019 4:03 pm

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! So elegant and erotic scene causing to ooze precum from my erection as I stroke cock read your vivid details of rendezvous in your car!!!!!!

cplovr66 70M/71F

7/7/2019 2:02 pm

Sounds great, looks even better. We shall make it down and yes, car play has always been a great fantasy, so perhaps we shall give it a try. You find the spot, we'll bring the car. We wish we had some nice sexy car shots.

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