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fantasy is the companion to orgasm  

cplovr66 70M/71F
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6/4/2019 2:22 pm
fantasy is the companion to orgasm

So, yes, my title here is quite obvious, and likely not original, but it is such vast topic, fantasy. For me, it is the movie in my head, and can change scenes any time, but often i will stay with the theme because my imagination can always take it to the most exquisite extreme arousal and heat.

There are many triggers add fuel to the fire in the core and brain. The other night, my hubby lover told me I was nasty, and he kept going back to the nasty words, and I became transported to the nasty place in my pussy's brain. She absorbs all the stimuli and when the signals go rapidly from my sexual brain to my wet sex, it is like warp speed.

So one fantasy I travel is sex in the car. It begins the bar, quiet, dark, good music, nice booth, my hubby and I enjoying a cold drink. He flirts with me as I sit there sipping my wine, sharing my cleavage in my pale pink sheer blouse, my lacy bra quite visible, my short skirt is loose on my silky thighs, my lovely ankle bracelet signals others "I ", rests above my sandals.

The wine buzz is kicking in, and we begin to talk about a fantasy, playing here, looking for a nice sexy man to borrow for a while. I spy him the end of the bar, enjoying his cold beer, and so take the challenge from my lover I can seduce him. I walk the length of the bar, as nonchalantly as I can, but make eye contact with him as I near the end, I wink, smile and keep going, but his eyes run up and down my body, and I shiver a bit.
On my way back to the table, I stop and tell him there is nothing quite like an icy cold beer on a hot day, he agrees, smiles, and so I tell him if he'd like to sit and enjoy his beer with us, we would love the conversation.

to be continued

Slider195669 65M
16 posts
7/6/2019 3:57 pm

Damn you’re making very Horny again! Very lucky man to be teased my you😛!

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