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Taking Care of Myself and then some...  

cplovr68 M/71F  
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5/6/2021 5:03 pm
Taking Care of Myself and then some...

On a cool rainy afternoon, I headed the workout room in our barn. This room is the second floor of our barn, (no animals barn), just tools, etc. but the second floor is a most interesting room, filled with good karma, hippie art, other amenities, and a lovely bed. I put on some music, took a couple of draws off the magic pipe, and commenced to lay down to do my floor exercises. I chided myself first because I forgot my earbuds, though a CD player helped me get going into the workout zone. I had some Keb Mo blaring and began my movements, the pot started to in, and then I was sorry that I hadn't brought out any toys from the house. I often get horny while exercising, thinking about being fucked when I do my hip raises, and various other poses or stretches. I often think about a hot guy working out with , and that gets feeling wet as I imagine his hand rubbing over my mound, full under my tight black pants. his finger finds my seam and gently he rubs, and I am so wet and for his cock inside .

So on this workout day, as I began feel horny, I remembered that I had a couple toys out in the barn in a drawer, and hoped that the batteries were still good. I turned the music up a bit more, and laid on the bed, and stripped off my pants and panties. I licked my fingers to sink into my wet hole, and then drizzled some lube down my crease, opening my legs to feel the moisture spread over my sex, my full soft labia lips and my sweet hard little clit were now open and ready, like a beautiful flower.
My biggest sex organ, my lovely brain, began to spin the images and movie that would bring me to a hot succulent climb to orgasm. I visualized myself in one of those open swap parties, in a semi-private parlor on a red velvet lounge and men were taking care of me. One man was stroking my pussy slowly, and taking turns with his tongue, and I writhed in heat and arousal. One man was massaging, pinching, kissing, sucking and licking my breasts, and my nipples began to become so sensitive, I almost orgasmed, but oh, I just wanted to climb this mountain of arousal and sensual provocation. I was in and out of sexual fantasy, aware of the music, and then playing with myself, the dildo vibrating away inside my warm wet vagina, my hips clenching tightly with each thrust, squeezing the cock, thinking of the real thing. Then I am back with my men who are pleasuring me. The third one was kneeled at my head, and I was able take his cock in my mouth and with him. That fantasy helped my pussy feel deeper stronger sensations, as the clit stimulator found its way into my folds and began to tease my clit. As I dazed in and out of reality and fantasy, I kept thinking how alive I felt, how vital and sexual I felt. And I wish I had a man or nearby.
I drifted back my climb, and slipped the tip of the dildo into my pink asshole entry, and moved into it, while my clit toy was pulsing my pussy, and I became lost
and kept thinking that I wish my husband was sitting in the chair next to the bed and watching me masturbate, and stroking his fine coc And so it was a big surprise when the door opened and he walked in, and behind him was a friend who stopped by to bring us some new pot. I knew I was caught, and instead of covering and feeling embarrassed, I looked up and said Hello, and invited them to both sit down and watch. More music came on, more pot was smoked and we all began to feel pretty relaxed and horny. I turned my now naked body toward them, and watched them open their pants and pull out their hard cocks and begin to stroke. I went back to taking care of myself, and found my juices flowing freely, my clit on fire, my vagina squeezing and my voice telling my imaginary lover to fuck me, yes, fuck me now, take me, pound me, go deep and fast, and slow and shallow, and stroke and rub and the fuse is now so close to the target that he is ready to explode and I am ready to free fall into orgasm, and my new masturbation<b> buddies </font></b>are stroking so fast, so fiercely, their eyes on my open legs, toys in me and on me, and then it crashes over me, cascading vibrations of pure extreme release, pleasure, heat, electricity all colliding, as I groaned out the pleasure in deep primal sounds.
As the sounds of life came back to us, we all smiled because that is what sex and orgasms do for us, bring on the absolute release that laughter and smiling are better than that scene in the movie where they smoke a cigarette. However, a cold beer, and a pipe were enjoyed as we sat around, post orgasms and let ourselves just hang out int hat space.
I sure enjoyed my exercise time today, and glad some nice men could join me.

NJGUY08090 55M
4271 posts
5/7/2021 6:34 pm

Very nice but I would have wanted you to suck me a little as you played with your toy.

bigballsjerry2 62M  
5 posts
5/29/2021 4:50 am

Wow Would love to cum over and be your personal trainer.

cplovr68 replies on 5/30/2021 1:00 pm:
She could use one! Her words!

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