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my rare talent  

cravin22 59M  
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8/30/2021 4:47 pm
my rare talent

I very recently discovered with the help of a friend, that I am multi orgasmic. Not only am I multi orgasmic, but I also can ejaculate an incomprehensible amount of cum.

To further add to my freak of nature self imposed status. I have yet to find an ending point to the number of orgasms I can have or to the amount that is produced. It is staggering! During our play time we had to stop because a. I was exhausted or b. she could not swallow another drop.

I can only describe this as being milked, but there is no prostate<b> massage </font></b>or anal toy involvement at all. No insane deep throating marathon or carpel tunnel inducing hand jobs. Just a very gentle slow sucking of the head of my cock.

Sometimes I produce a smallish amount and then minutes or seconds later a blasting stream that no one could handle. During these orgasms I range from being fully hard to various stages of erection.

These orgasm are different then the mind blowing ones from normal sexual activities, where most men worry about being a one and done or asking for a sammich. These are slightly less intense, but the frequency more than makes up for the intensity.

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