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Big Changes indeed  

crystylfantasy 44T
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2/26/2020 2:26 pm
Big Changes indeed

About a week passed since Frank left on his most recent business trip. I was staying in the master bedroom with Sheila as her little sissy, she took to an adult store and bought a strap on, and was excited to use it on . I blushed so much when she told that to the sales guy, who looked at and Sheila with pure lust in his eyes. on the way home Sheila started asking me how I liked being her sissy, and if I would like to go further? I didn't understand what she was asking me at first. I could tell she was serious, and I wanted to please her no matter what. that night before bed, Sheila told me she had some medicine for me and she inserted a suppository into bottom.
The next morning Sheila was already up puttering about the kitchen, I just came out in a little tank top an panties. She had made me a sports drink, we are going to start a new exercise regime today hun.
I was small, but I worried I couldn't pull off yoga pants, but I was wrong, Sheila put me into a tight little thong and pulled me tight between legs, it almost looked like I had camel toe. No one noticed , at least not that I could tell. we did a lot of spin classes and stepping it was super hard, but it was fun being out and about as Krissy. I noticed a lot of guys checking me out at the it was very exhilarating..
Frank was coming home that Friday night. Sheila picked a party dress to wear to his party, she wanted to meet the gang! Sheila and I went to the spa and really went all , I got a super dark spray tan with a little thong bikini on we had our hair done, total facials with waxing. nails everything, I felt like a princess. It was so amazing!
I was in bed with Sheila that night when Frank came home, Sheila had me dressed up super sissy, and had been working ass all week, So I sort of knew what was coming. When Sheila heard the downstairs door open, she scurried out to meet him, she looked at me with sort of a stern look and told me to stay put! the way she put it sort of made me nervous, more nervous than knowing Frank was going to be pushing his giant cock into ass tonight.
Sheila led the way, i heard them coming down the hall, giggling about something i didnt hear, i was quivering with nerves, i had never had a real cock in my ass before,, i mean, Sheila has been using dildo's on me for awhile now, and she got that new strap on last week,, so i think i'm ready. Sheila hopped into the bed and started kissing me and playing with me. Frank followed right behind her, Shutting the door, he was totally naked, his big Hairy body. he smiled at me, and crawled up next to me, and took my face in his hand gently to kiss me. I closed my eyes and let him have whatever he wanted, he was gentle at first, they turned me onto my stomach, sheila lubed up my ass as Frank put on a condom, His big hands where rougher than Sheila's when he started to finger me. He got behind me,, sorta roughly pushed my legs open to thier limits, as i lay on my stomach,, I felt the tip of his cock,, pushing to get into my ass, i moaned like a little girl once it was inside me,, he pumped me for a few minutes then he threw me over and put my legs over his shoulders,, and fucked me a while longer,, i was struggling,, it hurt, but i liked it,, my little peenie was leaking fluids all over the place.

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2/26/2020 11:59 pm

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