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adjustment period  

crystylfantasy 44T
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7/31/2020 6:14 am
adjustment period

I'm a girl now, everyone calls Crissy, I like it, I get a lot more attention now than i ever did as Chris. I haven't dressed like guy in months, Sue keeps talking about implants for . I think that's a little much, I don't want be like this forever! We moved into a bigger place last month, Sue and i have separate room. I know she has Tony come over a lot and stay over, I don't mind, heck, i barely can get hard anyway, my peni is almost an embarrassment, and reminds me why I'm a girl now. So when Sue asked me to go to a rave with her, i was in. I hadn't been a rave, Ever!! and i was excited go out as Crissy!
Sue helped get ready for the party, she even let out of my cage for the whole night.. but the condition was I had my peni in, and wear a pad under my panties hold it in an back.. tucked i guess. It wasn't difficult, peeni wanted shrivel inside like a turtle anyway so it didn't take much conceal it under the skimpy bikini i was dressed like a total slut! French cut bikini with a garter an stockings and 4inch heels. she did my makeup heavy and thick,, i looked so good. but slutty at the same time.. but OMg!! Sue looked amazing, she had on a White body suit with a red thong and bra under it, clearly visible. of course Tony was coming and Damn,, he was wearing just jeans and a tight tank top,, I don't remember him being so sexy before, i kept peeking at his jeans as it outlined a very thick bulge.
We got to this rundown old Wearhouse in the bad part of town, I was nervous, and holding onto one side of Tony and Sue the other, once we got inside, it was amazing, the lights the people the Smokey, everything, in the crowd and confusion I lost track of Sue and Tony, I was sort of scared being out like this in such a crowd, but people where so friendly, a hot girl, came over and kissed me with tongue, i think she gave me something too, when she kissed me, and some guys offered me some pot, so I sat on an old couch with a bunch of black guys as they got me stoned as hell!
The place was swirling, i danced for awhile with the guys who i was sitting with, and soon felt the Extasy in me, I knew I had been dosed, it was alright, I had done E before so i knew what to expect, I just forgot I guess, what I looked like.
I wasn't an awkward hoping to get lucky, I was a Sexy sissy who if I wasn't careful was going to get lucky! When I sat down, James , one of the guys I was sitting with started kissing me and pulled me into his lap cuddling me,, I didn't fight it. I don't know why, i just went with it. his had went to my crotch and he felt the pad and pulled away. I was so relieved, I could feel a tingling there though and i was afraid it would get hard.

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