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What happened next  

curiouscou924 37M/32F
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5/3/2020 4:32 pm
What happened next

What would she say? How would she respond? I was eager watch her have sex with another for my own purposes. But was she even interested, let alone eager? Was she afraid or timid? Would she be willing some degree accommodate my desires? I had never asked but I was sure that she had sex with prior<b> boyfriends. </font></b>Would she be intrigued with or excited about something different after so many years of decreasingly satisfying sex with me? Would she like the idea of me experiencing some degree of humiliation watching another penis enter her most private parts—parts of her body that no man other than me had even seen for many years? Would there be some element of payback as she fulfilled my request and desire by having sex with Glenn? Sort of – This is what you wanted, how do you like it now?
Everyone likes being desired and enjoys being the object of sexual desire and attraction. Glenn, although chubby and out of shape, was attractive enough and certainly had a large and thick penis. And that penis, dripping with precum, was fully engorged and throbbing with the anticipation of sex with my wife. My wife was looking at Glenn and Glenn’s penis. Would she have sex with him?
Since I was full of lust and sexual anticipation, I wanted her have sex. If not now, when?
I suggested her that we should go further. After a bit of hesitation she said “Okay.” She stood from the bed and I took off her bathtowel. Her breasts were still firm but sagged just a bit. Her nipples though were erect and hard. Was she getting excited? It certainly seemed that at least my wife’s body was responding positively to the circumstances. She sat down on the bed. Her legs spread a bit and I could see her dark pubic hair and a glimmer of her vagina. Glenn was slowly stroking his penis as he moved forward approaching the bed and my wife. I pushed her back down on the bed with her feet on the floor. As she did so her lags spread open exposing her completely. I knelt on the floor in front of my wife and lowered my head to her crotch. I licked each thigh and licked her vagina and anus. I was surprised find her very wet.
My wife’s vagina started gape open and became very wet as I licked her crotch. Fluid started drip from her vagina her anus. She began moan a bit and thrust her hips meet my tongue. She was still looking at Glenn who was immediately behind me. His penis was right in view of my wife.
I did not ask my wife and treated her increasing arousal as acquiescence. I rolled her over on her stomach with her feet on the floor. I put pillows under her hips. The effect was that her crotch was gaping. Her wet vagina and anus were now fully exposed and open. I sat with my back the bed between her legs. Glenn’s penis was right above my head. I nodded him and he slowly inserted his penis into my wife’s vagina. He started slowly and then withdrew a bit and then inserted his pens a bit further. My wife grunted at each thrust. I watched Glenn’s penis emerge from my wife’s vagina glistening and engorged. Finally Glenn’s penis was fully inserted and Glenn began a slow pattern of thrusts. My wife was tensing and making low moans. She had never moaned like that for . My wife was still tensing and starting thrust in response. Glenn stopped and completely withdrew his penis. It was glistening and dripping quite a bit of precum. It dripped onto . I reached and gently stroked his penis. It quivered my touch. I looked at Glenn. He nodded and for the first time I took a penis into my mouth.

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