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Our First Time  

cybersync 61M/58F  
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9/2/2020 1:48 pm
Our First Time

This post is about the first time we were together. Our attraction to each other was immediate and mutual. It is a memory neither of us will forget. Richard & Simone xx

I finished my speech and stepped from behind the lectern and started shaking hands and chatting with the people that had surrounded me. Simone had a clear view of me before I was engulfed by the throng. I am taller, about 6 feet, a bit over-weight but I’m told I carry it well. Simone thought I looked quite handsome in my tailored navy suit, white shirt and blue tie, which she told me later was almost the industry uniform. She was standing with someone I knew, a , when I was able to break free of the well wishers and our eyes met across the room. I could see her sparkling brown eyes and I think she could see the blue of my eyes even at the distance. There was something between us with that first look and we held each other’s gaze for a bit longer than usual. I knew then I wanted to meet her...

I decided to approach them and get my to introduce me to her, a bit out of character for me.

As he approached the table, I felt a shiver of excitement run through me and wondered who he might know at the table. I was a bit startled when my colleague seated next to me said “Richard is an old acquaintance we have done a bit of business over the years, I’ll introduce you.” He greeted my workemate with a firm handshake and made a bit of small talk about not seeing him for a while. At the appropriate point my colleague introduced me to him. He shook my hand and I could sense him wait to feel the firmness of my grip before applying much pressure of his own, something I appreciated as few men did it.

Richard made small talk with us, catching with my colleague and asking what I did at the bank, the usual stuff. People were drifting out of the room, some heading for a night cap, others their rooms. My colleague mentioned an early flight and headed off, of a sudden it was just the two of us left in the banquet room. I said him “I am sure there are things you need do so nice meet you” He looked at me, smiling, and said “Not really, would you like get a drink?” I tried stay calm as I was quite excited that he might have felt something in that first look as well. “I would love ” I replied.

The bar was full of people from the conference when we arrived, but a couple were leaving a booth towards the back and Richard moved quickly to sit down at it. I followed him, surprised by how quickly he navigated the crowd. The waitress arrived and I ordered a glass of champagne and Richard ordered a scotch. I said to him I thought we were lucky to get a table given how busy the bar was. He gave a bit of an usual reply telling that he had good table karma meaning he frequently got tables in places that are busy and that it also worked for parking spots, but not so much for queues. I was surprised that someone with his analytical reputation would believe in karma never mind give such a detailed explanation of how it worked for him. I found him fascinating and was pleased be able get know him better.

Our drinks arrived and we chatted about our lives. I learned that Simone had started in the bank as a teller and had taken advantage of training programs in the bank get her current position. She told she was a few years removed from an amicable divorce out of a sexless marriage, had no , but loved dogs and had at home. In answer her question, I told her that I had started my firm quite young with a couple of other colleagues after some early success on investment ideas at one of the larger investment houses. I went on to tell her I was widowed having lost the love of my life four years previously. I told her about my two grown boys who were out on their own and that I had a at home which made the house feel less lonely and was the last I had with my wife.

The conversation between us flowed easily. Having exchanged the brief history of our lives we talked about where we lived, Simone in Cape Town, me in Victoria. I spoke about the void in my life following the death of my wife and the difficulty of filling it given the connection we had on so many levels and the passion and desire we shared for each other. She told me that she was still friendly with her ex, but she had been damaged by the relationship and was struggling to find the right connection with someone to get her over the issues. I was impressed by that.

For the first time since I met my wife I found myself wanting to spend more time with a woman. Simone was a beautiful, intelligent woman that I found easy to be with even though we had just met. I am introverted by nature and often awkward in social situations, not really interested in the required small talk and never really sure what to say. Simone had captured my attention in a way that had not happened in a long time and we seemed to connect immediately.

I was intrigued by Richard. He was open and direct and not at all what I had expected from someone in his position. There was no arrogance about him despite the success he had had. I found I was talking more than he and he listened attentively, his questions in response to things I said were slightly out of the ordinary. I knew that he was not quite like any other man I had met and wanted to find a way to spend more time with him.

Deep in our conversation we had not noticed the bar empty out and the staff starting to clean the tables. Our waitress came by and asked if she could settle the bill. Richard waved off my offer to my share saying I worked for a . As he finished signing the bill, I slid my arm along his shoulder and put my other hand over his and kissed him on the cheek. I whispered “thank you” in his ear. It was an action that was more forward than I usually would do, but I wanted see how he would respond and if there was any indication he was interested in . He did not move away from my touch and turned towards “you’re welcome” and leaned over kiss my cheek, I flushed with excitement. “I have a suite we have been using as a bit of a hospitality room so you would be welcome join in another drink and carry our conversation” I felt a little pulse of excitement run through me and took his hand as we stood and headed the elevator.

Richard opened the door to his room allowing enter first. He asked what I would like drink and hung his jacket over a chair, loosened his tie and kicked off his shoes. I sat the couch took my shoes off and put my legs the couch underneath . Richard brought the drinks over, white wine for another scotch for him and we began chatting again. As in the bar the conversation flowed easily and had a substance it that both of us seemed enjoy.

For reasons, I cannot quite put my finger on, I am drawn Simone. I find her stunningly attractive and the intelligence she displays makes a connection with few people are able . I feel a tingling sensation in my cock whenever I think of her and I had a huge erection as we chatted in the suite.

I had dated quite a bit since my divorce, but had not met anyone that could keep my attention, Richard was proving be the exception. I found him quite sexy and his intelligence and wit were definite turn-ons for . I could feel a growing moistness between my thighs and a palpable desire for him growing in .

As in the bar, I knew I would have show Richard I was interested in him as he had the inherent shyness of an introvert. I understood his shyness as I am that way myself, but I had gone into training at the bank to learn to overcome it. I moved closer to Richard on the couch.

I knew I wanted to be with Simone and I was going to need to find a way to show her. I would have to overcome my shyness and awkwardness. When she moved closer to me, I decided to do something out of character and leant forward and kissed her. Simone was a bit surprised, but responded to my kiss. As we kissed more deeply Simone ran her hand my thigh and squeezed when she found the sizeable bulge in my pants. Feeling her respond , I ran my hand along the inside of her leg and under her skirt, I could feel her heat and a dampness on her panties.

I kept kissing Richard and pushed him back on the arm of the couch allowing him bring his legs under . I straddled one of his legs and began unbuttoning his shirt. He broke the kiss pushing back from him a bit and began unbuttoning my blouse smiling at and holding my gaze. His shirt unbuttoned I reached down and undid his belt and lowered the zipper of his pants. I stood remove his pants and shed my blouse, removed my bra and let my skirt slide the floor as I undid it.

I stood facing her, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her deeply again. She put her hands either side of my face holding there as our tongues probed and intertwined. I slid my hands down her back cupping the cheeks of her ass and pressing her against so she could feel the hardness of my cock against her. I kissed her along her cheek down the base of her neck and felt her knees buckle slightly as I kissed that sensitive spot her neck that I now know drives her wild.

I took Simone’s hand and led her to the bedroom. We lay down side-by-side facing one another looking at each other, hands caressing each other’s body. I leaned over and kissed her again simultaneously rolling her on her back. Finding that spot at the base of her neck again I let my hands roam over her, feeling her hard nipples between my fingers and rolling them under the palms of my hands. Her soft moans indicating to I was getting her aroused. I started kissing across her chest and her breasts allowing my lips take in her nipples as I did so, teasing them with the tip of my tongue as I held one then the other between my lips, discovering another sensitive spot on her body. The tips of my fingers were tracing patterns along her inner thigh and I let my fingers slide under the elastic to brush the slit of her pussy, feeling the growing dampness.

I continued kissing Simone’s body, down from her chest across her belly covering every square inch of her as my hands continued roaming over her letting my fingertips trail lightly over the sensitive areas. Simone continued to moan softly to my touch as I found her erogenous areas. As I reached her waist, I slid her panties down and tossed them on the floor. I kissed her legs along the inner thigh and let my tongue run softly the fold between her labia and pelvis. Then I ran my tongue gently her slit, the smell of her filling my nostrils. As my tongue came to the top I pressed my tongue against her lips and felt them part to the pressure and then found her swollen clit.

He let his tongue dance over my bean licking, flicking and swirling around and over it. I.put my hands on the back of his head keeping him against me, the sounds of my moaning filling the room. His own hands were massaging my breasts, rolling my hard nipples between his fingers and tugging them gently. As he continued working his tongue in and around my clit, my body started tightening and my hips lifting. My moaning increased and grew louder, in response Richard put his hands under my ass lifting me against him my juices flowing across his tongue as I climaxed. He kept me pressed against him, his tongue continuing to dance over my clit. As I relaxed he allowed his hands to resume their exploration of my breasts and nipples. It was not long before my moaning increased again and my hips were lifting against him another orgasm coursing through me.

I lifted his head from between my thighs and guided him my waiting lips. We kissed deeply and I savoured the taste of myself from his lips and tongue. I looked at him as we kissed trying to understand this man that had so captured my attention in respects. It was if he got his own pleasure from giving pleasure. I knew I wanted more of him and please him in return. I rolled him his back and smiled at him and said “your turn”.

No man had ever made feel like Richard just had. He seemed instinctively know my sensitive spots and his tongue on my clit had brought an orgasm I had not experienced before. Now I wanted pleasure him and feel him inside .

Smiling at she leaned forward and gave a deep kiss, her breasts pressing against my chest. She let her hands roam over my body lightly rubbing , brushing my hardening<b> shaft </font></b>with her fingers. She started kiss my neck, across my chest. She noted a particular jolt and moan when her tongue flicked one of my nipples I moaned as she did. She continued kissing over my body and let her hands run over . I relaxed and let out the occasional soft moan as she did. She reached my now stiff cock with her kisses and ran the tip of her tongue from the base of my<b> shaft </font></b>the head lightly running her tongue around the head. Another moan and a throb of my cock let her know I was enjoying what she was doing.

She let her lips slowly envelop the head of my cock, taking it slowly into her mouth, tongue continuing to dance around the head and<b> shaft. </font></b>She slowly took of in down the base of my cock. As she started lift her head she made a circle around my<b> shaft </font></b>with her thumb and forefinger allowing that rise in rhythm with her mouth. I could feel she was edging , exciting without ltetting cum. As she worked my cock her other hand fondled my balls and trace patterns lightly with her fingertips along my inner thighs. My moaning increased as I became very aroused.

She straddled me now, my<b> shaft </font></b>between the lips of her pussy, sliding and down my cock her clit flicking over the ridge of my circumcised cock. She put her hands my chest and bent forward slightly, looking at . As our gaze met I began fondle her breasts, massaging them under the palms of my hands, letting my fingers tug her nipples slightly. She was getting wetter.

I rocked my hips forward a bit reaching down with a hand guide him into . He thrust into as I slid down him. We quickly found a rhythm and he was able get himself deep into as he pushed while I was grinding down, his thick cock felt good in . He continued with my breasts kissing them and sucking my nipples. My hands his chest I let the pads of my thumbs lightly brush his nipples, having found they are sensitive spot for him earlier. My pussy started tighten around his cock and my juices flowed more. He leaned forward kiss letting us experience our orgasms through a kiss. I could feel the throbbing of his cock inside and the flood of warm semen as he filled me. My body stiffened and he let the palms of his hands run and down my back, the spasms of her climax running through . As we relaxed our pleasure subsiding he held close and whispered “thank you”.

As our bodies relaxed I lay top of him with him still inside . He told she was the first woman he had been with since his wife passed. I smiled, thinking how glad I was that he thought so much of have made love with . I moved my head kiss him deeply and then rolled off him turning myself away from him my side. He snuggled in behind his arms around holding him and we drifted off sleep.

cybersync 61M/58F  
13 posts
9/2/2020 1:49 pm

I can't wait to be together with Simone again.

Richard xoxo

cybersync replies on 9/3/2020 1:48 am:
This gets me every time babe...I can't wait either xxx

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