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The Next Morning  

cybersync 61M/58F  
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9/8/2020 9:07 am
The Next Morning

After an evening like we had I wasn't sure what the next morning would hold. Would I be another conquest or was there something more in store. My fears were allayed and we had the most marvelous morning as you will see if you read on...Simone xx

I awoke to find Richard looking at me. He reached out and began tracking lines across my body with his fingertips, I smiled at him feeling a pleasure within me at his touch. I leant forward and kissed him. As our lips parted he said “I haven’t felt this way in a while”. I smiled at him again, I wasn’t quite sure what to say as I wasn’t sure I had ever felt this way myself. I kissed him again. He responded by pulling me closer against him his tongue probing feeling my tongue entwining against his, understanding I felt something for him.

Richard suggested a shower followed by breakfast in the room, I happily agreed as I was thrilled at the prospect of spending more time with him. We showered together soaping each other, kissing, holding one another and feeling the slickness of our wet bodies against one another. When we stepped out of the shower Richard wrapped me in a towel holding me and patting the towel to absorb the water from my body. We donned the robes provided by the hotel, found the room service menu and ordered. Our conversation flowed easily again as it had the previous evening, neither of us shy about expressing what had happened between us and how we enjoyed it. I enjoyed how sexual he was with me, I thought he was erotic rather than vulgar as many of the men I had been with were. For his part hetold me he enjoyed that I seemed turned on by his sexual comments and for the first time in his life he felt at ease speaking like that with a woman.

Breakfast arrived and the waiter placed the tray on the small dining table at the side of the room. We sat opposite one another and began eating, carrying on our conversation. As we finished eating I offered Richard more coffee and came around behind him to pour it in his cup. As I did so I slid my free hand inside his robe rubbing his chest, letting the pads of my fingers brush lightly over his nipples as I had discovered how sensitive they are the previous evening. Placing the coffee jug on the table I leaned forward and kissed his neck as my other hand ran lightly up the inside of his thigh and found his growing erection.

I stood him up facing me and kissed him, a hand still gripping his now stiff cock the other hand loosening the belt of his robe and sliding it off. I kissed him across his chest finding a nipple with the tip of my tongue and gently flicking it as I stroked his erection. He moaned and reached a hand down to the table to steady himself as his knees buckled slightly. Encouraged by his arousal, I kissed further down across his stomach and licked a small drop of precum from the head of his cock. I allowed my tongue to tease his head and<b> shaft </font></b>taking the fullness of his erection in my mouth and sucking him slowly and gently.

Fully aroused Richard stood me up and led her to the couch. He sat down and turned me around so I was facing away from him then sat me down in his lap with my legs on either side of his, so my legs were spread wide apart. I could feel him kiss the back of my neck and his hands start working the muscles in my shoulders in a gentle, but still powerful massage. I started to relax as he worked my muscles his hands down my back I continued to relax the pressure of his fingers and palms as hel continued to kiss me softly over the areas he had massaged. Feeling completely relaxed I lent back against him and allowed his hands to come around to my front. Again, starting at my shoulders he worked his way down across my chest cupping my breasts in his hands kissing the base of my neck...driving me crazy. As I let out a soft moan, he rolled my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers giving them a gentle tug.

He let one hand drift down with his fingertips dancing lightly across the top of my thigh. His hand wandered over to the other leg gently tracing his fingertips up my inner thigh, letting a fingertip run gently up the slit of my pussy feeling some dew in my neatly trimmed bush at the top. He let his finger exert some pressure on my labia and it parted easily allowing him to rub his finger across my hard, swollen clit. A sharp intake of my breath indicated how aroused I was. Continuing to work my nipples he let his fingers begin massaging my clit, running them down to tease open my lips and rim my moist hole. I put my arm up and wrapped it around his neck pulling him in tighter as he continued to kiss my neck. He pushed two fingers inside me and let the pad of his thumb work my clit. My moaning increased and he could feel the flow of my nectar increase across his fingers. My body stiffened and my pussy tightened around his fingers and he could feel the orgasm surge through me as I moaned loudly.

Once the waves of pleasure subsuded I stood up and faced Richard, pleased to see his cock still stiff and hard. “I want you in my ass” I said. “I have never done that” he replied. Saying nothing I reached down and found the tube of lube I had put in the pocket of my robe. I motioned for him to stand and putting a healthy amount of lube on my fingers rubbed it on to his cock and then lubed my ass. Moving around to brace myself on the arm of the couch I motioned him to get behind me as he did so I reached back to take his cock and guide it into my ass, feeling the thickness of him stretching me, pushing back against him to get it deep in me. He allowed me to set the rhythm as he was still unsure, his cock moved easily in and out and he started to respond to me pushing in deep as I pushed against him. I reached back and took one of his wrists and guided his hand to my wet, swollen clit and he began to rub it. My moaning indicated my pleasure and I could feel Richard's cock starting to throb as he started grunting and moaning, his arousal increasing. It was not long before both our bodies were tensing and I dropped my head and the pace of my thrusting quickened. I could feel the juice of my orgasm flowing and he would have felt it on his fingers as he exploded inside me filling my ass with his cum. As our bodies relaxed I collapsed on the arm of the couch and he leant forward to kiss my back. I stood up and kissed him deeply holding him close to me. I could feel the stickiness of the cum on his cock against my skin. “I think we might need another shower” I said smiling at him.

Showered and dressed we both knew we wanted to see each other again. He told me he was due to go to a dinner that evening, no way out really. For my part I had no plans, but he told me he could not take me at the last minute to his function. He did explain to me that he had created a special notification for her on his phone that would vibrate when I messaged and he would be thinking about me during his evening. He encouraged me to message frequently while we were apart saying he would keep the phone in his pocket next to his cock.

I was very intrigued by Richard. I knew him a bit by reputation, but having got to know him he was not at all what I had expected. There was a raw sexuality to him that was unexpected given the conservative demeanour he presented to the world. I knew I would be him frequently during the evening.

cybersync 61M/58F  
13 posts
9/8/2020 9:08 am

Nothing like the morning after the night before

Richard & Simone xx

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